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& the Not-So- Amazing Day By: Jose Gonzales Slide 2 Meet Captain Amazing your typical marvelous superhero. KA- POW! BAM! Slide 3 Captain Amazing could do everything other superheroes could do. He could leap tall buildings in a single bound, punch through a wall like it was tissue paper, and even melt through steel with his heat vision. I fought Captain Amazing and all I got was this black eye! Slide 4 PLUShe could make one mean chocolate souffl like nobodys business. The only problem was Slide 5 Captain Amazing wasnt the brightest crayon in the box. Hed rather foil a robbery than do homework any day. Slide 6 One day, Captain Amazing and the Amazing League decided to celebrate Marvelosos birthday with a surprise party! 1 Slide 7 Everyone was assigned a special snack to bring to the party. Naturally, Captain Amazing volunteered to bring his Amazing Souffl. OH! OH! Pick me! Pick me! Slide 8 Quicker than you can say, Gosh, that was fast! Captain Amazing hopped in his Amazing-Mobile and headed to the store to buy the necessary ingredients. Slide 9 Ok, thought Captain Amazing, what does Grandma Amazings recipe say I need? 1 ounces (oz.) Cream 1/5 cup Sugar 4 ounces (oz.) Chocolate tablespoon (tbsp.) Butter 2 Eggs Slide 10 Hmm, he thought, Grandma Amazings recipe only makes enough souffl for 2 people. How many people will be at the party? Captain Amazing thought a little harder. Theres Spandex-Boy, the Caped Avenger, Flower Girl, and. Slide 11 Total, there would be 10 guests at the party. All that thinking made Captain Amazings head hurt. Hopefully, he wouldnt have to do a whole lot more of that smart stuff. If 10 guests show up to the party, would Captain Amazing need MORE or LESS ingredients than the recipe calls for? Can you estimate how much? Slide 12 The recipe makes enough for 2 people, and I need to make enough souffl for 10 of my friends. How many batches would I have to make? thought Captain Amazing. Slide 13 If 10 friends show up 1 5 4 3 2 10 9 8 7 6 If each batch feeds two friends, how many batches would Captain Amazing need? 1 batch Slide 14 Ill need to make 5 batches! he exclaimed. By this point, Captain Amazing was feeling a little dizzy. If I need to make 5 batches of the recipe, how much of each ingredient do I need? Slide 15 Eggs + + + + = 10 eggs 2 eggs x 5 batches 2 eggs 1 batch 2 eggs 1 batch 2 eggs 1 batch 2 eggs 1 batch 2 eggs 1 batch How many eggs would Captain Amazing need for 5 batches? = 5 batches This problem can be also written as: 2 x 5 = 10 Slide 16 Chocolate 4 oz x 5 batches + + + + 4 oz. 1 batch 4 oz. 1 batch 4 oz. 1 batch 4 oz. 1 batch 4 oz. 1 batch = 20 oz. 5 batches How much chocolate would Captain Amazing need for 5 batches? This problem can be also written as: 4 x 5 = 20 Slide 17 Butter How much butter would Captain Amazing need for 5 batches? tbsp. 1 batch + + tbsp. 1 batch + + tbsp. 1 batch tbsp. 1 batch tbsp. 1 batch = 2 tbsp. 5 batches This problem can be also written as: cup x 5 batches x 5 = 2 Slide 18 Sugar 1/5 cup x 5 batches + + + + = 1 cup 1/5 cup 1 batch 1/5 cup 1 batch 1/5 cup 1 batch 1/5 cup 1 batch 1/5 cup 1 batch How much sugar would Captain Amazing need for 5 batches? = 5 batches 1/5 cup = 1 cup This problem can be also written as: 1/5 x 5 = 1 Slide 19 Now YOU try it! Try to calculate how much cream Captain Amazing needs for 5 batches. Remember, he needs 1 oz. of cream for one batch. What kind of math would you use? Slide 20 Cream + + + + 1 oz. x 5 batches 1 oz. 1 batch 1 oz. 1 batch 1 oz. 1 batch 1 oz. 1 batch 1 oz. 1 batch = 5 oz. 1 batch This problem can be also written as: 1 x 5 = 5 If you did it like this, youre correct! Slide 21 How much of each ingredient? 