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Zipcar for Business Everything you needed to know from A to Zip

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  • 1. Zipcar for BusinessEverything you needed to know from A to Zip
  • 2. meet your new company car Zipcar is self-service, 24/7 global car-sharing service Flexible reservations by the hour or by the day All-inclusive rates cover gas, insurance, 180 mi or 200 km and maintenance 4 simple steps for employees to get started: 2
  • 3. driving business everywhere The worlds largest car-sharing provider with locations in the US, Canada and the UK. Universal membership gives 650,000+ Zipcar members easy access to 9,000+ vehicles worldwide. 10,000 business clients 3
  • 4. 3 bonuses for your businesssaves time 24/7, self-service access to vehicles Easy-to-find locations steps from your office Reserve online, via iPhone app or mobile web browsersaves money Reserve for as little as an hour at a time Reduced business rate weekdays 7am to 7pm Rates include gas (for 180 mi or 200 km), parking, insurance and maintenancesaves hassle 24/7 online account management 25 makes/models of vehicles for every need (luxury cars, trucks, vans, hybrids, etc.) Seamless booking across all Zipcar locations worldwide No more time-consuming reimbursements 4
  • 5. wheels when you want themfor meetings Give public transit commuters daytime wheels Keep employees ready to roll on-demandfor after hours Make working late easier with Zipcar overnight options Treat teams to office outings that start off in a MINIfor business errands Send supplies to and fro without a whole lot of fuss Hand-deliver docs that cant go in the mail Make airport pickups and drop-offs more funfor any occasion Move bulky materials with minivans Show a client your green side with a Prius or other hybrid Let bike commuters still drive eco-consciously 5
  • 6. a big plus for the planet Earn valuable points towards your companys green building or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification Lower carbon footprint: each Zipcar takes 15 personally-owned vehicles off the road (To date, about 90,000 cars) Conserve natural resources: 90% of members drive 5,500 miles or less per year saving 32+ million gallons of crude oil 6
  • 7. the bottom lineBusiness memberships are the best deal going. $75 one-time set-up fee $25/member annual fees No minimums, no guarantees Special hourly discounted rates Monday Friday When traveling to other cities, local business rates apply Reserve for the time you need all inclusive rates kick car rental to the curb 7
  • 8. get your company to zip to it Joining Zipcar is easy and only takes a minute We provide marketing help to spread the word about joining Contact me to get you started hel lo my name is James Shea 617.336.4374 [email protected] 8