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  • Business Partner Incentives Available through Know Your IBM (KYI)

    Earn $10k in Rewards by selling IBM Security Software products

    How to Get Started Guide

  • 2 IBM Security

    Know Your IBM (KYI) for Security Software

    What is KYI for Security Software? § A PartnerWorld Business

    Partner Sales Incentive

    § Enables Business Partner sellers to earn KYI points when

    they sell eligible IBM Security

    Software products and redeem

    their respective sales

    transactions on the KYI


    § The value of KYI point points is automatically placed on the

    appropriate Business Partner’s

    reloadable IBM Reward debit


    Why KYI?

    Rewards IBM client facing Business

    Partner sales and technical

    representatives who are full-time

    Business Partner employees, for

    successful sales of IBM Security

    Software, enhancing their experience

    and accelerating their sales with IBM

    Security, with the largest enterprise

    cybersecurity provider in the market --


    *Combined security software and services enterprise market share as per (1) Gartner Market Share

    Analysis: Security Software WW. Published Sep

    2018 (2) Gartner Market Share Analysis: Managed

    Security Services WW. Published August 2018 (3)

    Gartner Market Share Analysis: Security Consulting Services. Published July 2018

    What is the current offer?

    Offers eligible Business Partner representatives

    KYI points equal to a value of 3% of eligible

    revenue when they resell eligible Security New

    License software/appliances and SaaS Software


    North America: February 10 to December 31,


    Europe: April 18 to December 31, 2019.

    § Maximum annual earnings per individual Business Partner representative is $10,000

    § Maximum qualifying Transaction Value per transaction is $250,000

    § Transaction Value for SaaS software is based on and limited to the Annual Value

    of the contract and eligibility limited based

    on Committed Contract Term

    § IBM Business Partner firms may elect to receive the value of the KYI points as a

    rebate payment in lieu of their BP rep’s

    participation – “firm level benefit”

  • 3 IBM Security

    Make sure you are eligible to participate

    Requirements for the Business Partner Firm:

    § IBM PartnerWorld Agreement.

    § IBM Business Partner Agreement.

    § Authorization to sell IBM Security Software.

    § Accept the PartnerWorld Know Your IBM Attachment -> grants IBM permission to reward Business Partner representatives directly.

    § Certified as completing the IBM Code of Conduct (annual requirement, must be completed within 60 days of receipt).

    § No Business Partners who are Government Owned Entities may participate.

    Requirements for the Business Partner Representative:

    § Must be in a sales and/or technical role.

    § Have an IBM ID associated with their company’s PartnerWorld profile. KYI will not permit use of any personal email addresses for an IBM id.

    § Accept the IBM PartnerWorld KYI for Security Software Terms and Conditions.

    § Agree to the Privacy Policy.

    § Successfully complete the mandatory IBM Integrity Training course prior to being able to participate.

    § Complete your Profile which includes limited demographic information (some required for tax regulations).

    Let’s get started…

  • 4 IBM Security

    Go to IBM PartnerWorld and sign in to Know Your IBM using your IBM ID.


  • 5 IBM Security

    IBM PartnerWorld – Know Your IBM

    Start here and begin to ‘Discover Security Software Incentives’

  • 6 IBM Security

    Want to learn more about the KYI for Security Software Sales Incentive? Follow this link to read the IBM PartnerWorld Announcement Letter.

    IBM PartnerWorld – Know Your IBM

  • 7 IBM Security

    The BP firm must have an active BPA. A GOE check is also undertaken by the KYI team.

    The BP must have their company sign the KYI Attachment which grants IBM permission to reward them directly. The firm’s designated signatory can access the company profile details and activate the KYI attachment.

    Review your eligibility and begin your journey to ‘Explore KYI Rewards’.

    IBM PartnerWorld – Know Your IBM

  • 8 IBM Security

    Know Your IBM website

    When you decide to Explore KYI Rewards, you will leave PartnerWorld and access the Know Your IBM website.

    Select ‘Security Software’

    4 simple steps to get started: 1. Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions 2. Read and Agree to the Privacy Policy 3. Confirm you have completed the IBM Integrity Training 4. Update your Profile

  • 9 IBM Security

    Read and Accept the Terms & Conditions

    Know Your IBM website

    2019 Terms & Conditions

    IBM PartnerWorld Know Your IBM (KYI) Supplement for IBM Security Software

    This IBM PartnerWorld – Know Your IBM Supplement for Security Software (“KYI Security Supplement”) as described in the IBM PartnerWorld – Know Your IBM Attachment (“KYI Attachment”) conveys the details of an eligible KYI offering. The terms of this Supplement prevail over the terms of the KYI Attachment and the terms of the IBM PartnerWorld Agreement – International Basic General Terms (“PWA”).

    Announcement Date of Offering: February 10, 2019 for North America and April 18, 2019 for Europe. End Date of KYI Security Offering: December 31, 2019 Points Redemption Deadline: May 31, 2020 (KYI Points earned until December 31, 2019) Countries Available: See Addendum 2.

    KYI Reward Point Value: $0.25 USD per point

    KYI Reward Point Earning Limit for Sales Incentives: This KYI Security Offering is classified as a “Sales Incentive” KYI offering (not “Learn and Earn”). Rewards under this offering can only be redeemed via a reloadable debit card. KYI points rewarded under KYI Security Offerings will automatically be placed on the appropriate Business Partner (“BP”) employee’s reloadable IBM Rewards debit card. KYI points awarded under this KYI Security Sales Incentive may NOT be redeemed for catalogue merchandise items. This KYI Security Offering (Sales Incentive) is available in the countries listed in Addendum 2. The maximum annual earnings per individual is 40,000 points per year ($10,000 USD) for all countries listed in Addendum 2. Earnings for this Security KYI Sales Incentive will apply against the individual earnings cap for the Systems KYI Sales Incentives and any combination of KYI Sales Incentive awards may not exceed the maximum Sales Incentive individual caps found at

  • 10 IBM Security

    Read and Agree to the Privacy Policy

    Confirm you have completed the IBM Integrity Training

    Know Your IBM website

  • 11 IBM Security

    Update your Profile which includes: • General profile info • Communications settings • Tax information (SSN for United

    States and SIN for Canada)

    Certain countries require you to register your tax information. If your country falls under that requirement, you will find the information on the Profile page to complete.

    BP’s accept the KYI communication settings so they can stay current on all eligible education and sales promotions to ensure that we are compliant with GDPR legislation and regional privacy laws. This can be found under the Account menu drop down tab titled ‘Profile’.

    Know Your IBM website


    § Ready to claim a Security Software sale?

    Ø Use the links below on the IBM PartnerWorld - Know Your IBM site for assistance

    § Additional questions can be sent to [email protected]

    Next steps…

    mailto:[email protected]




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