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My Valentine Lookbook….. (PG…..)

Edition 3 - Valentine

Poems & Quotes (PG….) Rain ♥ 2012/13 - *Love* (PG…..)

Page 2: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013


1. Beauty Guru of the Month

2. Store & Designer of the month

3. February Playlist (Including your favourite V-day song )

4. Fashion Segment: Valentine Day Lookbook/ Ms Valentine

5. Valentine Day Poems/Writings

6. Rain ♥ 2012/13

7. Did you know?

8. Get excited!

9. Shoutouts/Adverts/FundraiserFriday

10. Conclusion

Page 3: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Lindsey AKA Beautybabe reached 400,000 subscribers on the 1st of

February 2013. She is a well know beauty/fashion guru who loves

to do hauls, reviews as well as makeup tutorials and outfit

inspirations. Lindsey was blonde before she dyed her hair and was

often mistaken for Bridget Mendler. Lindsey is a 18 year old girl

who has a passion for fashion and loves to give back to her

subscribers through giveaways and meetups. She just attended LA

IMATS with her fellow youtubers and sister MissMeghanMakeup

who is 15 and just started making videos. Here channel is a fun

place to be as she tries to upload every other day. She always has a

personal channel called ‘livinglikelindsey’ She uploads weekly and

does cooking, vlogging and TAGS on there. Overall I would

recommend Lindsey to any larger than life girl who enjoys hearing

HONEST reviews on makeup and fashion tips.

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Store & Designer of the Month

Congratulations to the winner(s) of this month’s issue.

You have worked hard and the public have recognised this.

Keep up the good work and keep being Unique*

Designer of the month: Masy321

Store of them Month: Think Pink <3

Page 6: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

♥ Fashion Segment: Valentine Day Lookbook & More ♥

This Month’s fashion inspiration is around ‘Valentine Day’. I

had lots of fun making this lookbook which features outfits

great for those who love to dress up for valentine’s day or

even want to chill it down and still look cute! I’ve also done a

Lookbook on HOW to style jeans for different occasions. I

hope you enjoy these lookbook (s) and hopefully something

here is according to your style/taste as that is my main aim of

this fashion segment. To reach everyone!

Page 7: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

8 VALENTINE day outfit ideas

This outfit is called ‘Cute&Chilled’ This

outfit is perfect for going out with friends

or if you still want to look cute and stay

comfortable. Adding Valentine colors to

this outfit gives a pop of color with the

floral crop top and the cute high converse

and black bag. For an option you could

add a bright Lip like I did. Lastly, for my

hair I did not use heat, I used the braid

method to create wavy curls.

I call this ‘Semi Formal’. Perfect for a

Lunch date or somewhere you want to

dress up but still be a little relaxed.

We did so be matching the blazer and

wedges over an elegant dress and

pinning the hair back for a more

defined look. The clutch adds a great

finish to the outfit.

Page 8: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

I call this ‘PreppyValentine’.

This outfit is both preppy and

vintage with the Peter Pan

collared dress in the rose color

with the stitched blazer. The

hair and shoes pull the outfit

together! Overall perfect for any

style that loves texture!

This call this ‘SubtleStatement’ I

love this outfit for its simplicity but

statement. As you can see I am

slightly color blocking with the

mint and pink as well as the

printed purse. I love this dress

with the belt that takes everything

in and I really love how the bun

adds a romantic feel! You can also

never go wrong with BLACK


Page 9: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

I call this ‘BoldStatement’. This

outfit uses color blocking but in a

more pronounced way! The Pink

for valentine against the blue

gives a nice touch alongside the

black pencil skirt and wedges. I

added a cross body bag as my

main accessory alongside a pair

of hot pink earrings which

matches the top.

All these outfits are something I

would wear but this one shows

my general style. I Love to add

girly and alternative pieces.

These shoes represent my

Jeffery Campbell Lita’s in black

with studs. I really love cute

stockings as they keep you

warm and most add a pop of

color to an outfit. I love Pencil

skirts and accessorizing my

hair! I call this ‘GirlyButEdgy’

Page 10: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013



I love this outfit for its

simplicity but cuteness! I

think it’s perfect FOR any

type of Valentine girl.

