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  • ABATE ofIndiana’s

  • This program was developed and designed by ABATE of Indiana, Inc.©2016 ABATE of Indiana, Inc. All rights reserved.



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    rEgIoN CouNTy E-mAIl

    ABATE of Indiana’s 2016 Tour Indiana Registration Form

    Submit to: ABATE Tour Indiana, po Box 665, Bargersville, IN 46106 If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

    you musT include a photocopy of your drivers license, with the proper “mC” endorsement to be eligible (passengers are not required to have endorsement.) only one passport per person accepted.


    of India

    na Inc


  • Guidelines for the TourEligibility: Any person with a passport, and can show proof of motorcycle license endorsement by sending a photocopy of license with completed passport (except passengers). only one passport per person accepted.Couples: Couples (riding on the same motorcycle) must use separate passports to be eligible for prizes.Completion Date: december 31, 2016 all passports and/or pictures must be post-marked by January 15, 2017.Categories: There will be five categories for the Tour. North, Central and South Point of Interest Tours, the ABCs of Indiana Tour and the hmC sponsor Tour.Tour Patches: Tour patches will be given to all participants.

    Tour Awards Package1 A drawing will be held by the ABATE of Indiana Awards Banquet in 2017.2 Total of $1,500 cash prizes will be given away.3 The ToTAl cash prize will be divided equally between the Tours. $900 will be divided between the North, Central and south points of Interest Tours. $600 will be divided between the ABC’s of Indiana and the hmC sponsor Tours.4 There is a maximum of 120 chances per passport that can be accumulated from the Tour for the drawing of the cash prizes. you are eligible to win all cash prizes.5 Anyone accumulating all 120 chances will automatically receive a one-year ABATE of Indiana membership.6 Anyone completing one points-of-Interest tour and the ABCs of Indiana tour will qualify for one chance at the all-events pass for 2017. Adding a picture of the ABATE of Indiana state office, the Indiana State Motorcycle Safety Memorial and/or Coliseum Bingo ( Freedom hall) you can receive additional chances. A total of four chances can be earned for the all-events pass. There will be 14 passes given away.7 If less than three participants in either category complete the Tour, the money will be divided equally among those who have participated in any of the Tours.

  • How the Tour WorksPoints of Interest participants may visit the points of interest listed in this pass-port. you may do the North Tour (regions 0, 1, 2, 3, 4), Central Tour (regions 5, 6, 11, 12) or south Tour (regions 7, 8, 9, 10, 13) separately, any combination of two, or all three. A Point of Interest is listed in each Region (two in Region 11). There are five points of interest in each of the North, Central and south Tours (15 total). simply take a picture of your motorcycle and yourself in front of the point of interest, while displaying the cover of the tour book. Couples (riding the same motorcycle) can take a picture of each other with their motorcycle, while displaying the cover page of the tour book. you will qualify for 2 chances per picture to win cash prizes for each of these Tours you complete.

    ABCs of Indiana participants must take a picture of your motorcycle and yourself in front of the name of a city, town or county sign using the alphabet A through Z (there is no X), while displaying the cover of the tour book. Couples (riding the same motor-cycle) can take a picture of each other with their motorcycle, while displaying the cover of the tour book. you also need a picture of 5 state parks or state/National Forests. you will receive 2 chances for each letter of the alphabet, state/National park or state/National Forest. There are a total of 60 chances available for this Tour.

    HMC Sponsor Tour participants in this Tour must take a picture of your motorcy-cle and yourself at any BusINEss that has an advertisement in the “hoosier motorcy-clist” magazine, while displaying the cover of the tour book. Couples (riding the same motorcycle) can take a picture of each other with their motorcycle, while displaying the cover of the tour book. you need to do this at 15 businesses that advertise in the maga-zine, and will receive one chance for each.

    Bonus Complete all 5 Tours (3-points of Interest, ABCs and hmC sponsor) and receive and additional 15 chances!

