build a positive online presence (and land a job while doing it)

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get your Google results in Check - How to - (and land a job while doing it)

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 Landing a job can be a difficult and frustrating process - make it a little easier by coming across as good online as you do in person. With 75% of HR departments required to Google candidates during the hiring process, what shows up when people Google your name can make or break your chances of securing a job. In this slideshow, we'll give you tips for how to create a positive online presence that's ready for any job hunt. Originally presented at Spoon University's Brainfood Conference, August 3.


get your Google results in Check - How to - (and land a job while doing it) Names are Googled Every Day HR departments Required to Google Candidates Most People are not well-represented online Instead of finding Your best, they find photo source Your worst Something Irrelevant Or Someone else Entirely Take it from Pete Instead of How to Create an Awesome Personal Brand Online Build content you want people to find Get on Social Media1 Post things People will find interesting good Not so good Use a professional photo good Not so good Start Blogging2 Write ABOUT THINGS RELATED TO THE JOB YOU WANT *WINK**WINK* Create a Personal Website3 Get Creative3 Make sure people can find your content (A little thing called SEO) The basics On-Page Factors Off-page factors site architecture/structure Keywords/ Content Relevancy Links Social Sharing GET A domain NAME1 YOURNAME.COM 2 USE YOUR REAL NAME good Not so good @johnsmith @bigj151 3 KEEP IT RELEVANT Need some Help? Concierge ServicesFree Do-It-Yourself Tool (thats trevor) Thanks! Email: [email protected] Phone: 315-565-1799 website: