10 most famous abstract artists

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10 Most Famous Abstract Artists

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  1. 1. 10 Most Famous Abstract Artists
  2. 2. Abstract art depict those elements which dont have a physical existence in the natural world. Be it paintings or sculptures, abstract art is a child of an artists imagination and dont portray an individual, thing or place of the materialistic world. Introduction to Abstract Art
  3. 3. Pollock is considered as the face of Abstract Expressionism and his signature drip abstract paintings shot him to fame. He earned various laurels and went on to be considered as the greatest painter of the United States. Jackson Pollock
  4. 4. A designer and key member of the Constructivist movement, Popova art drew strong inspiration from shapes and figures. In her opinion, her artworks are constructions which are beautified with colour and line. Lyubov Popova
  5. 5. A figurative painter until 1913, Kandinsky contributed significantly in pushing the concept of abstraction. He had great levels of belief on the concept of colour and was of the opinion that it held the capacity to get separated from all external references and become the subject matter of the artwork. Vasily Kandinsky
  6. 6. Considered as the person who liberated abstract paintings, Malevich is known as a forerunner in the domain of geometric abstract art. A devout of Christianity, he believed that the sole focus of every artist should be to render a spiritual sense. His style was quite unique in itself and it included coloured geometrical shapes which were painted on a blank white background. Kazimir Malevich
  7. 7. It wont be wrong to say that Mondrian is considered synonymous with Modern art. He has made various abstract paintings, but the one with geometric compositions of bold and perpendicular lines is known to be his finest creations. Piet Mondrian
  8. 8. If there is a name in the genre of minimal art, then it has to be that of Agnes Martin. An American abstract painter, she considered herself to be an abstract expressionist. For her exceptional contribution to the world of art, she was awarded certain prestigious titles as well. Agnes Martin
  9. 9. Kelly brought in a new wave of style with his unique bright, multi-panelled canvases which were very different from the creations of artists of that era. However, his work attracted a lot of critical acclamation for numerous reasons. Ellsworth Kelly
  10. 10. Wool is famous for his paintings which incorporate large black stencilled letters on the surface of white canvases. Word paintings caught his attention after he witnessed the beauty of graffiti on a new white coloured truck. Christopher Wool
  11. 11. Considered as a lyrical abstractionist, Gilliam developed a unique form of abstract paintings from the genre of colour field paintings. He is known for working on stretched and wrapped canvas while adding 3D elements to the same. Sam Gilliam
  12. 12. An Americana artist who is generally described as a minimalist, Mardens work is hard to classify. Undeniably, the style of this artist is too varied to jot down. However, material and process are two aspects which have always caught his fancy. Brice Marden
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