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  1. 1. ARNOLD: THE MOVIE 19601970 The inspiration, the dedication and drive that fueled Arnolds early years Page 166 ARNOLD: THE MOVIE 19701980 The Oak becomes Mr. Olympia, and Hollywood begins to take notice of Arnold Page 190 THE COMPLETE M&F ARNOLD COVER COLLECTION AND AN EXCLUSIVE FREE POSTER THE COMPLETE ARNOLD The best of Arnolds training advice featured in one amazing collection Page 214 QUOTABLE ARNOLD The words of the competitors, mentors and training partners who knew the legend best Page 230 iNCLUDES PLUS THE FIRST 60 YEARSAs he prepares to celebrate his 60th birthday on July 30, we look back at the amazing life and times of Arnold Schwarzenegger ARNOLD THE MOVIE 2007OLYMPIA.COM 165 Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger; look at everything he has done since growing up poorinatinyAustrianvillage.Seeallthe bodybuilding titles he won, all the movies he starred in, the hundreds of millions of dollars he made, the political office he now holds and the influential national figure hell be in the 2008 presidential election. See the enormous legend growing right there in front of you: One of the largest yet perhaps most improbable icons the world has ever seen maybe even the most recogniz- able person on the planet. But for a better perspective you must look through the lens of a movie camera. The naked eye wont work it would never believewhatitwasseeing.Noway,youreyes wouldtellyou,thatthismansstoryactually occurred the way it did. Only in a movie would this happen, and only in the most unbe- lievable of fantasy tales. Through a camera lens its easier to understand, even if for only a couple of hours, that, sure, maybe it couldve happened. Thats the only way youll be able to put Arnolds story in context. In fact, he feels the same way. I still look back today, he remarks about his incrediblelifejourney,andsaytomyself,Howdidit happen?Howdidthatbecomeareality?Through a series of events that can be told only as if scripted for a movie, thats our contention. So sit back, relax and enjoy the picture. Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isnt. Mark Twain COVER STORY ARNOLD: THE FIRST 60 YEARS By Joe Wuebben and Peter McGough 2007 Photos by Robert Reiff Lights, camera, Arnold!
  2. 2. ARNOLD: THE MOVIE ARNOLD: THE FIRST 60 YEARS 960-1970 Before The Oak there was The Acorn SCENE I Summer 1962. Fourteen-year-oldArnoldSchwarzeneggerwalks into a gym for the first time in his hometown of Graz, Austria. The place is very primitive, like some sort of torture chamber or dungeon. Weightlifters are doing clean and jerks and presses and squats on a weightliftingplatform.Youcanhearthehummingofquietconversations, and every so often someone screams loudly in the middle of a set of squats orsnatches.Outsideofthat,verylittleidlechitchattakesplace.Thewalls of the gym are filled with chalk. In one small area, for instance, Clean- and-Jerk 20 sets is written on the wall. Underneath that, white chalk lines are drawn to tally how many sets have been performed. Other lifting stations have different colored chalk on the walls for different exercises, all serving as archaic training logs. 2007OLYMPIA.COM 167 Forty-five years later, those chalk lines stand out in Arnold Schwarzeneggers mind more than anything else. Andwhynot?Because,afterall,youcanmore or less boil the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger downtochalkmarks:settinggoals,drawingup a plan to achieve those goals and then execut- ing the plan successfully. Then setting further goals and planning and executing, and so on. No goal was off limits. No goal was too grand, too far beyond Arnolds reach, whether it meant setting out to be the best bodybuilder in the world as a 150-pound 14-year-old or somehowparlayingthatintoamoviecareer,in America of all places. What better way to set a goal than with some chalk on a wall? I loved the idea of writing down your goal and then, in the next hour or two, turning it into reality, Arnold says. You knew that if you made 18 lines and the number 20 was there youwereshort,andyoucouldnotreallyfollow through with your goal, and you better go and do the other two sets. Thats one thing I learned from bodybuilding: If you set a goal, you better follow through. You write it down, you tell everyone about it, so you make an official commitment. Then you have to go all- out, otherwise you embarrass yourself. ACT ONE NEWPHOTOBYROBERTREIFFWITHORIGINALIMAGEUSED FORCUTOUTCOURTESYOFWEIDERHEALTHANDFITNESS
