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The weblog A Blog for Art’s Sake by grace wolff

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Grace Wolff presentation for a blog


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The weblog

A Blog for Art’s Sake by grace wolff

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The weblog I dearly want to create a

blog as a visual presentation for my art process. I wish to lead people in my creative world. I hope to receive comments and critique. Viewers will be able to track the process of each piece of my artwork that will later hang in a gallery. It is also a place I where I can post upcoming instructional classes. I can link to gallery websites.I can archive work on the blog. The Weblog


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The weblog This is a social place as well.

Once you are inside you are welcomed. I will treat you as an honoured guest. You can tell me your thoughts and feelings. I will share mine with you and you may inspire me to create a work of art. It is entirely personal and entertaining for anyone who enjoys my work. The blog is a venue for visual enjoyment, and to learn about art.

Inside the blog

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The weblog

Meet me & Communicate

You can follow my every move and you can share with me as I will share with you all of my creative process. You can share with others by way of email, Facebook and Twitter. You will find me on Facebook- I will have a link. I will let you know when I have a show and personally send you an invitation.

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The weblog I will be posting all sorts

of pictures and updating them from time to time. I can listen to what people have to say about them. There will be“works in progress” that you can follow. The content will change and morph and evolve. I can change the structure, format, colours, text and more just like a renovation.

Renovating the blog

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The weblog When you make a post,

we can have discussions about what you say, and you can invite others into the discussion. We will come up with fabulous ideas for new paintings, workshops, shows and works of art. We can collaborate, with the blog’s images as a starting place. Art blogs can be followed for inspiration. Keep it moving

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The weblog It is fantastic to be able to

upload pictures and videos that I have taken. I can upload pictures from my Photobucket or Flickr account to create a slideshow. It will help me with being organized as I use the blog as a visual diary with links to other tools like this. I can track where and when and how people find me. And it has a mini word processor built in! And I can follow other peoples’ blogs right from the dashboard. I can drive any way I like because of the freedom here, even grind the gears!.

The mechanics of it all

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The weblog So a blog lets me be

creative, have presence, express myself, is accessible by my network where I can interact with them, and it is integrates several other social networks.

It is a good tool to add into my website in the future, and a place to link with the non profit arts councils and college where I teach art.

Fly with it into the future

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The weblog I look forward to your input

and getting to know you. By the time this course is over, I hope to have it formatted. Here is the link although it is under renovation you can still take a peek. Thanks!

Sincerely, Grace Wolff