biometric sensors & biosensors bring big change [infographic]

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1. BIOMETRIC/SENSORS aE BIOSENSORS WBRING BIGs CHANGEMarkets are undergoing rapid change in the wake of new sensor technologies.Biometric sensors and biosensors have the opportunity to drastically alterthe world we live in with important applications in:+Healthcare Military Internet Smart ' of Things .CitiesIIl"nif. Ti; i'i]'lE. %HEALTHCARE MADE SMARTERTomorrow's biosensors will drastically improve quality of life from personal to public healthBIOSENSORS ARE;o 0. DE Colories , _ l"I[}. .BENEFITS:THE BIOSENSOR MARKET INV Live Continuous Monitoring $J Home Diagnostics 1 2'l6 BV Reduced Long-Term Medical Test Costs IJy2020 $21_5l. , B J Public Health Monitoring , TODAY'S BIOSENSORS PILLS , +I"Smart Pill" System Helius from Proteus ; , Backed by Novartis Powered by stomach uid,the pill wirelessly communicates information to a patch for extra body communications SMARTINHALERS~-- Propellor Sensor from Propeller HealthUses sensors to track medicine,time and place for the users and public health Irv Google Smart LensHarvests energy for a low-power microchip and hair-thin electronic circuit to track and communicate glucoselevels wirelesslySensing Gear and Core from ATHOSReads muscle effort,heart and breathing rates to help athletes train more effectively and safelySELF-SUSTAINING SCALABLE SENSOR NETWORKSThese biosensors will operate in autonomous,power-generating,on and off-body networksEMBEDDED SENSORS' Sensors communicate with each other onbody before.communicating via a gateway,to the web and cloudFamily Emergency SURFACE-Q 7MOUNTED SENSORSAP1 1 asAP3 Medical Medical Consultant DatabaseENERGY SCAVENGINGKey trends driving the rise of | owpower sensor networks: - S ON LY CONSU MEI 0.1-A FEW MICROWATTS. lid-"""I lift:l , _,g __r-3 [I [I 3; 1.. .: --a. .. I. L_~. .S T) X.,4, '1 I .3";K .422 wt l : n ale.LEA f I v . .e | .:. :I 1 5:1 _-t J I2 un- .44 , -L * ':; ~ nil: - Ll;L177 no I. .- . - I L!1u. _ l': II "T3 E-e: n. 2* :1 Ji /2 L 13 If t "i r F. ) 4 A if] ItENVIRONMENTAL HUMAN POWER VIBRATIONS(Sound or Mechanical) LIGHT THERMAL (Indoor,|nfraRed and Solar) RF LOW FREQUENCY eF| ELD5 (Low Power Radar)s

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