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“How to make your message spread like wildfire using social media” licia Lyttle & Lorette Lyttle “The Lyttle Sisters”

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  • Facebook Youtube Twitter Google + Pinterest
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  • Brand Opt-ins (list building) Followers Influence Traffic Backlinks (SEO) Make Sales!
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  • Images Video Quotes Questions Polls Groups Fan Pages Facebook Events * Facebook Ads
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  • Funny WOW Great quote Baby, animals Tips: Post URL on Photo (back to FB page or URL) Ask to share (Please) Ask for comments (Please)
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  • Inspiring Funny Famous (quote or author) Tips: Put quote on an image Make a video around quote (animoto.com) Ask to share Ask to comment
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  • Hot topic (in the news) Controversial Fun to answer Easy to answer Tips: Add an image Reply to all responses with call to action (Example apps) Interaction (always reply with @ - shows up on their page/feed they get notified) Keep it alive
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  • Search & Join (alive/interaction everyone can post) Avoid groups with host only posts unless interaction is very high Participate No spamming Tips Answer/Reply with helpful info Contribute Ask for share, follows, likes
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  • Create one! Search & Like other pages (through your page) Interact on other pages (that are alive) Tips Dont oversell Engage, interact, always reply Consistency
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  • Set one up (webinars, product launches, Photos Update page Email all members (under 5000 invited) Tips Dont overdue it (annoying) Clear call to action (register, signup: free gift)
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  • Why Youtube Social network? How to get lots of views
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  • Video is where the Internet is going. Digital Marketer 2 nd largest search engine 4 th site in the world for traffic Google OWNS Youtube (since 2006) By 2015 -> 90% of internet traffic will be video (Ciscos prediction) of all website traffic after 5pm is video traffic (Youtube, Netflix, etc.)
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  • Videos help people make purchasing decisions Does this apply to you? See a review, how to use something, etc. 46% of consumers who shop online prefer shopping on retail sites that have video Video emails have 2-3% higher click through rate
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  • Yes! Interaction Friends/Subscribers Likes Views Comments *The more the better! *Social Proof
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  • File name is keywords Title keywords Description keywords Description URL Well designed Youtube channel Tips: Get likes, comments, video comments, views, friends/subscribers
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  • Grow Your Following Tweet often (use quotes) Update with images and ask for interaction (example guess where I am) Reply to other Tweets Have an automated DM (Direct Message) Ask (and you shall receive)
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  • Learn from your competitors What strategies are working for them ? What kind of tweets are bringing the best interaction? Use their strategies as inspiration to improve upon to make your messages become viral!
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  • Who owns Google + SEO Circles Business Pages Update Often
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  • What is pinterest? Getting started Setting up your profile What to pin Making money off of pins
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  • New Social media site one of the fastest growing (followers/following) Image driven traffic 7 million new visitors/mo. Women Pinterest is sending more REFERRAL TRAFFIC to peoples websites than Youtube, Linkedin& Google + combined!
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  • Need an invitation Profile Start following people
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  • Pin Edit URL Where do you want to send traffic to? Affiliate link? Tweet your link (your pin)
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  • Affiliate Links High Quality backlinks Link to your product Board is indexed by Google Integrate it with Facebook and Wordpress
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