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    St. Joseph


































    Boone Hamilton



    MorganJohnson Shelby

































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    Dubois Crawford



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    TouR CoLoR CoDES:

    North Tour regions 0, 1, 2, 3 & 4

    Central Tour regions 5, 6, 11 & 12

    South Tour regions 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13

  • Stone’s TavernN41º25.606’ W85º35.153’5111 lincolnway southligonier, Indiana 46767

    stone’s Tavern was one of Noble County’s first “commercial” structures. Built by Richard stone, the now restored tavern was opened for travelers in 1839. The tavern was the center of activity for town meetings, post office, stagecoach stop, jury room, jail, dance hall and rest stop for travelers. due to it’s huge size and it’s location along the well traveled trail, it quickly became an early 1800’s area landmark. The building was operated as a tavern from 1839 until about the time of the Civil War when it was sold. The value of the tavern was lost and it was then used as a home and later a barn.

    Region DirectorTeresa Bodle (260) 692-2235ray Bodle (260) 692-2471

    Region 0 North Tour

  • Wellfield Botanic GardensN41º41.819’ W85º58.609’1011 N. main streetElkhart, IN 46514

    located in the garden district of Elkhart on 36 acres, half of which are water, the gardens were established in 2005. There are 20 individual gardens from the Annual garden with abundant annuals to the lotus Creek garden with tall trees, azaleas and rhododendrons. originally known as the North main street Well Field, and a source of water since the mid-1800’s, it has 13 active wells and still supplies much of the drinking water for the city of Elkhart.

    Region DirectorWayne Kopec (574) 298-3200Angela Felder (574) 370-4068samuel Bardo (574) 596-7266

    Region 1 North Tour

  • Little Red School HouseN41º34.950’ W87º27.690’7205 Kennedy Ave.hammond, Indiana 46323

    Constructed in 1869, the little red school-house is one of the oldest buildings in ham-mond. Notice the difference of the building materials of the lower and upper halves of the wall. Builders started with limestone but transporting the stone proved too expensive and midway through construction a clay pit was found at the nearby little Calumet River and the clay used to finish the building. Although no longer used as a school after 1896, the building remained a focal point for the community, serving as headquarters for William Jennings Bryan’s 1896 presidential campaign, a dance hall, a place of wor-ship, a funeral parlor, a community meeting hall and a private residence. The hessville historical society purchased the sturdy building in 1971 for one dollar and The little red schoolhouse reopened as a museum and community center.

    Region Directordon “Bear” hewitt (219) 808-3187Jack stark (219) 771-1783michael livengood (219) 916-6159roger Barber (219) 712-4691Terry young (574) 772-6842

    Region 2 North Tour

  • Roann Covered BridgeN40°54.952’ W85°55.424’County road 700 Westroann, Indiana 46974

    The roann Covered Bridge is a massive howe truss structure that uses two spans to cross the Eel river. The total span is 288 feet, it has an 18 foot clearance height, and is 16 feet wide. It was constructed by the smith Bridge Company of Toledo, ohio, in 1877.

    The bridge is one of only tworemaining covered bridges in Wabash County, where once there were twenty-nine. It was built in in Toledo, ohio where it was disassembled, and transported to it’s site in roann.

    On September 28, 1990 the bridge was largely destroyed by fire. The community raised over $300,000 to reconstruct the bridge, and it was rededicated in July 1992.

    Region Directorscott Bowman (260) 403-2379Bill mcKinley (765) 469-3769Brett Anderson (765) 631-7636Justin Kennedy (765) 438-7241

    Region 3 North Tour

  • Freedom BridgeN40°35.672’ W86°39.339’East side of towndelphi, Indiana 46923

    sitting across the hoosier heart-land Highway (State Road 25) just north of the main street exit, is the 303 foot long, 275,000 pound Freedom Bridge. Built in 1897 by the lafayette Bridge Company. The bridge originally spanned the White river near Freedom, IN. The bridge was dismantled in 2001 and shipped to Conner’s prairie and sat idle for 10 years. The bridge was reassembled and set across state road 25 in April, 2015. The bridge is part of the monon high Bridge pedestrian Trail.

