alan turing 1912 - 1954

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Alan Turing 1912 - 1954. Start of the 20 th century. The Atom Quantum physics Freud Philosophy …and a crisis in Maths!. Hilbert. Believed maths could solve everything Came up with 23 unsolved problems in 1900 Thought about infinity. Hilbert. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Alan Turing

Alan Turing 1912 - 1954

Start of the 20th centuryThe AtomQuantum physicsFreudPhilosophy

and a crisis in Maths!

HilbertBelieved maths could solve everythingCame up with 23 unsolved problems in 1900Thought about infinityHilbert 1930: Wir mssen wissen. Wir werden wissen.


but which ones are they?

Alan Turing as a childAmazing scientistbut bottom of class in EnglishMessyDisorganisedWatching the daisies grow

Early interestsPlants and animalsChemistry experimentsQuantum physicsPhilosophyBuilding machines

So what did he prove?He had the idea that a mathematical proof is like a (computer) program that never gets stuck in a loop it gets to an end and has an output.

Decision program (D)Can we write a program that can work out which programs are loopy?

if loopy then output LOOPYelse output OK

Universal program (U)He designed a machine that can be fed any program and mimic it exactly (using 0s and 1s)

What did he prove?That well never know which theorems are provable and which arent whilst also inventing the idea of computer programs and storing data!

WW2 - Station XCrossword and chess champions, mathematicians and Alan Turing.No one knew who worked there and what anyone else was doing, not even husbands and wives!

Codes are quite important

Caesars cipher J MPWF NBUIT

The German Enigma machineThe German Enigma machine was thought to beunbreakable

some enigma machines had1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible combinations

So how did they break it?

What affect did this have on the war?It gave information about where and how attacks would happen, especially from U-boats on Navy supply boats.

It is believed to have shortened the war by 2 years saving many lives!

After the warBuilt first chess playing machineHelped build first computer, the Baby

Building a brainWhat is intelligence? How do we learn? Can a machine think?

What is intelligence? what do you think?

How would you teach a machine?Give it puzzles? Play games with it? Teach it to learn a language? Paint a masterpiece? Or would you just give it really good senses and ask it to work it out for itself somehow?


Can a machine think?What question would you ask?

How might a computer give itself away?

Is this a good test of intelligence?

Objections to Machine IntelligenceMachines can only do what humans tell themThey cant write poetry They cant appreciate strawberriesThey dont have emotions like usReligious reasons

What do you think?

Another amazing contribution!Around 1952, Alan got bored of answering the same old questions about humans and machines, so he went back to studying how things grow..

The endIn 1954, he was found guilty of having a homosexual relationship which was then illegal. He was put on probation if he took hormone therapy.

He was found dead in his home in 1954 from Cyanide poisoning from an apple was it suicide or one of his experiments gone wrong?

Snow whiteDip the apple in the brew, let the sleeping death seep through.

2009: A public apology