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Page 1: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003
Page 2: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 2 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

CDSL today : (as of 31.07.2003)

Securities AdmittedAs on July 31, 2003, the equity of 4688 companies has been

admitted into CDSL. Further, CDSL has also admitted 2629

debt instruments, like debentures and bonds, for


July 2003 July 2002

Depository Participants 203 174

Branch-DPs 250 211

Cities 114 104

Locations 437 370

Depository ParticipantsAs on July 31, 2003 CDSL has 203 DPs offering live depository

services in 114 cities across 437 locations in the country.

DematerialisationOver the last one year, the demat volume and value have

increased by 81.88% and 109.89% respectively.

Securities in CDSL July 2003 July 2002

Quantity (Crore) 1064 585

Value (Rs. in Crore) 61094 29107

Settlement July 2003 July 2002

Quantity (Crore) 103 62

Value (Rs. in Crore) 6825 3367

SettlementOver the last one year, the settlement volume has increased

by 66.12% and 102.70% respectively.

Security type July 2003 July 2002

Equity 4688 4463

Debt 2629 1608

Commercial Paper 78 82


Securities 123 �

Mutual Fund Units 21 8

Page 3: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 3 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

What�s New?

New Convenient Facility

In order to provide greater convenience to DepositoryParticipants (DPs) while entering the 16 digit BO-ID inthe CDSL system, CDSL has introduced changes in the�Demat�, �Remat� and �BO Account Maintenance�modules. The BO-ID field has been split into two partsconsisting of 8 digits each, i.e. the first 8 digits willindicate the �DP-ID� and next 8 digits will indicate the�Client-ID�. The 8 digit DP-ID will be pre-populatedand only the last digits of Client-ID would have to beentered, which will considerably reduce the DP�s dataentry efforts in the T+2 settlement scenario. This facilitywill also make it convenient for Beneficial Owners (BOs)to recollect their BO-IDs, as only the last 8 digits willnow have to be provided to their DPs, in case of anyqueries.

UTI-Mastershare to be made open-ended

Unit Trust of India has decided to convert its close-ended Mastershare scheme to open-ended with effectfrom September 12, 2003. Existing investors can availof the repurchase option without exit load from August13, 2003 onwards. BOs should contact their DPs forany repurchase / redemption request.

Statement of account through �easi� facility

�DPs are required to send statement of account to BOsat least once at the end of every month in respect ofevery account if there has been even a singletransaction during the month and in any event once atthe end of each financial year in respect of all otheraccounts�. This clause will not be applicable for all suchBOs who have registered for the easi facility and havealso given a written consent to their DP, agreeing notto receive account statements in physical form. Since,the information available through easi to BOs isreproduced directly from CDSL�s centralized database,the easi facility assures complete safety and accuracyof information to BOs. DPs will, however, send thestatement of account on a quarterly basis to all suchBOs registered for easi.

Printing mnemonic on stationery used forcommunications with investors

SEBI has vide their letter IGG/CMK/13341/2003dated July 10, 2003 intimated that all marketparticipants shall print mnemonic on their stationeryand use it widely in their communications withinvestors. The sample of the mnemonic is givenbelow:

Removal of pledge invocation acceptancecharges:

CDSL has decided to drop the fees to its DPs for pledgeinvocation-acceptance with effect from 01-08-2003.Accordingly, the fees, charged by CDSL to its DPs for aPledge / Unpledge / Invocation transaction will be asunder:

Sr Transaction Charge in Rs. Payable byno.

1. Pledge 12/- per request Onlyacceptance pledgor

2. Unpledge 12/- per request Onlyacceptance pledgor

3. Pledge Nil NAInvocationacceptance

Pledge of Securities of NSE Members throughCDSL

CDSL has received the approval of National SecuritiesClearing Corporation Limited (NSCCL) for pledging ofsecurities pertaining to capital adequacy of NSE brokers,through CDSL. This approval coupled with CDSL�seconomical tariff structure will now permit and make itconvenient for NSE brokers to route the pledge of suchsecurities through CDSL.

Change of Address procedure for BOs:

At the time of change / modification of address of aBO, DPs obtain the following documents from the BO

1. Letter / account modification form

2. Proof of address

On obtaining the above documents, the DP verifiesthe signature of the BO(s), updates the address in theCDSL system and sends an intimation letter to the BOat the new address. As a matter of additional precaution

Page 4: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 4 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

and safety, after updating the new address in the CDSL system,the DP will now send a communication to the BO, confirmingchange of address, at both the old and the new address.

Lock-out and suspension of work at AXC ComputersPrivate Limited

AXC Computers Private Limited (AXC), (formerly known as

ABC Computers Private Limited) a Registrar and Transfer Agent(RTA), has declared a lockout and suspension of work. Inview of the above, investors and DPs are requested not togenerate any dematerialisation/ rematerialisation request forall client companies of AXC and not to send any documents toAXC till such time alternate arrangements are made by it�sclient companies. The list of the client companies of AXC is asunder.


































Sr. ISIN No. Issuer CompanyNo

Sr. ISIN No. Issuer CompanyNo

Many entities like Issuer companies, Provident Fund trustsand banks have significant investments in GovernmentSecurities (G-Sec). These investments may still bemaintained in physical certificate form. As desired by theReserve Bank of India (RBI), CDSL is vigorously performingits role in facilitating the conversion of physical certificatesof G-Secs held by various organizations, into demat mode.

Presently, most of the G-Secs issued by the Central and StateGovernments are available for demat. The process ofdematerialization of G-Secs takes around 8-10 days. Oncethe G-Secs are dematerialized, half-yearly interest andredemption amount is disbursed to the investor by CDSL.Holding G-Secs in demat mode will enable investors totransfer securities instantaneously to a counter-party buyer

having a demat account with CDSL.

Another of the immediate advantages in dematerializing thephysical G-Sec certificates is that the half-yearly interest ispaid by CDSL to almost all the holders of G-Secs on the duedate of interest payment. CDSL has been offering early-morning delivery of the interest cheque, if it is of a valueabove Rs. 1 lakh, enabling encashment through high-valueclearing.

Issuer companies and other entities are welcome to get theirG-Secs dematerialized through CDSL.

