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  • 1.%&*#! Stupid Puzzles! A general look at puzzletools, puzzle solving, and puzzle creation. By TripCyclone

2. WAIT!!!Before you take extensive notes, thispresentation (including links) will putposted on my blog this weekend athttp://tripcyclone.wordpress.com 3. What are PuzzlesPuzzles are just one method throughwhich an Unknown cache can beplaced.Unknowns are the catch-all ofcache types. 4. Types of Puzzles Visual On-Site Codes/Ciphers Multimedia Newspaper Rube-Goldberg Trivia QR Codes Word-based Fried Okra Number-basedNowhere near exhaustive, this is justa broad sample of the styles outthere. 5. General Tips1. Never ignore the2. Identify what kind of3. Take notes4. Look for clues5. PAF/E-mail6. Keep organized7. Take a breather 6. Never Ignore the Are You A Woos? 7. Identify What Kind ofSometimes, identifying WHAT thepuzzle can be important both in: whether YOU want to attempt it how you approach the puzzle 8. Take NotesGroundspeak provides a nice Notesfeature.Only you can see these notes. 9. Look for Clues Name/Title Hidden by Hidden on Size, difficulty, and terrain Coordinates Cache description Images Additional waypoints The hint Inventory Logs 10. PAF/E-mailPhone-A-Friend to work together orget hintsE-mail the owner if you havequestions 11. Keep OrganizedDevelop some method to keep track ofthe puzzles you have solved and theones you are working on.GSAKBookmark ListsOther DatabasesWe will come back to this one later. 12. Take a BreatherSometimes, you just need a break.Step back and ignore the puzzle fora while if you get stuck.Employ Notes and Organization toensure your progress isnt forgottenwhen you come back. 13. Practice, Practice, Bang Head,PracticeWhat about ways to practice puzzlesolving?Randomly choose a city and startsolving.How Do I SolveGeocaching Puzzle of the Day 14. Some Puzzle Tools Cipher Tools Google Wikipedia Sudoku Solver solves several variants Puzzle wikipedia page for puzzles;branches out into many wikipedia entriesabout different puzzles National Puzzlers League lots of info andsome solvers Geocaching Puzzle Resources my moredetailed presentation on resources from lastyear 15. A Couple of Geocaching.com Resources GC25WQJ - A puzzle that walks you throughcommon ways to hide information Puzzle Solving 101 a series of caches builtaround how to solve puzzles. Lesson in Ciphers a series of cipher cachesbuilt to teach about ciphers Puzzle Shortcuts Series a series of cachesthat teach about solving puzzles. A CliffNotes version Post by NiraD NiraD regularly posts this infoon the forums when people ask for puzzlehelp. 16. Creating PuzzlesCreating Puzzles can help in variousways:1. Helps you think outside the box2. Can teach you tools for solving3. Improve the Spice of LifeAnd above ALL ELSE: 17. YOU ARE NOT THEONE WHO HAS TO SOLVE IT! 18. Creation Tips1. Pick a topic you are familiar with.2. Pick a style of puzzle you enjoy3. Go hide the cache and get the coordinates4. Figure out how to make a puzzle with the coordinates5. Submit your cache 19. Here are some ways to do quick encodingN 39 15.335 W 094 38.180N XXXIX XV.CCCXXXVW XCIV XXXVIII.CLXXXN CI AE.CCE W ID CH.AH015S N 4346415 E 358815