    Region DirectorJan Johns (765) 878-4691

    Region 4 North Tour

  • Cammack StationN40º12.633’ W85º29.669’9200 W. Jackson streetmuncie, Indiana 47304(765) 759-3871

    The historic building was built in 1931 and was formerly the home to multiple groceries and fueling stations. In 2007 dick howe opened the restaurant and ice cream parlor in the station. much of the building’s history is preserved and represented in various antiques, pictures, and stories on the walls.

    Even though it has a muncie address, it is actually located right in the heart of Cammack, Indiana.

    hours of operation are monday–Thursday 7am to 9 pm. Friday, saturday and sunday 11am to 9pm.

    Region DirectorTony Brummett (765) 808-0534donald main (765) 749-7695

    Region 5 Central Tour

  • Sculpture Trails outdoor MuseumN39°07.142’ W86°47.0456764 N. Tree Farm roadsolsberry, Indiana 47459(859) 619-8891

    The museum is located on a paved road in the wooded hills of Greene County just north of solsberry. The museum’s mission is to bring outdoor sculpture and art education to the community through work-shops, services and programs. Founded in 2002 the museum has grown to display over 100 large-scale sculptures from artists around the world. The museum is open 7 days a week from 10:00am till dusk. There is no admission, but donations are accepted. Visiting their web site www.sculpturetrails.com is suggested for riding directions to the museum.

    Region DirectorJoey macke (317) 364-7565Charlie Whelchel (812) 277-8059

    Region 6 Central Tour

  • Town Hall BuildingN39°20.390’ W85º12.239’3028 pearl streetoldenburg, Indiana 47036

    Comissioned by the Eagle Fire Company, the corner stone for thebuilding now known asthe oldenburg Town hallwas set on george Washington’s birthday in 1876. Construction was finished by contractor george holtel in 1878. The building exhibits Italianate details, a bell tower, a decorative brick cornice, and numerous additions used for housing fire equipment. The Eagle Fire Company turned over the ownership of the building to the Town of Oldenburg and it has since served as a high school, housed the town jail, and currently Town hall.

    Region DirectorKenny harris (812) 614-2979John mayberry (812) 592-2376

    Region 7 south Tour

  • Willard LibraryN37°58.711’ W87°34.490’21 First AvenueEvansville, Indiana 47710(812) 425-4305

    Willard library is a private donation library incorporated in 1871. ground breaking began in may of 1877 and work was put on hiatus in september 1877. In 1882 work resumed and in 1885 opening ceremonies were held. Willard library houses a trove of genealogical ma-terials, local archives and standard publications. It is built in the gothic revival style. The interior woodwork is finished in quarter-grain oak and the grand staircase and doorway make an imposing entrance. Willard library was listed on the National register of historic places in 1972.

    Region DirectorMike Jeffers (812) 598-9154rick Burch (812) 430-8070

    Region 8 south Tour

  • Schroeder SaddletreeFactory MuseumN38°44.430’ W85°22.693’106 milton st.madison, IN 47250

    This was America’s last 19thcentury saddletree factory. started in 1878 by Ben schroeder, the factory crafted thousands of woodensaddletrees. It grew to includea woodworking shop, boilerroom and engine shed, asawmill, blacksmith shop, an assembly shop, family residence and several outbuildings. It eventually built stirrups,hames for horse collars, clothespins, lawn furniture and even work gloves. The factory closed in 1972 and was left completely intact. The site is open mid-April through october, on saturday, sunday and monday. Admission is charged.

    Region Directormorris “mo” Kintner (812) 820-3516William roeseler (812) 493-3618

    Region 9 south Tour

  • Lincoln Boyhood National MemorialN38°6.814’ W86°59.753’3027 E. south st.lincoln City, Indiana 47552

    The memorial is a united states presidential memorial, and a National historic landmark district. The memorial preserves the site of the farm where Abraham lincoln spent 14 formative years of his life, from the ages of 7 to 21. he and his family moved to Indiana in 1816 and stayed until 1830 when they moved to Illinois. The centerpiece of the memorial is a one-story limestone ashlar memorial building completed in 1944 that features five sculpted panels portraying different phases of Lincoln’s life. In 1900 robert Todd lincoln gave $1000 for the care of his grandmother’s grave. This stimulated spencer county to appropriate $800 for the purchase of 16 acres surrounding the grave site. This eventually lead to the establishment of the lincoln Boyhood National memorial.

    Region Directordarla Abel (812) 508-1139Thom “hippy” henderson (812) 865-6030

    Region 10 south Tour

  • Chateau Thomas WineryN39°40.283’ W86°22.048’6291 Cambridge WayPlainfield, IN 46168(317) 837-9463

    In the 1970’s dr. Charles Thomas decided to expand his wine making hobby into a full-time venture. In 1984 he and his wife Jill launched Chateau Thomas Winery. The winery produces 15,000 cases of 50 different varieties of wine annually. The winery houses a large gift shop, an outdoor entertainment venue, and a 4,000 square-foot banquet room. The mission of the winery is to always pursue quality instead of volume.

    Region DirectorKenny “KFC” Casey (317) 250-2585Zachary Bird (317) 828-3775

    Region 11 Central Tour 1

  • Mooresville FriendsAcademy BuildingN39°36.911’ W86°22.877’244 N. monroe streetmooresville, IN 46158

    The mooresville Friends Academy was builtin 1860-1861 funded through private donations. One of the first high schools in the state of Indiana, it was a boarding school with students renting rooms from area residents. Initial enrollment was 78 pupils. In 1883 the Town of mooresville assumed responsibility for the school. It was used for classes from 1861 through 1971. Today the building houses the Academy of hoosier heritage a museum showcasing state and local 19th century history. It was added to the National register of historic places on may 12, 1975.

    Region DirectorKenny “KFC” Casey (317) 250-2585Zachary Bird (317) 828-3775

    Region 11 Central Tour 2

  • Native American Museumin Dobbs ParkN39°27.870’ W87º20.303’5170 poplar streetTerre haute, Indiana, 47803(812) 877-6007

    Explore the culture of the people that first inhabited the united states. located in dobbs park on the east side of Terre Haute, the museum offers rotating seasonal exhibits and a permanent exhibit on the history and culture of local tribes. While there, explore the heirloom garden that grows traditional vegetables, plants and flowers used by Native Americans. This small museum is notable as the only museum of its kind in the region to be municipally-operated by a city parks department. open on Tuesday through saturday 9:00 to 5:00. Closed sunday and monday. Admission is free.

    Region Directordave hawkins (812) 877-1676

    Region 12 Central Tour

  • Lyles Station Historic Schooland MuseumN38º22.194’ W87º39.548’100 N. County road 500 Westprinceton, IN 47670(812) 385-2534(812) 385-0999 [Alt. phone]

    lyles station stands as one of the lastremaining African American settlements in the state. Named inthe 1800’s after early settler Joshualyles, this community’s heritage is preserved in the renovated lyles Consolidated school. Its heritage Classroom provides students the opportunity to experience a day in the life of school children in the early 1900’s. The school also features a museum, gift shop, hands on activities, meeting facility and a period garden.