For more details and clarifications, please contact Mr. C. S.Thakur on 9820389051 or send an e-mail message [email protected] or [email protected]

Dematerialisation of Government Securities (G-Sec)

Page 5: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 5 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

1 INE098G01013 Aircel Digilink India Ltd.

2 INE073G01016 Associated Alcohols & Breweries Ltd.

3 INE080G01011 Continental Credit & Investments Ltd.

4 INE111F01016 Darshak Ltd.

5 INE945F01017 Deccan Gold Mines Ltd.(Formerly Wimper Trading Ltd.)

6 INE051G01012 Denis Chem Lab Ltd.

7 INE036G01013 Dhan Dhana Dhan Infotainment Private Ltd.

8 INE059G01015 Indo Rama Textiles Ltd.(Formerly Indo Rama Projects &Investments Ltd.) (Formerly IndoRama Projects & Services Ltd.)

9 INE993A01018 Man Industries (India) Ltd.

10 INE099G01011 Mittal Securities Finance Ltd.

11 INE048G01018 Polyolefins Rubber Chemicals Ltd.

Sr. ISIN No. Issuer NameNo

Sr. ISIN No. Issuer NameNo

12 INE068G01016 PSL Financial Services Ltd.

13 INE944F01010 Radico Khaitan Ltd. (Formerly AbhishekCements Ltd.)

14 INE074G01014 Shiv Om Investment & Consultancy Ltd.(Formerly G Raj Financial ConsultancyLtd.)

15 INE974F01017 Sunshine Capital Ltd. (FormerlySunshine Capital (P) Ltd.)

16 INE678F01014 Synergy Multibase Ltd.

17 INE066G01010 Tata Share Registry Ltd.

18 Debts The Kolkata Municipal Corporation

19 INE844F01012 Tonira Pharma Ltd.

20 INE061G01011 Transworks Information Services PrivateLtd. (Formerly Teritex Holdings PrivateLtd.)

21 INE251F01010 Vybra Automet Ltd.

1 Aarti Industries Ltd.2 Add Pens Ltd.3 Alembic Ltd.4 Aventis Corpscience India Ltd.5 Bajaj Auto Finance Limted6 Balkrishna Industries Ltd.7 Ballarpur Industries Ltd.8 Balmer Lawrie & Company Ltd.9 Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd.10 Birla Corporation Ltd.11 Birla Sun Life Securities Ltd.12 Cadilla Healthcare Ltd.13 Century Enka Ltd.14 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance Company Ltd.15 Crompton Greaves Ltd.16 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd.17 E. I. DuPont India Private Ltd.18 Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd.19 Esab India Ltd.20 Export-Import Bank of India21 Garware-Wall Ropes Ltd.22 German Remedies Ltd.23 Global Trade Finance Private Ltd.24 Grasim Industries Ltd.25 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.26 Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd.27 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.28 Hindusthan Seals Ltd.29 Hughes Escorts Communications Ltd.30 ICICI Home Finance Company Limtied31 ICICI Ltd.

Companies, which have admitted commercial paper with CDSL

Sr. No. Issuer Name

32 ICICI Securities and Finance Company Ltd.33 Indian Hotels Ltd.34 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.35 Industrial Development Bank of India36 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.37 INOX Air Products Ltd.38 ITI Ltd.39 J K Industries Ltd.40 Larsen & Toubro Ltd. [L&T]41 Madras Cements Ltd.42 Moser Baer India Ltd.43 National Fertilizers Ltd.44 NRB Bearings Ltd.45 Omax Auto Ltd.46 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.47 Raymond Apparel Ltd.48 Repro India Ltd.49 Shanska Cementation India Ltd.50 Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.51 Suashish Diamonds Ltd.52 Sudarshan Chimical Industries Ltd.53 TANFAC Industries Ltd.54 Tata Chemicals Ltd.55 Tata Honeywell Ltd.56 Tata Telecom Ltd.57 The Arvind Mills Ltd.58 The Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Ltd.59 The Zandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd.60 Til Ltd.61 Transamerica Apple Distribution Finance Private Ltd.62 Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd.

Sr. No. Issuer Name

** For details of Securities admitted on CDSL, please contact your DP or visit our website

Page 6: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 6 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

1 Aarti Industires Ltd.2 Adani Exports Ltd.3 Aksh Optifibre Ltd.4 Allahabad Bank5 Alok Textile Industries Ltd.6 Amforge Industries Ltd.7 Andhra Pradesh Power Finance

Corporation Ltd.8 Andhra Pradesh State Financial

Corporation9 Appollo Fibres Ltd.10 Ballarpur Industries Ltd.11 Bank of Baroda12 Bank of India13 Bank of Maharashtra14 Bank of Punjab15 BASF India Ltd.16 BASF Styrenics Private Ltd.17 Bharat Forge Ltd.18 Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd.19 Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.20 Bharti Mobile Ltd.21 BOC India Ltd.22 Borosil Glass Works Ltd.23 BPL Mobile Comminuctions Ltd.24 Canara Bank25 Carborundum Universal Ltd.26 CEAT Ltd.27 Central Bank of India28 Centurion Bank Ltd.29 Century Enka Ltd.30 Century Textiles and Industries Ltd.31 Cholamandalam Investment & Finance

Company Ltd.32 Core Emballage Ltd.

(Formerly Core Biotech Ltd.)(Formerly Growth Finance Ltd.)(Formerly Growh Leasing & FinanceLtd.)

33 Coromandel Fertilizers Ltd.34 Cyrus Investments Ltd.35 Dalmia Cement (Bharat) Ltd36 Deepak Fertilisers and Petrochemicals

Corporation Ltd.37 Dena bank38 Development Credit Bank Ltd.39 Dewan Housing Finance

Corporation Ltd.40 Essar Oil Ltd.41 Essar Steel Ltd.42 Export-Import Bank of India43 Fibcom India Ltd.44 Floatglass India Ltd.45 Global Trade Finance Private Ltd.

Companies, which have admitted debt with CDSL

Sr. No. Issuer Name

46 Glofame Cotspin Industries Ltd.47 GMR Infrastructure Ltd. (Formerly

GMR Vasavi Infrastructure Finance Ltd.)(Formerly Varalakshmi Vasavi PowerProjects Ltd.)

48 Godavari Marathwada IrrigationDevelopment Corporation, Aurangabad

49 Grasim Industries Ltd.50 Grid Corporation of Orissa Ltd.51 Guajarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers

Company Limted52 Gujarat Ambuja Cements Ltd.53 Gujarat Borosil Ltd.54 Gujarat Gas Company Ltd.55 Gujarat Industrial Investment

Coroporation Ltd.56 Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd.57 Gujarat State Petronet Ltd.58 GVK Industries Ltd.59 Haren Textiles Limted60 Hero Briggs & Stratton Auto

Priavate Ltd.61 Hindalco Industries Ltd.62 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd.63 Hindustan Construction Company Ltd.64 Hindustan Copper Ltd.65 Hindustan Lever Ltd.66 Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.67 HMT Ltd.68 Housing and Urban Development

Corporation Ltd.69 Housing Development Finance

Corporation Ltd.70 ICICI Bank Ltd.71 ICICI Ltd.72 ICICI Securities & Finance Company

Ltd.73 IDBI Bank Ltd.74 Idea Cellular Ltd.