Whether you want to sit at

home, go out with friends or

even the movies with a

boyfriend! I love the hair and

the necklace. I think the jeans

and converse make the outfit

alongside the crop top!

alongisdde the cropped

jumper which gives a more

boho feel

I call this ‘Pretty&Bold’. I love

how the white skirt contrasts

against the blue top. Adding the

purse brings it together with the

patterned tights, stockings and

boots. This is ONE of the outfits

that was FULLY made by a


Page 11: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

HOW TO: Style Jeans For different Occasions

This outfit is most chilled

out. Perfect for school or

maybe a trip to the mall

with friends. I love the

cute top with the cosy

cardigan and converse. I

think that the jeans are a

great add alongside the


I love this outfit for

its simplicity.As you

can tell I love blazers

and to tone this outfit

down I added some

cute sneakers with

colored pants and a

graphic tee! I am

wearing mascara to

bring out my lashes

and a cute pink


This outfit is most

dressy with the

beautiful blazer and

orange top. I added

light wash jeans with

a pair of printed

wedges that act as a

neutral alongside

the effortless clutch.

Page 12: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Ms Valentine 2013

Congratulations to Watefall44 for winning Ms Valentine

2013. She provided effortless outfits each round of the

contest which lead up to her winning. To see the full

contest Then visit my profile and scroll down to see the

Official Contest tribute. I also want to congratulate

*Lightning* for being the RUNNER UP!

Page 13: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Valentine Day Poems & Quotes!

Page 14: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Rain ♥ 2012/13 – ‘LOVE’

I thought it would be perfect to do a reflection on ‘LOVE’

seeing as it is around Valentine’s Day! I wanted to share with

you my true definition of love and what it means to me. Rain

was FULL of love and that is why she was such an awesome

person with a great character! We know that the Bible tells

us that: ‘Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or

rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice

at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things,

hopes all things, endures all things.’ (1 Cori 13)

This means that TRUE love is from the heart. Love comes

naturally and cannot be forced. Love is the doing of God.

This Valentine’s day let us all realize the true meaning of

love. God showed us love by all the things we have today.

That is why we ought to be grateful! For example, a boyfriend

does not ONLY show his love for a girlfriend by presents etc

but by his words and actions. Love BUILDS you up and it

does not only HAVE to be through a boyfriend but it could be

by a family member or special friend. LOVE IS TRUST. So

live everyday with LOVE and you will be loved back by

setting an example for others. Remember that Rain showed

love, forgave her enemies and did had passion. I believe

that’s what got her through.

Page 15: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

RAIN ♥ 2012/13 – Impossible* & Hope*

I sent this out a couple days ago and got some really touching stories so I

decided to include it in my Rain Segment to reach more people!

Today I felt like doing a Rain 'Inspirational' message. I do these at least once a

week and they can include Prayers, teachings and Quotes that inspire me. This

tribute takes from Quotes of the Day I had an my profile yesterday!

'Rain ♥ 2012/2013 .... She said *Impossible*...I simply replied: *I'm Possible* ♥

XOXO Your destiny :)'

Today at Church we talked about 'Faith'......I thought about this quote all the

way through.....questions whizzed through me mind. This quote represents

faith, having confidence and knowing that NOTHING is impossible. Knowning

that you are worthy!

As humans we tend to BELIEVE what others say, not what we say....If for

example someone called you UGLY...you suddenly might start to beat yourself

up. Thinking that you are. Is this what God wants for us? Is this THE TRUTH?

The big realization we all need to make is that all these issues link in and relate.

'You need as little faith as a mustard seed'....as soon as you water that seed it

will grow....and thats how we become positive and confidence. You don't need

anyone to tell you 'Your beautiful'...just know it! Your ONE OF A KIND. No other

person is EXACTLY like you.....

Nothing is impossible when you have faith. For example if your like me and

wanting to get into a good college or University keep confessing that you will!

