10 key findings about customer service

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What makes up a great customer experience? What are customers really after and what do they value in that experience? Check out this infographic of a study conducted by Interactive Intelligence where over 1800 people in eight countries were surveyed.


Page 1: 10 Key Findings About Customer Service

Source: Customer Service Experience Survey, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence and conducted by Actionable Research, April 2013. This survey was based on a respondent sample size of 1,407 consumers and 453 IT and customer care professionals. Respondents resided in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, the U.K., and the U.S.




How can I help you today?LIVE AGENT remains the preferred interaction

type followed by email and then there is a significant drop to web chat, etc.(this varies by age demographic)

1A KNOWLEGEABLE REPRESENTATIVE and a TIMELY RESPONSE are the most valuable components of a great service experience

4ACCESS TO HISTORICAL INFORMATION is deemed by customers the most valuable feature of an interaction

Owhay ancay Iway elphay ouyay odaytay?

Huh?NOT BEING ABLE TO UNDERSTAND THE AGENT is rated as the most frustrating partof an interaction

8The ability to get a SCHEDULED CALL-BACK was the most desired mobile application

7Customers are more willing to use SOCIAL MEDIA to praise a good service experience vs. complaining about a poor experience

10 desired by contact center professionalsCOMPREHENSIVE REPORTINGAND ANALYTICS is the top feature

9“AN EASY WAY TO PROVIDE FEEDBACK”is the top featuredesired by customers

6$$$X AREN’T WILLING TO PAY EXTRA for higher service levelsCustomers

2HOTELS, ONLINE RETAILERS, BANKSprovide the best service experiencesand