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  • branson landing

    The Branson Landing commands breathtaking views of the Lake Taneycomo waterfront. The development includes retail shopping, condominiums, hotels, and a convention center.

    A project by Crawford Architects

  • branson landingreviveproverbial back of the envelope sketch

    a mile of waterfrontborne of yellow trace

    discerning travelerlarge public plazaeverything just a stroll away

    sweeping vistassynchronized fountain displaypromenade meanders at waters edge

    vitality of pedestrian shoppingchoreographed water integrates with fi re

    calm zone of respite atmosphere of comfort and sophistication

    vitalhotel integral with convention center

    lake taneycomotop-notch convention centerlighting and music synchronized to a fountain display

    sophisticationgracefully and warmly welcomes

    powerful fi nancial drivereconomic impact

    plaza for peopleall the rageeverything the conventioneer could need

    distinctive linear shopping experience

    distinctive place to staymiddle of the actionconvenient and exciting place to live

    boutique hotelselevated fl oors around the town square

    discrete residential lobbies

  • A twist on the proverbial back of the envelope sketch Branson Landing indeed started as a sketch but a mile or more of waterfront needed a larger canvas and so was born of yellow trace on the dining room table of Crawford Architects partner Stacey Jones.

    branson backstory

    The original concept for the Landing depicted an extension of the towns main street intersecting with a new retail street at a town squarea plaza for people. This concept held true throughout the projects evolution.

    PROJECT COSTS: $400 million

    RETAIL: 450,000 sq. ft.

    ANCHORS: Belk Department Store Bass Pro Shops

    FOOD & BEVERAGE: 70,000 sq. ft.

    CONVENTION CENTER: 260,000 sq. ft.

    BALLROOM: 25,000 sq. ft.

    EXHIBITION HALL: 60,000 sq. ft.

    WATERFRONT: one mile in length

    BOUTIQUE HOTEL: 100 guest rooms

    CONDOTEL: 150 units (fractional ownership)

    CONDOMINIUMS: 100 units

    CONVENTION CENTER HOTEL: 294 guest rooms

    CONDOTEL: 24 units (fractional ownership)

  • A generous town square geographically defi nes the mid-point of the shopping experience, and two smaller nodes further divide the linear shopping experience into four manageable precincts. At the town square and each node, vistas of Lake Taneycomo are visually enticing, physical links to the waterfront.

    At its intersection with the town square, the promenade features a fi re and water display to delight the assembled public.

    The promenade meanders along the waters edge and provides the public with accessibility to a source of unique amenity.

    Crawford Architects worked in conjunction with TVS on detailed designs of the project.

  • whats the big idea?What sets Crawford Architects apart is our ability to create a big-idea that guides all aspects of a project. Our track record is impressive. Here are a couple of examples.

    In Branson, we developed the Landing concept that transformed a blighted area into one of the regions most successful developments. Our Branson effort has some good company. In Darwin, we created a waterfront by transforming a tidal mud fl at into a vibrant harbouressentially creating a stage for a new convention center and mixed-use development. At East Darling Harbour in Sydney, we engaged the tidal patterns of the Harbour to create a new urban plaza and backdrop for the new World Trade Center Development. The plaza fully interacts with ebb and fl ow of high and low tide and creates a public place on par with the Sydney Opera House.

    As with our projects in Branson and Darwin, Crawfords design for East Darling Harbour creates valuevalue that did not exist before the big-idea. For East Darling Harbour, the value resides with the creation of a public amenity that enhances access to the water and provides infrastructure for 2 million square feet of development. In Darwin, we created waterfront where one did not exist before. The enhanced value from this new found real estate was used to fund

    Branson Landing

    Darwin Cove East Darling Harbor

    a new convention center. In Branson, Crawford created a powerful urban design that created new commerce and a tax base to fund a new convention center and convention center hotel.