1 oz. Creamx 5 batches = 5 oz. 1/5 cup Sugar x 5 batches = 2 tablespoons 4 oz. Chocolatex 5 batches = 20 oz. tablespoon Butter x 5 batches = 10 eggs2 Eggs x 5 batches = 1 cup Slide 22 OWWW! Captain Amazing said while rubbing his head. This math stuff is like my kryptonite! After lying down for a quick Amazing Nap, Captain Amazing felt a lot better. Slide 23 Now that he found out how much of each ingredient he needed, it was just a matter of picking them out and buying them. Hmmno trans fat Zippity Do Da! Slide 24 Little did Captain Amazing know, today was mega-discount day at the supermarket. Every item marked with a blue sticker is off, and items with a red sticker are 1/5 off. off. OFF! 1/5 OFF! Slide 25 Stopping a comet careening towards Earth was easy compared to this math stuff! Sooo Tired However, Marveloso DID save him from being eaten by a hoard of piranhas before, so making a souffl was the least he could do. Slide 26 As it turns out, most of the ingredients needed had stickers on them. Both the eggs and the butter had blue stickers, and the chocolate and the sugar had red stickers. Captain Amazing looked at the prices. Slide 27 The prices were $0.50 each $1.50 dozen $0.50 per tbsp. $0.75 per cup $1.00 per ounce Slide 28 How much of each ingredient did Captain Amazing need again? 10 eggs 1 cup sugar 20 oz. chocolate (5 bars) 2 tbsp. butter 5 oz. cream One dozen (12) eggs = $1.50 (eggs are only sold by the dozen) 1 cup sugar = $0.75 1 chocolate bar = $0.50 1 tbsp. butter = $0.50 1 oz. cream = $1.00 What were the prices of the ingredients? Slide 29 How much will the ingredients cost Captain Amazing? Needs 10 eggs. 12 eggs costs $1.50 How much will Captain Amazing spend on eggs? = $1.50 Needs 1 cup of sugar A cup of sugar costs $0.75. How much will Captain Amazing spend on sugar? = $0.75 Slide 30 How about the chocolate? Need 5 chocolate bars 1 bar costs $0.50. How much will Captain Amazing spend on 5 bars? $0.50 x 5 $0.50 + $0.50 $1.00 + $0.50 = $2.50 Slide 31 Needs 2 tbsp. butter. 1 tbsp. butter costs $0.50. How much will Captain Amazing spend on butter? 2 x $0.50 $0.50 + of $0.50 = $1.00 + $0.25 = $1.25 And the butter? $0.50 is two quarters. What is of two? 1 is of two. 1 quarter = $0.25 Slide 32 Captain Amazing Needs Your Help! Captain Amazing still needs to find out how much the cream will cost him. Can you find out how much Captain Amazing would spend to make 5 batches of souffle? What would the math look like? What do you think 1/5 off the total price would mean? Slide 33 Finally, the cream? Needs 5 oz. cream. 1 oz. cream costs $1.00. How much will Captain Amazing spend on cream? 5 x $1.00 $1.00 + $1.00 $2.00 + $1.00 = $5.00 How much money will Captain Amazing spend? $1.00 + Slide 34 $1.50 $0.75 $2.50 $1.25 $5.00 + 0 1.0 2 $11 Slide 35 $11.00! Captain Amazing exclaimed, Ya know, this whole math stuff aint as hard as it seems. As soon as he was finished, Captain Amazing gathered all his ingredients in his cart and made his way to the check-out counter. Slide 36 Eggs, butter, sugar, chocolate, and cream thatll be $8.60, please. said the cashier. Uh-oh thought Captain Amazing. That wasnt the total I got. Slide 37 What did Captain Amazing do wrong? Slide 38 You forgot about the stickers! said the cashier. Today is mega-discount day. Oh, thought Captain Amazing, So how does that work again? Slide 39 Every item with a sticker has a discount. Items with blue stickers are off, and those with red stickers are 1/5 off the total price. off eggs off chocolate 1/5 off butter 1/5 off sugar No discount on cream How much of a discount did Captain Amazing get on his items? Slide 40 Eggs Price = $1.50. Discount = off The discount on the egg is 2 quarters = $0.50 $1.50 - $0.50. The price for the eggs is $1.00 = $1.25 How many quarters is one dollar worth? We now have 6 quarters Taking of the price means that if we were to separate the money of the price into two groups, and taking one part of each group, how much would we have? 6 quarters can be divided into three equal groups of two. Now we take one quarter from each group. We have taken two quarters = $0.50. $1.50- $0.50 = $1.00. The discounted price of the eggs is $1.00. 