  3. 3. 168 MUSCLE & FITNESS Month 2005 ArnoldwasbornJuly30,1947,inThal,Austria,asmallvillage of 1,200 people. He was the son of Gustav, a tall, solidly built man, a former ice-curling champion who madeacareerinlawenforcementaschiefof police for the area surrounding Graz (4 miles or so from Thal), and Aurelia Schwarzenegger. His older brother Mein- hard was physically gifted in his own right, maybe even more so than Arnold, though hedidntpossessthesamedrive.(Meinhard died tragically in a car crash in 1971.) With the encouragement of his father, Arnold grew up immersed in sports: soccer especially, but also ice-curling, running, swimming, boxing and throwing the javelinandshotput.Thelatteractivitiesare evidence that he preferred individual sports, where one person, and one person only, would receive reward and praise for a victory. Duringthesummerof1962,justbeforehe turned 15, Arnold discovered bodybuilding as a way to get stronger for soccer, and immediatelyheknewthatswhathewanted to do. At roughly 6 feet tall and only 150 pounds, Arnold, though thin, was athletic and muscular for his age, and older gym members who saw his physical potential took him under their wings. Soon thereafter, Arnold quit playing all other sports. He was hooked on lifting weights. Three nights a week he would go to the gym in Graz, 6 miles from his home. He either walked or rode his bike to get there, which didnt bother him, as he knew it was helping strengthen his body, specifi- callyhislegsandlungs.Thegym,housed in Grazs soccer stadium, was closed on weekends because of matches being played there, which forced Arnold and his lifting partners to break the gyms windows to get in and lift. Other days he trainedathomeinthegymheconstructed out of basic equipment welded to suit his needs. This home gym wasnt heated, of course.InthemidstofanAustrianwinter, Arnold often trained in below-zero temperatures. The club where he lifted in Graz was similar in that it had just one primitive heater for the entire place. Arnold can still recall his hands sticking to the chinning bar while working out because the room and equipment were so cold, and ripping the skin off his fingers to remove them. Arnold can still recall his hands sticking to the chinning bar while working out because it was so cold TIMELINE ARNOLDS ByJoeRoark The early days: Arnold and his older brother Meinhard and the house they grew up in 1907 Aug. 1 Arnolds father Gustav is born 1922 July 29 Arnolds mother Aurelia is born 1945 Oct. 20 Arnolds parents marry in Mrsteg, Styria 1946 July 17 Arnolds older brother Meinhard is born 1947 July 30 Arnold is born at 4:10 a.m. in Thal, Austria 1953 Arnold begins attending the Hans Gross School in Thal FROMTOP:COURTESYOFARNOLDSCHWARZENEGGER/WEIDERHEALTH&FITNESS, KEVINHORTON.OPPOSITE:COURTESYOFWEIDERHEALTHANDFITNESS 168 MUSCLE & FITNESS July 2007 MUSCLE-FITNESS.COM 169 SCENE II Later that summer, 1962.Arnoldislookingupatthewall again; this time its the wall of a movie theater in Graz. He is watching Herculesvs.theVampires.Andthereheis:RegPark,themanArnold had already seen and admired in muscle magazines. Reg is rugged, powerful and rough, more so than, say, Steve Reeves, another popular bodybuilderturnedmoviestar,whoArnoldfindstoopolishedandelegant for his liking. Reg Park is Arnolds new idol. And there it was, on the wall, another goal: to become the next Reg Park. Arnold became obsessed with the man. He learned everything he could about Reg what he ate, how he trained from programs published in muscle maga- zines. He studied every photo of Reg he could, read every GermanarticleonReghecould,andevenhadafriendtrans- late the ones written in English. The men Arnold trained with at the gym told him maybe, just maybe, he could achieve what Reg had in the next 10 years. But Arnold didnt have 10 years. He wanted it sooner, so he stepped up his training, lifting six days a week, sometimes more than once a day. Workouts on top of workouts, and, more importantly, goals on top of goals: Arnold wouldnt just be the next Reg Park. He would be the best-built man in Europe. And he wouldeventuallybethebestbodybuilderintheworld.Then he would go to America where he, like Reg, would star in movies. The chalk was on the wall. But how? No one in those days ever traveled that far, from Nowhere,Austria,toAmerica.Noonecouldaffordto.The goal was to become another Reg Park, Arnold says. I had no idea at that point how to do it, but I was absolutely con- vinced that this was going to happen. I always felt that I was going to get out of Austria and come to America. From the time I was something like 10 years old I felt this way. But I had no idea how I was going to make that happen, because there just seemed to be no way. No way he would do all this move to America, star in movies, become famous all because of bodybuilding. It was a widely unaccepted sport at the time most of his friends,nottomentionhisparents,founditaratherpeculiar way to spend ones time but Arnold set a precedent of carving his own path rather than simply doing what was popular. He didnt want to be a fireman, detective or sailor like the other kids. And, for that matter, he didnt want to be just another bodybuilder. With my desire and drive, I definitely wasnt normal, Arnold says. Normal people can be happy with a regular life. I was different. I felt there was more to life than just plodding through an average existence. Id always been impressedbystorieso

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