(Formerly Birla Tata AT & T Ltd.)75 IFCI Ltd.76 India Cements Ltd.77 Indian Aluminium Company Ltd.78 Indian Farmers Fertiliser

Cooperative Ltd.79 Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.80 Indian Overseas Bank81 Indian Railway Financial

Corporation Ltd.82 Indian Rayon and Industries Ltd.83 Indo Gulf Corporation Ltd.

84 Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Ltd.85 Industrial Development Bank of India86 Infrastructure Leasing & Financial

Services Ltd.87 ING Vysya Bank Ltd.88 Inox Air Products Ltd.89 Irama Estates Private Ltd.90 ITC Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd.91 ITI Ltd.92 Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.93 Jindal Steel & Power Ltd.94 Jindal Vijaynagar Steel Ltd.95 Karnataka State Financial

Corporation96 Kerala Power Finance Corporation

Ltd.97 Kesoram Industries Ltd.98 Konkan Railway Corporation Ltd.99 KPL International Ltd.100 Krishna Bhagya Jal Nigam Ltd.101 KSB Pumps Ltd.102 Lanco Kondapalli Power Private Ltd.103 Larsen & Toubro Ltd.104 Leaseplan India Ltd.105 LIC Housing Finance Ltd.106 Livewell Home Finance Ltd.107 Lokhandwala Hotels Private Ltd.108 Lupin Ltd.109 Madhya Pradesh Financial

Corporation110 Madras Cements Ltd.111 Maharashtra Krishna Valley

Development Corporation112 Maharashtra State Financial

Corporation113 Maharashtra State Road

Development Corporation Ltd.114 Mahavir Spinning Mills Ltd.115 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.116 Majestic Auto Ltd.117 Maruti Udyog Ltd.118 Mercator Lines Ltd.119 Mindteck (India) Ltd. (Formerly

Hinditron Informatics Ltd.)120 Moser Baer Ltd.121 N R Agarwal Industries Ltd.122 Narmada Cement Company Ltd.123 Narmada Chematur Petrochemicals

Ltd.124 National Aluminium Company Ltd.125 National Bank for Agriculture and

Rural Development126 National Fertilizers Ltd.127 National Housing Bank128 National Hydroelectric Power

Corporation Ltd.129 National Textile Corporation Ltd.

** For details of Securities admitted on CDSL, please contact your DP or visit our website

Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name

Page 7: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 7 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

Change in Issuer Name

ISIN No. Old Name New Name

INE900C01027 JBM Tools Limited Automotive Stampings And Assemblies Limited

INE295A01018 Eternit Everest Limited Everest Industries Limited

INE601C01013 Kirloskar Electrodyne Limited Envair Electrodyne Limited

INE622E01015 NCS Gayatri Sugars Limited Gayatri Sugars Limited

INE945F01017 Wimper Trading Limited Deccan Gold Mines Limited

INE028B01011 Sharon Pharma Chem Limited Sharon Bio-Medicine Limited

INE095C01018 Vasparr Containeurs Limited Yashraj Containeurs Limited

INE863C01019 Hittco Online Technologies Limited Hittco Tools Limited

INE901F01010 International Paper Food Services Packaging Limited Plus Paper Foodpac Limited

INE479B01016 Sahara India Media Communication Limited Sahara India Mass Communication Limited

INE527A01014 GKN Driveshafts (India) Limited GKN Driveline (India) Limited

INE177B01016 Mascot Systems Limited iGATE Global Solutions Limited

130 National Thermal PowerCorporation Ltd.

131 Neelachal Ispat Nigam Ltd.132 Neyveli Lignite Corpration Ltd.133 Nirma Ltd.134 Nishkalp Investments

& Trading Co Ltd.135 Noida Toll Bridge Company Ltd.136 North Eastern Electric Power

Corporation Ltd.137 North Eastern Electricity Supply

Company of Orissa Ltd.138 Nuclear Power Corporation Ltd.139 Oriental Bank of Commerce140 Orissa Polyfibres Ltd.141 Panatone Finvest Ltd.142 Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.143 Power Finance Corporation Ltd.144 Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd.145 Prism Cement Ltd.146 PSL Holdings Ltd.147 Punjab & Sind Bank148 Punjab National Bank149 Rajasthan State Industrial Development

& Investment Corporation Ltd.150 Raymond Ltd.151 Recron Synthetics Ltd.152 Reliance Capital Ltd.153 Reliance Industries Ltd.154 Reliance Petroleum Ltd.155 Sardar Sarovar Narmada

Nigam Ltd.156 Shamken Multifab Ltd.157 Shanti Gears Ltd.158 Shree Rama Multi-Tech Ltd.

159 Silverline Technologies Ltd.160 SKF Bearings India Ltd.161 Small Industrial Development

Bank of India162 South Asian Petrochem Ltd.163 Southern Electricity Supply

Company of Orissa Ltd.164 Srei International Finance Ltd.165 State Bank of Hyderabad166 State Bank of India167 State Bank of Indore168 State Bank of Travancore169 Steel Authority of India Ltd.170 Sterlite Industries (India) Ltd.171 Sterlite Opportunities and

Ventures Ltd.172 Surya Roshni Ltd.173 Syndicate Bank174 Tamil Nadu Industrial Development

Corporation Ltd.175 Tamil Nadu Petroproducts Ltd.176 Tamil Nadu Road Development

Company Ltd.177 Tata Chemicals Ltd.178 Tata Engineering and Locomotive

Company Ltd. [TELCO]179 Tata Finance Ltd.180 Tata Industries Ltd.181 Tata International Ltd.182 Tata Investment Corporation Ltd.183 Tata Power Company Ltd.184 Tata SSL Ltd.185 Tata Tea Ltd.

(Formerly Tata Finlay Ltd.)186 Television Eighteen India Ltd.

187 The Arvind Mills Ltd.188 The Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.189 The Catholic Syrian Bank Ltd.190 The Federal Bank Ltd.

(Formerly Travancore FederalBank Ltd.)