Never let the words:*I Can't* or *Impossible* rule your life. It will lead to deep


The whole point of the message is that we need to realize how all these things

link in under one phrase. Knowing WHO you are***

IF you can't take anything away from this then take this ONE quote away

knowing that if any circumstance or obstacle looks at you saying: 'That's

Impossible' turn round and say 'Watch me!'

That's what I said...you can do it too :)

Please remember this is that legacy that Rain left behind. She loved to

encourage and though she is no longer with us she is still in many of our hearts!

- Life's TOO short to regret. Make the regrets a testimony :3

Page 16: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

'Rain ♥ 2012/2013 .... Weeping may endure for the Night (those dark times) But

Peace & Hope comes in the Morning :) XOXO, Your destiny ♥'

This is actually based of the Bible: Psalm 30:5 King James Version (KJV)

‘For weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.’

I know that we mistake the bible for being one big heavy book with lots of old

fashion English......we think its all boring! I know it can be hard to understand, I

recommend daily divonsional! But beside the point. Let's not miss the beauty of

this scripture. 'Weeping' means hard times, this means we may experience hard

times in our life time but Peace/Hope will surely come someday.

I now that we all want it NOW. But God tests our faith....it build us up. I've been

through my ups and downs and It's made me the person I am today. As Kelly

Clarkson said: 'What does not kill you makes you STRONGER'

So true! Anyone that Knew Rain knew that she was a bigger than life person,

ALWAYS full of hope*! She never let her ill health get her down. She would always

manage to smile. She never gave up on her ambitions. They still live on now. I

know this is a short message but I want it to be understandable. I want this series

to make sense to everyone. (I know I love to write XD) If you can't take anything

away from this message then know that Living everyday with HOPE* will make the

next day better. I know that. Trust me on that one :)

I know that when it feels like the world is closing down on you try and LOOK UP.

Deep in that depression, that spiral of self harm, low self confidence and

regret.....a light will shine through some way. The way you least expect it.

Know that you may live some days, months, years in NIGHT (DARK) but when that

HOPE* springs forth....the darkness will have nowhere to go. Hope will take over.

That's your Morning. The new start.

I'm not saying that LIFE will suddenly become a BED OF ROSES. I'm saying life will

become easier. You'll have less temptation to beat yourself up. Because you'll

start to love yourself. The littlest BIT counts. Where does this hope came from? It

does not only come from GOD, it comes from believing in yourself. It comes from

not seeking acceptance of others. It comes from knowing that DON'T THINK

ABOUT PEOPLES CONCEPT OF NORMAL. Your body, still, shape, size, color etc

etc...is UNIQUE* Don't let any other people say otherwise. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.-

Page 17: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Did You Know?

OMG You guys! I’m in LOVE with these Jeffrey Campbell

shoes! I really love these and I wear these a lot because they

add to an outfit! They are called ‘Cosmic Lita’s’

Secondly, been loving Starbucks lately! Pretty much

anything but I really have been loving starbucks green

frappuccino! They are seriously LUSH! XD

Lastly, I’ve been loving a TARTE blush in the color:

DOLLFACE. I love it because not many blushes suit my fair

skin and its perfect for any tone in my opinion. It applies

really well at lasts for a good couple hours! Worth the


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Page 19: ♥ FundraiseStyle♥ February Valentine 2013

Shoutouts! - Princesslilly30

- Princess*lilly

- ~Unique&Pink~

- Pink&UniqueBoutique

- Burlesque LA

- *Camelot

- Cute&ClassyAddiction**

- Charity account gifterz

- Charitygifterz

- Candace*

- Kandi11111

- haunter

- jessica jazz

- Waterfall44

- *Lightning*

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~ Princess Talk ~

This is the end of my February Magazine. I tried my

hardest getting it out :D As most of you are reading this I

am getting ready to go to Paris so my friend will be

taking over my account for the 4 days (14 - 18). Please

be sure to take the form below and send in your

comments! I worked really hard alongside school work!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day ^_*