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Question 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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Question 3What have you learned from your audience feedback?

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The main set of criticism that we got from our class was of our first pitch and focus group that we did. In this focus group, we examined our early thoughts considering logistics and achievability as well as mis-en-scene, location and more. From our focus group, the criticism that we got was positive. We were advised to stick to a basic stroyline and not over complicate the story. This input helped us to restrict a couple of our thoughts and stick to the ones we felt would be most effective. This is the place the principle thoughts of blame originated from. The pitch additionally helped us to think of purposes behind the death of the main character. Our classmates presented various ideas from letting a group down, to losing a relative.

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Audience Feedback

The following input that we got was at the point when we demonstrated the unfinished version to the class. Our film was pretty much completed at that point in time and only required a couple of minor touches. The positive criticism that we got was that they enjoyed the instrumental utilized as It created a lot of suspense and feeling. They additionally loved the diverse use of quick-paced shorts that we utilized including mid shots and close ups of simply shoes. The input with respect to change that we got was that one scene was somewhat out of focus, furthermore that the voice over in one scene expected to be louder as it was hard to hear what was being said because of background noise. We were additionally advised to lighten a couple of scenes. When it came to altering these and following up on the input we got, we figured out how to effectively address these issues. We made the particular scenes lighter after a couple of troubles, yet we figured out how to accomplish it at last. We likewise altered a couple of the sound issues. The main issue we couldn't alter was the scene where Nathans mum was out of focus due to the fact that the scene had already been recorded and this is a problem that cannot be solved.

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Pitch for Film Poster and Film Review Our final input was of the print products. Our

classmates enjoyed the thought of a double-page spread for review. They also preferred the still that we picked at the time. The class likewise felt that we utilize darker colours as it demonstrates the significance of the plot and reflects on the genre. There were additionally recommendations that we use a full body shot of my character. After some thought, we chose to go with these ideas. Problems occurred however and we had to change up a lot of our initial ideas. In the end, we felt it would be better to go with a single page spread and went with a mid-shot rather than a full body shot.

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I used different sources to get different feedback on my work. Here, I used WhatsApp. The feedback mainly positive which was reassuring to see and it seemed that audience members were commonly touched the use of the music and range of camera shots