191 The Indian Seamless MetalTubes Ltd. (Formerly KalyaniSeamless Tubes Ltd.)

192 The Kolkata Municipal Corporation193 The Paper Products Ltd.194 The South Indian Bank Ltd.195 Thomson Press (India) Ltd.196 Torrent Pharmaceuticals Ltd.197 UCO Bank198 Union Bank of India199 United Western Bank Ltd.200 UTI Asset Management Company

Private Ltd. - Administrator ofSpecified Undertaking of UnitTrust of India

201 UTI Bank Ltd.202 Vanasthali Textile Industries Ltd.203 Varun Shipping Company Ltd.204 Vijaya Bank205 Welspun Gujarat Stahl Rohren Ltd.206 Welspun India Ltd.207 Welspun Syntex Ltd.208 Western Electricity Supply

Company of Orissa Ltd.

209 Whirlpool of India Ltd.210 Wockhardt Life Sciences Ltd.211 Wockhardt Ltd.212 World Resorts Limted213 Zydus Cadilla Healthcare Ltd.

Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name Sr. No. Issuer Name

Page 8: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 8 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

Registrars connected with CDSL

AOK In-House Share Registry011-25792012/13/14/[email protected]

Aarthi Consultants Private Limited040-7633716/4445/[email protected]

ABC Computers Private Limited033-24832972/24731163/[email protected]

Abhipra Capital Limited011-227249773/4/[email protected]

ABS Consultants Private [email protected]

Adroit Corporate Services Private Limited022-28502748/2690 [email protected]

Alankit Assignments LimitedO11-2354 5773/[email protected]

Alpha Systems Pvt. [email protected],[email protected]

AMI Computers (I) Limited033-22812435/[email protected]

Amtrac Management Services Limited0253-354032/[email protected]

Ankit Consultancy Pvt. [email protected]

Beetal Financial And ComputerServices (P) Ltd

011-26232390/[email protected]

Bigshare Services Pvt. Ltd.022-28560652-3/[email protected]

C B Management ServicesPvt. Limited

033-22806692/94/22802486/[email protected]

Cameo Corporate Services Limited044-28460390-94/[email protected],[email protected]

Canbank Computer Services Limited080-2872461/62/[email protected] /[email protected]

CIL Securities Limited040-3203155/[email protected],[email protected]

Computech International [email protected]

Computech Sharecap Limited022-2671824-7

Computer Age Management Services [email protected]

Computronics Financial Services (I) Ltd

022-27619579/41/[email protected]

Dakshin Consultants (P) [email protected]

Data Software Research Company Pvt. Ltd.044-4833738/4487/[email protected]

Datamatics Financial Software& Services Limited

022-28305901/28375519/[email protected]

Dynamic Superways & Exports Limited022-28918257/[email protected]

EIH Limited033-22485883/[email protected]

e-Serve International Limited022-24146044/2413 2503

GNSA Investor Services (P) [email protected]

ICICI Infotech Services Limited022-27908040/[email protected],[email protected]

IIT Corporate Services Limited022-28306790-1/28349976

Ikon Visions (P) Limited040-3744138/374 [email protected]

Indus Portfolio Pvt Ltd011-25449862/57390/[email protected]

Integrated Enterprises (India) [email protected]

Intime Spectrum Registry Ltd.022-25923837/[email protected],[email protected]

Investor Services Of India [email protected]

Karvy Consultants Limited040-23311968/[email protected],[email protected]

Maheshwari Datamatics Pvt. Limited033-22435029/5809/[email protected]

MAS Services Private Limited011-2610 4142/4292/4326/[email protected]

MCS Limited022-28201785/[email protected],[email protected]

Mennen Financial Services Limited022-28728494/5143/[email protected],[email protected]

Mondkar Computers Private Limited022-28366620/9704/[email protected]

Nagarjuna Investor Services Limited040-23358405/[email protected]

Niche Technologies Private Limited033-22357270/7271/3070

Pinnacle Shares Registry Private Ltd.079-2204226/0591/0582/[email protected]

Purva Share Registry India Private Limited022-22617957/[email protected]

R & D Consultants Limited022-22834347/[email protected]

RCMC Share Registry (P) Limited011-24692346/[email protected]

S K Computers033-22194815/[email protected]

SKDC Consultants Limited0422-499856/494704/[email protected]

Sartak Global Limited0731-2523545/[email protected]

Satellite Corporate Services Pvt [email protected]

Sathguru Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd040-3356507/[email protected]

Sharepro Services022-28202112/[email protected]

Sharex (India) Private Limited022-22641376/22702483/[email protected]

Sindhu Corporate Services Private Limited040-27733478/[email protected],[email protected]

Skyline Financial Services Private Limited011-26838501/[email protected],[email protected]

Tata Consultancy [email protected]

Tata Share Registry Limited022- 22844702/[email protected],[email protected]

Trident Investment & PortfolioServices Pvt. Ltd

044-4800886/484 [email protected]

UTI Investor Services Limited022-28506305/[email protected]

Venture Capital & CorporateInvestments Ltd

040-3712250Xl Softech Systems Limited

[email protected]

Page 9: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 9 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

Depository Participants connected with CDSL


ANDHERIAnand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.

022 56983737/022 [email protected]

Bank Of India022-26248178

C R Kothari And Sons Shares & StockBrokers (P) Ltd

022-824 5719/022-824 [email protected]

IDBI Bank Ltd.022 [email protected]

IIT Corporate Services Ltd.022-6835599/1416/[email protected],[email protected]

Infrastructure Leasing & Financial ServicesLtd.

022-2857 0965/022-28570970/[email protected]

M/s. Jitendra J. [email protected]

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares And SecuritiesPvt. Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

Mangal Keshav Securities [email protected]

The Greater Bombay Co-Operative BankLtd.

[email protected]

UTI Securities Ltd.022-26941500/[email protected];[email protected]

BANDRAOracle Securities Pvt. Ltd.

022-56935514/[email protected]

Total Securities [email protected]

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.022-6408575

OTC Exchange Of India022-

BORIVLIAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd

022-8912256/[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd022-28996315/28990678

[email protected] N Patwa Share & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd.

022-8984679/[email protected]

Sam Global Securities Ltd.022-8050972/[email protected]


[email protected],[email protected]

COLABAGupta Equities Pvt. Ltd.

[email protected]

Sykes & Ray Equities (India) Ltd. 022-2040425/0392/2040426 [email protected],[email protected]

DADARManiput Investments Pvt. Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

FORTAcme Shares & Stock Privte Ltd.