    This skill to create landmark big-ideas is critical to creating projects that are feasible and fully integrated and cohesive to the eye. Crawford Architects strives to create a strong sense of place with projects that function fl awlessly. Our aim is to create distinguished architecture and urban design. We do so by listening to our clients and by fully understanding their projects requirements.

    Our people and our collective experience is the backbone of this fi rm. When you hire Crawford, you receive the full attention of our partners and staff from beginning to end. Our dedication, skill and perseverance are critical to the identifi cation and delivery of our fundamental hallmark of adding value. Our people connect with our clients at a level that engenders trust. We listen to what our clients say, interpret their needs, and deliver innovative solutions with integrity, accuracy and speed.

    Firm Leadership Meet the founders

    Crawford Architects is owned and managed by its founders John Crawford, Stacey Jones and David Murphy. Together they form the key leadership of Crawford Architects.

    John is the Crawford in Crawford. He is the founding member of Crawford and is the inspiration for the fi rm. He set the scene for a practice that sees things a little differently than most. He realized very early in his career that we are in a service industry that delivers architectural solutions to satisfy our clients real estate needs. Our creativity is not fashioned around an artistic sensibility but is instead applied to the identifi cation of innovative and value-adding contributions to our clients development initiatives.

    Stacey is also a founding member of the fi rm in Australia and brought Crawford to the US through the identifi cation and delivery of the Branson Landing project. He saw the benefi t in

    diversifying Crawfords Sydney-based operations and the Branson project provided the impetus for that inspirational move. It was a profound stroke for the fi rm and one that launched the international aspirations for Crawford Architects.

    David joined the fi rm in 2001 and led the formation of Crawford Architects in Kansas City. His career had been focused on large-scaled urban redevelopment often centered on an element of sports infrastructure or public assembly such as stadiums, arenas and convention centers. David has been instrumental in the formation of the Kansas City offi ce and is the key to a fl uid and effective trans-Pacifi c relationship between our Australian and US operations.

  • around the clockAs an international practice, Crawfords business model is unique in that the fi rm offers faster development timelines through the utilization of several time zones between the Kansas City and Sydney offi ce.

    Services Provided: Master Planning

    Architecture Design and Design Development Documentation Construction Administration

    Post Occupancy Services

    Building Information Modeling (BIM)

    Branding & Theming

    Environmental Graphics

    Sustainable Design LEED Carbon Credit Offset Aggregation & Implementation

    Interior Architecture & Design


    Project Feasibility Studies

    Site Selection

    Urban Design

    Zoning and EntitlementsKansas City Offi ce: 1801 McGee Street Suite 200 Kansas City, MO 64108 T + 1 816 421 2640F + 1 816 421 2650 Contact: David Murphy

    Sydney Offi ce:Suite 100, Jones Bay WharfPirrama Road, Pyrmont PointNSW 2009 AustraliaT + 61 2 9660 3644F + 61 2 9660 3622Contact: Tony Gray

    The two offi ces can share project workloads by using the integration of real-time communication technology in their design and delivery methodologies. This technology means that projects can be worked on virtually around the clock with two production shifts per day resulting in time and cost savings for our clients.

    A spirit of entrepreneurship permeates the fi rm and creates a foundation for our staff to perform at their best and realize their full potential. The fi rms directors work closely with our clients to establish a rapport through one-on-one collaboration to promote an atmosphere of innovation. By placing a premium on relationship-building and bringing high performance teams to our clients projects, Crawford is able to build confi dence quickly. Our services are tailored to a projects specifi c requirements with the

    aim of getting the job done with quality, accuracy and effi ciency. Crawfords goals are to grow the practice globally, develop lasting client relationships and create memorable architecture.

    As we grow, our commitment to green design rises to the challenge. Crawford Architects has been a leader in sustainable design for over 25 years. Our expertise has grown through innovation and common sense design solutions to the many issues that have confronted the southern hemisphere and Australia for decades. With our roots in Australia, Crawford Architects is one of the fi rst practitioners to embrace the principles set forth by the World Green Building Council. Today, we are a growing force in aggregation of carbon credits