zspace, the wow factor

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The talk explores a hypothesis in support of a very common reaction to zSpace. Beginning with assumptions and observations in physiology, evolution, and perception, we build a case that zSpace has surpassed a minimum performance threshold. Future implications are addressed.


  • 1. Oct 21, 2013

2. Virtual Reality Early head tracked VR Ivan Sutherland, 1968 2 CRTs, wire frame cube 3. UCSB Allosphere 4. Computer EvolutionLifelike Realism Graphical Display Computation 5. zSpace Platform zStation Passive circular polarization Full HD per eye Optimized for comfort Head and stylus tracking USB and D-DVI/DPInteraction ApplicationStylus/Gestures Head trackingzSpace SDK zSpace UIApplication Logic zSpace Tracking Application RenderingzSpace Stereo 6. Two Eyes, Evolution 7. Metabolic Spatial Cognition(REGINA EISERT)(SUZAN MURRAY/NATIONAL ZOOLOGICAL PARK) 8. Display Expectations 9. Interaction 10. How big is it? Beginning of a significant change zSpace represents a new information interaction paradigm New powerful experience fits well immediately Volumetric information: medical, biology, architecture, product review First: Education, Healthcare, Training 11. Minimum Experience InteractionFidelityzSpace DisplayQuality of Experience 12. Experience Ahead ApplicationsFidelityInteraction zSpace DisplayQuality15 13. Education Earth 14. Education Worm Drive 15. Newtonian Mechanics 16. 2D CT Scan 17. Medicine 18. Drug Discovery 19. Drug Discovery 20. CollaborationImage by Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images 21. Many Copies of a Single View 22. Single View For All 23. Same Dataset 24. Same Dataset 25. Same Dataset 26. Same Dataset 27. Same Dataset 28. Same Dataset 29. Same Dataset 30. Collective Sum 31. Deep Recognition 32. Thank You

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