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Assignment 4: Documentary Topics draft 2 Chelsea Fasholé-Luke

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Assignment 4: Documentary Topicsdraft 2

Chelsea Fasholé-Luke

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Topic 1: Are today’s teens going overboard?• Do all teens just smoke and drink & Are

teenagers just drinking and smoking to act ‘cool’ for friends or is it a cry for help?

• Are all teens the same or a?• What influences teenagers to behave the

way they do?• I will discuss how the internet influences

drinking by such challenges as the ‘Drinking Game’ for various TV shows.

Debate:- Are todays teens getting out of

hand? And is it the medias fault or is it their parents?

- Why does the media and parents criticise teenagers for drink and smoking, when their main influence is TV’s such as skins and a The Inbetweeners.

Example over here: Skins Drinking Game

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Additional InformationI will discuss:• If teenagers family status affects their

behaviour. Such as single-parent families, nuclear families etc.

• How parents smoking affects their children.

• How your location in the world affects your behaviour.

Effects of underage drinking include: - School problems, such as higher absence

and poor or failing grades.- Social problems, such as fighting and lack of

participation in youth activities.- Higher risk for suicide and homicide.- Memory problems.- Abuse of other drugs.- Death from alcohol poisoning.


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Topic 2: Does good education guarantee a good job?

• Todays society is in the middle of a recession, meaning many people are losing their jobs and having qualifications does not always mean a guaranteed job.

• Also, many people are being replaced by machines that can do their jobs quicker and more efficiently for less of the cost.

Debate:- Are good grades and a degree

essential to having a ‘good job’?- What is the effect of having a

degree vs not having one?- Does good grades always mean

good university?- Does a degree always mean

dream job?- Is further education essential

for a ‘good’ job?

Employment rate then and now

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Topic 3: Does music change our perceptions of reality?

• Music videos we see today• Lyrics in music today• etc

Debate:- Does the music people

listen to influence their life/everyday choices?

I will discuss:- How lyrics can influence ones

behaviour (rap music etc)- Does music of today change

our perceptions of reality?

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(audience interviews)

Person Topic Why?

Karina, 37 1 I would like to know what todays teenagers are up to.

Adina, 12 3 I like music and I would like to learn more about it.

Maria, 17 2 Its an interesting subject and many can relate to it.

Tajah, 7 3 Because I really like music and listening to it.

Rebecca, 17 1 I think it would be fun to watch this and compare teens to myself and friends.

Amanda, 17 1 Teenagers are stereotyped a lot and it would be interesting to see things from their POV.

Shenae, 11 2 I think school is important and going to university

Chante, 17 3 I’m a fan of different types of music and this sounds interesting.

Annette, 40 2 I think it’s a really important topic that lots of people need to learn about.

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Favourite topic

• “Do all teens just smoke and drink & engage in ‘destructive’ behaviour?

• Are all teens the same?

• What influences teenagers to behave the way they

do? ”


• As a teenager, I can see from their point of view

• I can interview my peers for the documentary

• I can find arguments for and against arguments raised

• It is a practical topic• It is an everyday

issue/question• Our environment allows us to

meet and question several different types of people about this topic.