1 3456 $0.25 2 3 quarters is of 6 quarters. $0.75 is of $1.50 Slide 41 Chocolate Price = $2.50. Discount = off = $2.50 Do you remember how many quarters each dollar is worth? We now have 10 quarters total. We can now take 1 quarter from each group. 5 quarters is of 10 quarters. $2.50 - $1.25 = $1.25. The discounted price of the chocolate is $1.25 12348765 1 109 Now we divide the 10 quarters into equal groups of 2. 1111212222 We have taken 5 quarters $1.25 is of 10 quarters Slide 42 Butter Price = $1.25. Discount = 1/5 off = $1.25 How many quarters is each dollar worth? Taking 1/5 of $1.25 means that we need to separate the quarters into groups of 5 and take one from each group. We can now take 1 quarter from the group of 5. $1.25 - $0.25 = $1.00 The discounted price of the butter is $1.00 Do you remember how many quarters each dollar is worth? We now have 5 quarters 14532 $0.25 We have taken 1 quarter. The discount is $0.25. 1 quarter is 1/5 of 5 quarters. $0.25 is 1/5 of $1.25 Slide 43 Sugar Price = $0.75. Discount = 1/5 off = $0.75 Much like with the butter, to find the discount, we need to divide the 3 quarters into groups of 5. Since we dont have 5 quarters, we will have to trade them up for nickels. We can now take one nickel from each group. How many nickels are in each quarter? $0.05 = 15 nickels 3 nickels is 1/5 of 15 nickels We have taken 3 nickels = $0.15. $0.15 is 1/5 of $0.75 $0.75 - $0.15 = $0.60 The discounted price of the sugar is $0.60 Slide 44 How much will Captain Amazing spend now? d Eggs $0.75 Chocolate $1.25 Butter $1.00 Sugar $0.60 Cream $5.00 + Captain Amazing will spend $8.60 on all the ingredients 1 06 1 $8. Slide 45 Oooh! exclaimed Captain Amazing while slapping his forehead. The party was in less than two hours! Quicker than a rabbit on a pair of skates, Captain Amazing was in the Amazing-Mobile and on his way back to the Amazing Lair. Slide 46 For the next hour and a half, Captain Amazing was hard at work making his Amazing Souffls. Rather than making 5 different batches, he decided to make one big Soufflee that could be divided up evenly among the Amazing League. Slide 47 Before he knew it, the members of the Amazing League were ringing his doorbell. Luckily, Captain Amazing was pulling the souffl out of the oven just as Mysterio and Captain Amazings secret crush, Amazing Girl. Slide 48 Over the next hour, more and more superheroes showed up at the Amazing Lair, much more than Captain Amazing calculated. Fizzle-sticks! he thought, I only made enough souffl for 10 people! Slide 49 Captain Amazing made a quick count of all the people in the room. After a slight anxiety attack, he counted 20 superheroes. Now I have to bake a whole new souffl Slide 50 a Does Captain Amazing need to bake a new souffl? Why or why not? a Can Captain Amazing now divide the Souffle up for 20 people instead of 10? Will the pieces be bigger or smaller than if Captain Amazing was only dividing the Souffl up for 10 people? Slide 51 Here is the Amazing Souffl: What are 2 ways Captain Amazing can cut the Souffl for 10 people? 12345 678910 123456789 Why is Captain Amazing allowed to do this? Do we still have the same amount of souffl in both cases? 10 Slide 52 If Captain Amazing cut the souffl like this, can he cut it so that he has 20 pieces; one for each of his friends? 12345 678910 How many pieces does Captain Amazing have now? Does he have enough for all of his friends? Slide 53 How many pieces? Captain Amazing has 20 pieces of souffle! Theres enough for all his friends to have the same-size piece! Captain Amazing breathed a sigh of relief, Whew! That was a close call! 1234 5 6 7 89 10 1112131415 16 17 18 1920 Slide 54 Captain Amazing handed out all of the Amazing Souffl to his superhero friends. Everybody got a piece, and they all agreed: the dessert was quitewell, amazing. The math was hard, and the times got tough, but such a feat is nothing for AMAZIN! 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