    Region Directorpaul douglas III (812) 618-5305Aaron meyer (812) 489-1910

    Region 13 south Tour

  • February6 2 Pulaski Co. Sweetheart Dance

    12 3 Miami Co. Newly Wed Game

    12 State Board of Directors

    13 State ABATE Awards Banquet

    14 9 Scott Co. Swap Meet

    16 State ABATE Kids Day at the Statehouse

    19 State Indiana Motorcycle Expo

    20 7 Dearborn Co. Daytona Warm-up

    27 11 Hamilton Co. Valentine’s Day Party

    March6 1 Elkhart Co. Swap Meet

    12 1 Kosciusko Co. Bowl-a-thon

    12 2 Starke Co. Fistful of Dollars

    19 3 Region 3 Spring Bash

    19 7 Region7 Swap Meet

    19 13 Region 13 Arm Wrestling

    20 1 Fulton Co. Shoot In

    20 12 Region 12 Easter Egg Hunt

    26 11 Johnson Co. Golden Oldies

    April9 10 Region 10 Spring Thaw

    10 1 Marshall Co. Swap Meet

    10 State Board of Directors Mtg

    16 2 Lake Co. Candlelight Bowling

    16 8 Region 8 In the Wind Memorial Ride

    16 13 Davies Co. Tourney Journey

    23 1 Fulton Co. Shoot Out

    23 7 Bartholomew Co. Spring Fling

    23 11 Marion Co. Battle of the Bands

    24 1 Region 1 Blessings of the Bikes

    24 3 Region 3 Support the Troops Ride

    24 4 Region 4 Bike Show & Swap Meet

    30 12 Region 12 Blessing of the Bikes

    May1 1 Fulton Co. Porker Run

    1 4 Tippecanoe Co. Early Bird Ride

    1 8 Region 8 Blessings of the Bikes

    1 10 Dubois Co. Blessing of Bikes &

    Tim Fromme Ride

    7 2 LaPorte Co. Spring Breakout

    7 3 Wabash Co. Early Bird Ride

    7 7 Jackson Co. Hillers Holler

    7 13 Gibson Co. Awareness Ride

    14 1 St Joseph Co. Awareness Ride

    14 2 Lake Co. Porker Run

    14 3 Region 3 Safety & Awareness Ride

    14 10 Lawrence Co. Biker Party in Pasture

    14 11 Madison 11 Safety & Awareness Ride

    15 9 Washington Co. Bike Bash

    20 3 Region 3 Campout

    20 4 Region 4 Pig Pickens Jamboree

    21 2 Region 2 ABC State Charity Event

    22 4 White Co. Freedom Ride

    22 11 Shelby Co. Safety & Awareness Ride

    28 1 Region 1 ABC State Charity Event

    28 6 Region 6 Memorial Ride

    28 7 Jennings Co. Memorial Ride

    June3 1 st Joseph Co. spring Break

    3 3 grant Co. hog roast

    4 state miracle ride

    5 0 region 0 mayor’s ride

    5 1 region 1 mdA Camp




    ABATE of Indiana 2016 Calendar of Events

  • 5 9 Clark/Floyd Co. pappy Carver run

    10 1 Fulton Co. party lite Jam

    10 9 harrison Co. June Bug Jam

    10 state miracle Trail ride

    11 11 region 11 Blessing of the Bikes

    11 state Board of directors mtg

    17 13 region 13 goNAds go mad

    18 5 region 5 ABC state Charity Event

    18 7 ripley Co. Freedom run

    25 0 Whitley Co. TBA

    25 2 lake Co. summer madness

    26 3 howard Co. summer Breeze

    26 11 region 11 ABC state Charity Event

    JuLY1 1 Kosciusko Co. Hawg Waller

    8 10 Orange Co. Old Hippy Run

    14 State ABATE 36th Annual Boogie

    23 1 Region 1 Five County Run

    23 3 Region3 1000 Miles in 24 Hours

    23 9 Region 9 Toys for Tots

    23 13 Davies 13 Bikini Bike Wash

    30 2 Starke Co. Mules Memory Ride