022-2335083/[email protected]

A.C.Choksi Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2047654/[email protected]

Advani Share Brokers Pvt. [email protected]

Ajmera Associates Pvt [email protected]

Amu Shares & Securities Ltd.022-2653410/6989

B D Shah Securities Ltd.022 2835543/[email protected]

B M Gandhi Securities Pvt Ltd022-2676940/7435/[email protected]

B R Jalan Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2675746/5815/5997/[email protected]

Babubhai Purushottamdas Stock BrokersPvt Ltd

022-2651109/2700601/[email protected]

Bank Of India022-2626998/[email protected]

Bank Of Maharashtra022-2626748/[email protected]

BCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.022-26533/37/[email protected],[email protected]

BCB Brokerage Pvt [email protected],[email protected]

Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar Shares & StockBrokers Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

BNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd022-2670029/[email protected]

BOI Shareholding Ltd.022-2723626/[email protected]

C D Equisearch Pvt. Ltd.022-2830653/[email protected], [email protected]

Centurion Bank Ltd.022-2705036/37/38/39

Churiwala Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2670035/1713/[email protected]/[email protected]

Deutsche Bank [email protected];[email protected]

Dimensional Securities Pvt [email protected]

Dindayal Biyani Stock Brokers Ltd.022-22882266/4422/22871343

[email protected] Securities Pvt. Ltd.

022-2655535Gandhi Securities & Investment Pvt Ltd

[email protected], [email protected]

Global Trust Bank [email protected]

H T Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd.022-2650499/56341981-84/[email protected]

Hasmukh Lalbhai Share Brokers Pvt Ltd022-2723068/[email protected]

Hem Securities Ltd.022-266 6156/[email protected]

IKAB Securities & Investment [email protected]

INA Stock Broking Co. Pvt. Ltd.022-22723140/3694/[email protected]

Indusind Bank [email protected]

Integrated Master Securities Ltd022-2672987/23871/2318204/[email protected]

ISJ Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2616178/[email protected]

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd022-2886851/417

Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd., Pune022-263 0568/2630569

J G Shah Financial Consultants Pvt. Ltd.022-2651688/3432/[email protected]

Page 10: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 10 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

JGA Shah Shares Brokers Pvt [email protected]

Joindre Capital Services Ltd.022-22662292/[email protected]

Jyoti Jain Investment & Finance Co Pvt Ltd022-56334946/[email protected]

K Damani Securities Pvt Ltd022-2652918/[email protected]

K Jayantilal Securities Pvt. [email protected]

K M Jain Stock Brokers Pvt [email protected]

Kaji And Maulik Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2652164/4592/4350/[email protected]

Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt. [email protected]

Kantilal Mangaldas Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2675282/[email protected]

Kaushik Shah Shares And Securities Ltd.022-2874860/[email protected]

Khambatta Securities [email protected]

LKP Shares & Securities [email protected],[email protected]

Malti Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2611268/0727/[email protected]

Mehta Vakil And Company Pvt. Ltd.022-2652620/1082/2678748

MLR Securities Pvt. [email protected]

Mother India Securities Pvt Ltd022-2876431-32/[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.022-2675494/[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.022-56391355/56351180helpdesk@motilal

Navkar Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt [email protected]

Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2641234/[email protected]

Oriental Bank Of Commerce022-2674579/6066/[email protected]

Prarup Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2826940-42/[email protected]

Pratibhuti Viniyog [email protected]

Pratik Stock Vision Pvt [email protected]

Pruthvi Brokers & Share Holdings Pvt Ltd022-2721177/[email protected]

R B K Share Broking Ltd.022-2651529/2646/[email protected]

R M Share Trading Pvt. Ltd.022-2656034/2625194

R N Patwa Share & Stock Brokers (P) [email protected]

R R S Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd022-56330456/22679055/[email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd.022-2721213/2632/[email protected]

S P Jain Securities Pvt. [email protected]

Saikripa Securities [email protected]

Sam Global Securities Ltd.022-2652422/2676468

Sam Global Securities Ltd022-2654252/57/[email protected],[email protected]

M/s. Sanjay C. Baxi022-2653872/3812

Saurashtra Capital Services Pvt Ltd022-22817483/85/[email protected]

Shilpa Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2624220/[email protected]

Sino Securities Pvt [email protected]

SMIFS Securities Ltd.022-2658027/28/[email protected];[email protected]

SPS Share Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2675556/1335/[email protected]

Standard Chartered Bank022-22020351/[email protected]

Sunidhi Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd022-2631417/[email protected],[email protected]

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2624787/[email protected],[email protected]

Sushil Finance Consultants Ltd.022-2386000/[email protected]

SVV Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2723133/35/[email protected]

The Omniscient Securities Pvt [email protected],[email protected]

The United Western Bank Ltd.022-2884309-11/31-32

Union Bank Of [email protected]

Vijan Share & Securities Pvt. Ltd.022-2692217/2218

VNS Finance & Capital Services Ltd.022-22676525/[email protected]

Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.022-2072298/[email protected]

Wellworth Shares And Stock Broking Ltd022-2675758/0365/[email protected]


022-5116899/6717/514 1862Pragya Securities Pvt Ltd

022-25149213/[email protected]

GOREGAONAsian Markets Securities Pvt. Ltd.

022-8413030/841 [email protected]

ICICI Bank [email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities [email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd.022-878 6854/878 6855

Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd.022-8755502/8738825/[email protected]

SMK Shares and Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.022-2655590/2623999/[email protected]/[email protected]

GULALWADIAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

KALBADEVIBCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

M R Share Broking Pvt Ltd022-2372715/2008176/[email protected]

Shilpa Stock Broker Pvt [email protected]

KANDIVLIBank Of Baroda

022-8083243/[email protected]

LOWER PARELAcme Shares & Stock Pvt. Ltd.

[email protected]

Page 11: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 11 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL


02974-220912/02974 [email protected]

AGRASeema Securities Private Limited

0562-351230/[email protected]


079-6561984BCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.

079-6640022/33/44/[email protected]

Gandhi Securities & Investment Pvt Ltd.02764-22817

Money Care Securities And FinancialServices Ltd

079-6561700/[email protected]

Navkar Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd079-6403629/49/[email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd079-2167976/2176660

SDFC Securities Ltd.079-6400140/[email protected]

Shah Investor�s Home Limited079-6405001-02/[email protected]

The Stock Exchange, Ahmedabad079-6307971/[email protected],[email protected]

AHMEDNAGARNagar Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd.,Ahmednagar

0241-343641/642/345 [email protected]

AKOLAMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd

0724-430795/304The Akola Janata Commercial Coop. BankLtd, Akola

0724-430012/430241/[email protected]

Asit C Mehta Investment IntermediatesLtd.

[email protected]

B R Jalan Securities Pvt [email protected]

Emkay Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.022-4606690/[email protected]

HDFC Bank Ltd.022-24910492/[email protected];[email protected]

Standard Chartered Bank Ltd.022-4910076/[email protected]

MAHALAXMIH T Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

ICICI Bank Ltd.022-4924100/022-4906868/[email protected];[email protected]

MAHIMMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


MALADB R Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.022-8816159/8888270/71

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd.022-8440640/[email protected],[email protected]

Pashupati Capital Services Pvt. Ltd.022-28800407/[email protected]

MATUNGAGrishma Securities Pvt Ltd.

022-24012553/[email protected]

MULUNDAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.

022 [email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities [email protected]


022-2812527/28/[email protected]

Birla Sun Life Securities [email protected]

Birla Sunlife Securities [email protected]

CLSA India [email protected]

Dalal & Broacha Stock Broking Pvt. Ltd.022-22044805/[email protected];[email protected]

DBS Capital Markets Pvt Ltd.022 [email protected]

Indsec Securities and Finance Ltd.022-2046753/[email protected]

Keynote Capitals [email protected], [email protected]

Maheshwari Equity Brokers Pvt. Ltd.022-2042514/[email protected],[email protected]

Prabhudas Lilladher Pvt Ltd.022-56322222/[email protected]

Rashi Equisearch Pvt. Ltd.022-2044270/[email protected]

PARELKantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt Ltd.

022-24122140/[email protected]

POWAIAsit C. Mehta Investment IntermediatesLtd.

022-857 7898/[email protected]

PYDHUNIEMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


REAY ROADReliance Capital Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

SIONMukesh Babu Securities Ltd.

12-A /1 , New Sion Co-Op Hsg,,,400022022-4018218-9/022-4078158/[email protected]

VILE PARLEDJS Stock And Shares Ltd.

022-6185011/[email protected]

VIKHROLIStock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.(Institutional )022-5795246/5779622 [email protected]

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.(Retail)

022-5795261/[email protected]

WALKESHWARB R Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd-Walkeshwar


WORLICitibank N.A.

022-4949275/[email protected]

Kotak [email protected],[email protected]

The Hongkong And Shanghai BankingCorpn. Ltd.

022-4980000/4917033/[email protected],[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd-FortF-11, Everest, 7th Floor,,,,400034022-4612481/[email protected]

Page 12: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 12 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

ALLAHABADAsit C. Mehta Investment IntermediatesLtd


ALWARAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd

0144-333364/[email protected]

Hem Securities Ltd.0144-703041/075/337175

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

AMBALA CANTTS P Jain Securities Pvt Ltd.

0171-2642936/3935/[email protected]

ANANDH T Nanavati Securities Pvt Ltd

02692-40439/41412/[email protected]

Navkar Share & Stockbrokers Pvt Ltd.02692-61888/[email protected]

BALOTRAS P Jain Securities Pvt Ltd.

02988-223800/[email protected]

BANGALOREBangalore Stock Exchange Limited

080-2278314/8315/[email protected]

Bank Of [email protected]

Churiwala Securities (P) Ltd080-344327/3750/3930

Stock Holding Corporation Of India [email protected];[email protected]

BAREILLYSiddhi Shares Private Ltd


BATHINDAK & A Securities Pvt Ltd.

0164-253136/[email protected]

BEAWARThe Bank Of Rajasthan - Beawar

01462-58813/[email protected]

BELGAUMAsit C Mehta Investment IntermediatesLtd.


BHARATPURHem Securities Ltd


BHARUCHGandhi Securities & Investments Pvt. Ltd.-Bharuch Branch

[email protected]

BHAVNAGARAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.

0278-2421653/67/[email protected]

Inventure Growth & Securities Ltd.02849-8327381/[email protected]

BHILWARASuresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

BHIWANDIRenaissance Securities Ltd


BHOPALS P Jain Securities Pvt Ltd.

0755-552625/[email protected]

BHUBANESWARSam Global Securities Ltd

0674-575008/404/575703The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd

[email protected]

BIKANERHem Securities Ltd

0151-2544002/[email protected]

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd0151-520297

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.0151-271626/[email protected]

BORSADNavkar Share & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

CHANDIGARHK & A Securities Pvt Ltd.

0172-704198/4298/[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

Uttam Financial Services [email protected]

CHENNAIBank Of India - Chennai

044-5229346-48/EXTN: [email protected]

BCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.044-6426323/[email protected]

Bright Shares And Stocks Pvt. [email protected]

DJS Stock And Shares Ltd.044-5250715/5215515

Madras Stock Exchange Limited044-5228951/5224392/[email protected]

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd044-5340725

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

CHITTORGARHShilpa Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

CHURUSuresh Rathi Securities P Ltd.


COCHINCochin Stock Brokers Limited

0484-01898/3913/[email protected]

COIMBATOREDJS Stock And Shares Ltd

0422-211487/[email protected]

CUTTACKGandhi Securities & Investment Pvt Ltd.

0671-619036/[email protected]/[email protected]

DAHODISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.


DEHRADUNAnand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd

0135-Globe Capital Market Ltd.

0135-2659752/4739/[email protected]

Globe Capital Markets Ltd.0135-2626117/2625134

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd0135-653860/[email protected]

Uttam Financial Services Ltd.0135-621442/[email protected],[email protected]

DHANBADSam Global Securities Ltd.

[email protected]

DHORAJIB M Gandhi Securities Pvt Ltd.

282430/31/[email protected]

DHULEMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd

02562-41781/41881Sykes & Ray Equities (I) Ltd.

[email protected]

DOMBIVLIAnand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.

0251-441788/[email protected]

Gupta Equities Pvt Ltd.Dombivli-4212010251-890923

FARIDABADThe Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.

0129-5413147/[email protected]

GANGAPURThe Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.

[email protected]

GAYAUttam Financial Services Ltd.

0631-435868/[email protected]

Page 13: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 13 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

GUNAChuriwala Securities Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

GUWAHATIHem Securities Ltd.

[email protected]

ISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.0361-636937-38

State Bank Of India0361-540348/2778/[email protected]

GWALIORHem Securities Ltd.

0751-436464/565/[email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd0751-431950

HALDWANISam Global Securities Ltd.


HANUMANGARHSuresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd

HARDWARMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

[email protected]

HINDAUNHem Securities Ltd

30632/31352/[email protected]

HISSARSam Global Securities Ltd

01662-39045/37745Smk Shares And Stock Broking Pvt Ltd


HOSPETMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


HUBLIGupta Equities Pvt Ltd.

