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Post on 20-Jun-2015


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Who would have thought putting 140 charachter messages about one's life online or having a virtual farm game could ever be popular ? Then again, many of us have those weird (but sometimes brilliant) ideas. But no matter how incredible your ideas might be, getting them launched successfully takes more than writing lots of php code, smacking a sleek design on it and dropping it on a server. So what does it take ? Where do most ideas crashland and how can you avoid making the same mistakes and transform your ideas into reality ? We'll look at what steps are needed to make a service successful and sustainable.


2. Show of handsEver had a brilliant idea ?Actually launched it ? 3. Who am I ?Wim Godden (@wimgtr) 4. Where I'm from 5. Where I'm from 6. Where I'm from 7. Where I'm from 8. Where I'm from 9. Where I'm from 10. My town 11. My town 12. Belgium the traffic 13. Who am I ?Wim Godden (@wimgtr)Founder of Solutions ( Source developer since 1997 14. Who am I ?Wim Godden (@wimgtr)Founder of Solutions ( Source developer since 1997 15. Who am I ?Wim Godden (@wimgtr)Founder of Solutions ( Source developer since 1997Developer ofOpenXPHPCompatibilityPHPConsistentNginx SLIC...Speaker at Open Source conferences 16. Who are you ?Developers ?System/network engineers ?Managers ? 17. The Idea 18. Question 1Is it really brilliant ?Is it original ? Google itWhy doesn't it exist yet ?Option 1 : you're brilliant !Option 2 : the idea isn't :-( 19. Is it a good idea ? How to find out...Option 1 : Build itPros :You see resultsYou encounter the problemsCons :Possibly wasting time/moneyWill it work ? 20. Is it a good idea ? How to find out...Option 2 : Talk to peoplePros - get feedback from :PeersPossible customersPeople with different visionCons :Could steal your idea Don't explain every little detail If they get it right away : is it reallya good idea ? 21. Building it size mattersBuild smallFaster time-to-market faster feedbackAdd features step-by-stepDanger : easier to replicate 22. Building it size mattersBuild bigTime-consuming Requiresbig budget Cash-flow (!)Harder to replicate 23. Don't reinvent the wheelLeverage existing services :APIs (payment providers, RSS feeds,cloud providers, )Ticketing systemsMonitoring systems... 24. Scalability 25. Scalability the impossible 26. Scalability the impractical 27. Scalability living on the edge 28. Scalability the uh... never mind 29. Scalability hitting the limit 30. The Cloud the fairy tale 31. The Cloud the wake up call 32. Support 33. Scaling support 34. Scaling support 35. Financials 36. Success ? Now what ? 37. Building on the success API enabling 38. Building on the success Plugins/add-ons/... 39. Building on the success - white labels 40. Sharing ideas ? For managers 41. Sharing ideas ? For managers 42. Sharing ideas ? For technical people 43. So...Be a realistBuild small/large depending on budgetThink about scalabilityITOrganizationSupportDo the mathEither :Keep on buildingSell in time 44. I WANT YOU TOBUILD YOUR IDEAS 45. Questions ? 46. Questions ? 47. Thanks [email protected]