    30 11 Boone Co. Adventure Ride

    31 10 Dubois Co. Big John’s

    AuGuST6 2 Jasper/ Newton Co Fallen Riders Ride

    6 3 Grant Co. Memorial Ride

    6 4 Cass Co. Rally Ride

    6 11 Hancock Co. Teddy Bear Ride

    12 1 Elkhart Co. Summer Fest

    12 5 Region 5 Nine County Rally

    13 2 Starke Co. Young and Old

    13 3 Miami Co. No Whiners

    13 9 Region 9 ABC State Charity Event

    13 10 Region 10 ABC State Charity Event

    14 4 Region 4 ABC State Charity Event

    19 4 Fountain/Warren Co. Kickapoo Kick

    20 3 Region 3 ABC State Charity Event

    20 6 Region 6 ABC State Charity Event

    20 7 Region 7 ABC State Charity Event

    20 12 Region12 ABC State Charity Event

    20 13/8 Region 13 & 8 ABC State Charity Event

    21 State Board of Directors Mtg

    27 2 Region 2 MDA Ride

    27 4 Carroll Co. Rocker Run

    27 10 OrangeCo. Red Neck Romp

    27 State Motorcycles on Meridian

    SEPTEMBER2 1 region 1 mdA Kidz Weekend ride

    3 1 marshall Co. Blueberry Bike show

    3 13 region 13 lost horseshoe

    9 10 region 10 southern hills Bash

    9 12 region 12 Covered Bridge ride

    10 2 starke Co. Autumn slam

    10 3 Wabash Co. damn ride

    10 4 Clinton Co. Never Forget ride

    10 7 decatur Co. Charity ride

    17 1 marshall Co. summers End




    ABATE of Indiana 2016 Calendar of Events

  • ABATE of Indiana 2016 Calendar of Events19 State ABATE Fall Seminar

    26 13 Gibson Co. Toys for Tykes

    DECEMBER3 1 Marshall Co. Treasures for Kidz

    3 2 Lake Co. Toyz 4 Kidz

    3 5 Region 5 Toy Ride

    3 6 Region 6 Christmas Party

    3 7 Decatur Co. Christmas Party

    3 11 Region 11 Christmas Party

    4 1 Fulton Co. Treasures for Kidz

    4 2 LaPorte Co. Toyz 4 Kidz

    4 4 Tippecanoe Co. Toy Run

    10 2 Jasper/Newton Co. Toyz 4 Kidz

    10 13 Region 13 Christmas Party

    11 2 Porter Co. Toyz 4 Kidz




    17 2 porter Co. Freedom ride

    17 11 hendricks Co. dBBNF ride

    22 Nat’l mrF meeting of the minds

    24 6 region 6 Fall Bash

    24 7 Jackson Co. shari stahl Toy run

    30 2 pulaski Co. polar Bear

    30 11 morgan Co. Chili-Fest

    oCToBER1 13 Region 13 LINC Ride

    2 4 Clinton Co. Think Pink Ride

    7 0 Whitley Co. Bike Pull & Swap Meet

    15 1 Kosciusko Co. Golf Outing

    15 State Board of Directors Mtg

    15 State ABATE Workers’ Party

    16 4 White Co. Toy Run

    21 0 Adams Co. Zombie Walk

    21 2 LaPorte/Porter Co. Monster Bash

    22 1 Elkhart Co. Treasures for Kidz

    22 5 Region 5 Halloween Party

    22 11 Region 11 Toy Run

    28 2 LaPorte/Porter Co. Monster Bash

    NoVEMBER5 1 St Joseph Co. Treasures for Kidz

    5 3 Howard Co. Blues Bash

    5 8 Region 8 Toy Run

    6 1 Kosciusko Co. Treasures for Kidz

    12 13 Davies Co. Toys for Tykes

    18 State Board of Directors Mtg

    Your ABATE membership includes a frEE $3500 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy...

    Did you Know?Membership has its Privilege, Renew Today!Only $25 per year – That’s less than 7 cents per day! www.abateonline.org