0836-269948/[email protected],

[email protected] Oswal Securities Ltd.

[email protected]

HYDERABADBNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd.

040-4755239/4755240CIL Securities Limited

040-3203155/[email protected]

Karvy Consultants Limited040-3325518/[email protected]

PCS Securities Limited040-24606517/[email protected],[email protected]

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd040-322 [email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd040-4745920/[email protected]

The Hyderabad Stock Exchange Ltd040-55510814/040-55510812

[email protected]

ICHALKRANJIRenaissance Securities Ltd

0230-421934/[email protected]

INDOREAnand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.

0731-565975/[email protected]

K M Jain Stock Brokers Pvt [email protected]

M/s. Sanjay C [email protected]

MPSE Securities [email protected]

State Bank Of [email protected]

State Bank Of Indore0731-548318/544464

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

JABALPURAcme Share & Stock Pvt Ltd.

0761-315646/[email protected]

JAIPURAlankit Assignments Ltd.

[email protected]

Anand Rathi Securities Pvt [email protected]

Hem Securities [email protected],[email protected]

Indus Portfolio Pvt. [email protected]

JSEL Securities Limited0141-2720367/[email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd.0141-406820

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt [email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan0141-369445/[email protected]

The Bank Of [email protected]

JALANDHARH.T. Nanavati Securities Pvt. Ltd


JALGAONAsit C Mehta Inv Intermediates Ltd.

0257-226743/[email protected]

JAMNAGARBRK Shares & Stk Brokers P Ltd.

0288-553310/[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

0288-661246/248SVV Shares & Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd.


JHUNJHUNUSuresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd

01592-32355/[email protected]

JODHPURMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd

0291-441382/[email protected],

[email protected] Securities Limited

0291-612374Renaissance Securities Limited

0291-628619/719Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd

[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

JUNAGADHAjay Natavarlal Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

B M Gandhi Securities Pvt Ltd.0285-2655447/[email protected]

KANPURSiddhi Shares Private Limited

[email protected]

State Bank Of India0512-303123/[email protected]

KHAMBHATAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

Navkar Share & Stock Brokers Pvt [email protected]

KOLHAPURMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

0231-660713/[email protected]

Renaissance Securities Ltd0231-660713/650171

KOLKATAAccord Capital Markets Limited

033-4762125/5404/[email protected]

Bank Of Baroda033-24409585/[email protected]

Bank Of India033-22485703/1973/22485785/[email protected]

CD Equisearch Private [email protected]

Dalmia Securities [email protected]

Dimensional Securities Pvt Ltd.033-2207948/[email protected]

DJS Stock & Shares Ltd

Page 14: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

CDSL Infoline 14 w w w . c d s l i n d i a . c o m

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

033-2206269/2484288Dynamic Equities Pvt Ltd

[email protected]

East India Securities Limited033-3345527/5689/[email protected];[email protected]

G M Bosu & Co Pvt Ltd033-4662822/[email protected],[email protected]

Lohia Securities Limited033-2108722/2107993/[email protected]

M Prasad & Co. [email protected]

R M Share Trading Pvt Ltd.033-2103860/2103862

Sam Global Securities Ltd033-2211096/2211097

SKP Securities Limited033-2828719/[email protected]

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.033-2262030

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

Vedika Securities Pvt Ltd033-2231245/02233642/[email protected]

KOTAHem Securities Ltd.

0744-2451026Hem Securities Ltd.

0744-2421662/8783/2428784Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd

0744-361155The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd

0744-2364145/[email protected]

LUCKNOWAnand Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd.

0522-282303/217547/[email protected]

Asit C Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd0522-255022/23/255 005

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd0522-2204471-74

Sykes & Ray Equities (I) [email protected], [email protected]

LUDHIANAK & A Securities Pvt Ltd.

0161-2406111/2431419LSE Securities Limited

[email protected]

State Bank Of India0161-449080/081

MADURAIDJS Stock & Shares Ltd.

0452-735776/[email protected];[email protected]

MANGALOREISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

Sykes & Ray Equities (India) Ltd.

0824-869477/2218561/[email protected]/[email protected]

MEERUTBCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.

0121-660001/[email protected]

Sam Global Securities Ltd0121-663644/644529/[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

MITHAPURB R K Shares & Stk Brokers P Ltd.

02892-24360Bhavik Rajesh Khandhar Shares & StockBrokers Pvt Ltd.

02892-26934/[email protected]

MORADABADUttam Financial Services Ltd


MUZAFFARPURB R Jalan Securities Private Ltd

0621-266839/[email protected]

NADIADKisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & Sec Pvt Ltd

0268-29020/24/[email protected]

NAGPURAnand Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd.

0712-814721-25Kantilal Chhganlal Securities Pvt. Ltd

0712-731922/731923/[email protected]

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd0712-538181

Renaissance Securities Ltd0712-241062

NANDURBARMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

256450/[email protected]

NASIKAsit C. Mehta Investment Intermediates Ltd

0253-454174-75Kantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt Ltd.

0253-572196/5727696Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd



022-7709854/[email protected]

Inter-Connected Stock Exchange Of IndiaLtd

022-7812056/58/59/7812062/[email protected],

[email protected] Oswal Securities Ltd.


NEW DELHIAbhipra Capital Limited

011-7247797/98/[email protected];[email protected]

Alankit Assignments Limited011-23610220-24/23611846-50

[email protected] R Jalan Securities Private Ltd

011-6968101/6511919/4050B R Jalan Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

Bank Of India011-3721843-44/[email protected]

BLB Limited011-3290007/15/[email protected]

Exponential Financial Services Pvt [email protected]

Express Securities Pvt Ltd011-3326940/3279479

Fortis Securities Limited011-51512000/[email protected]

Globe Capital Market Limited011-3720887/89/91/[email protected]/

[email protected] Investor Services Ltd

011-5787743/[email protected]

Indus Portfolio Private Limited011-5457390/5449517/[email protected]

Integrated Master Securities Limited011-3322136/2143/3322187/[email protected]/[email protected]

Jyoti Jain Investment & Finance Co Pvt Ltd011-24656819-20/[email protected]

K & A Securities Pvt Ltd011-51603333/[email protected]

Master Capital Services Ltd011-3738633/[email protected]

Orbis Securities Pvt Ltd011-51523764/[email protected]

R N Patwa Shares & Stock Brokers (P) Ltd.011-7420944/[email protected]

Sam Global Securities Limited011-3270790/[email protected]

Sam Global Securities Ltd011-3270790/[email protected]

Sam Global Securities Ltd011-7228354/7433346

Stock Holding Corporation Of India Ltd.011-3712807

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt. Ltd011-3281192

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.011-5712934/[email protected]

The J & K Bank Limited011-3737940-41/[email protected]

Uttam Financial Services Limited011-3317228/[email protected]

Zuari Investments Limited011-6413319/3376/6413386

Page 15: · 5 CDSL Infoline CDSL Your Depository Listed Equities / Units admitted with CDSL during June - July 2003

w w w. c d s l i n d i a . c o m 15 CDSL Infoline

Yo u r D e p o s i t o r yCDSL

[email protected]

PANIPATThe Bank Of Rajasthan-Panipat

01742-630192/[email protected]

PANJIMISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.


PATNAMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.

0612-201625/26/[email protected]

PIPARAYABCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.


PRODDATURRenaissance Securities Ltd

08564-43494/[email protected]

PUNEBank Of Baroda

020-5421255/36997/[email protected]

Grishma Securities Pvt Ltd.020-4019494/[email protected]

PSE Securities [email protected]

The Cosmos Cooperative Bank Limited020-4456591/[email protected]

RAIPURKantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt Ltd.

0771-659071/72/[email protected]

Wallfort Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.0771-535642

RAJKOTAjay Natavarlal Securities Pvt Limited

0281-229763/[email protected]

B R K Share & Stock Brokers P Ltd.0281-476305-06/691320

Rajkot Nagarik Sahkari Bank Limited0281-233916/917/233 [email protected]

SKSE Securities Limited0281-442145/[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

RANCHIMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


RANIGANJB R Jalan Securities Private Ltd.

[email protected]

ROHTAKThe Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd.

[email protected]

ROURKELAMotilal Oswal Securities Ltd.


[email protected]

SANGAMNERAcme Shares & Stock Pvt Ltd.

02425-25451/[email protected]

SANGLIMangal Keshav Securities Ltd.

[email protected],[email protected]

SHAMLISam Global Securities Ltd.

01398-252032/522/[email protected]

SILIGURISykes & Ray Equities (India) Ltd.

0353-2530585/91/[email protected]

SIROHIRennaisance Securities Ltd.

02972-224314/[email protected]

SIRSAIKM Investors Services Ltd.

[email protected]

The Bank Of Rajasthan [email protected]

SRIGANGANAGARSam Global Securities Ltd.

0154-422093/[email protected]

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd0154-440383

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd0154-430 359/259/0154-422 [email protected]

SURATBCB Brokerage Pvt Ltd.

0261-7413530/[email protected]

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & SecuritiesPvt Ltd

0261-7410007/7426867Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd

0261-419813/435505S P Jain Securities Pvt Ltd

0261-2364151/[email protected]

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd0261-655670

THANEKantilal Chhaganlal Securities Pvt Ltd.

022-25430445/55571305Mangal Keshav Securities Ltd

[email protected]

THIRUVANANTHAPURAMCapstocks & Securities (India) Pvt Ltd

0471-2476632/2463735/[email protected]

THRISSURThe South Indian Bank Limited

[email protected],

[email protected]

TINSUKIARenaissance Securities Ltd


UDAIPUREmkay Share & Stock Brokers P Ltd.

0294-415405/[email protected],[email protected]

ISJ Securities Private Ltd0294-423 611/612/0294-422 181

M/s Sanjay C Baxi-Udaipur0294-2422162

Renaissance Securities Ltd0294-526 798

Shilpa Stock Broker Pvt Ltd.0294-425816/[email protected]

Suresh Rathi Securities Pvt Ltd0294-413088

The Bank Of Rajasthan Ltd0294-560547/[email protected]

UDIPIISJ Securities Pvt Ltd.

[email protected]

VADODARABank Of Baroda

0265-2225417/[email protected]

SDFC Securities Limited0265-2362940/[email protected],[email protected]

Vadodara Stock Exchange0265-361534/474/361 [email protected]

VAPIMangal Keshav Securities Ltd.

02638-439063/[email protected]

VARANASISykes & Rays Equities (I) Ltd.

[email protected]

VERAVALBRK Share & Stock Broker Pvt Ltd.

02876-43827/959/41759/[email protected]

VIJAYAWADABNR Capital Services Pvt Ltd.

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Infoline Update

easi-electronic access to securities information

1. What is easi?easi is a convenient, simple to operate facility, which allows Beneficial Owners(BOs) and Clearing Members (CMs) to access their demat account through anInternet enabled PC for obtaining information about their holdings and transactions,anywhere, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, through CDSL�s

2. Why should I subscribe /register for the easi facility?A BO/CM should register for easi as it allows him an anytime-anywhere access ofthe holdings and transactions in his demat account. Thus, a BO can, not onlymonitor his account but also does not require to approach his DP each time astatement of account is required. The portfolio valuation facility also saves valuabletime for investors in looking up stock quotes daily. The almost real-time informationavailable through easi, makes it very convenient for a BO to make effective decisionson his portfolio.

3. Can all BOs /CMs use this facility?Yes, this facility is available to all BOs and CMs. However, a BO can avail of thisfacility only if the DP with whom he maintains his account is registered for thisfacility. A CM on the other hand can avail of this facility by directly registering withCDSL, even though his DP has not subscribed to the easi facility. The list of DPswho have subscribed for easi services is available in the �What�s New� section ofCDSL�s website

4. How easy is my easi registration?Registering to easi is a very simple process:1. Log into our website site, enter your BO-ID and other

details and print the registration form.

2. The printed registration form duly signed by all holders of the demat accountshould be submitted to your DP.

3. On verification of the details, your DP will activate your login for easi andsend you the password at your specified e-mail ID.

4. With your login ID and password you can now access your demat account.

5. What facilities are available on easi for BOs?A BO can use easi for:a. Viewing, downloading and printing of details of holdings and status of

transactions on almost real time basis, anytime-anywhere.

b. Obtaining the valuation of his holdings in his account as on the previous dayclosing price on BSE.

c. To print / download the statement of account as and when required.

6. What facilities are available on easi for CMs?All the facilities available to BOs are also available to CMs. easi also provides aconvenient overdue report to CMs which facilitates them to monitor pay-in ofsecurities. CMs can view the overdue status of pay-in instructions provided byclients and can also monitor the client level payout through easi.

CDSL�s easi facility will keep you updated about your demat account status, in baredetail, at a time and place that you choose to access the information � keeping you incomplete control. We are sure that demat transacting from now on will be an efficientand enjoyable experience.

Register now by logging on to our website andexperience the convenience of demat at your fingertips.