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Official Publication of the California/Northern Nevada Associations of USATF Includes the Runner’s Schedule Calendar! Victor Sailer/PhotoRun.NET SPRING SHOE REVIEW SCA LAUNCHES ROAD RUNNING GRAND PRIX THE GOLDEN WEST INVITATIONAL TURNS 50 CaliforniaTrack &RunningNews April–June 2009 VOLUME 35 NUMBER 2 $3.95 In March at the Nike Indoor Nationals, CONOR McCULLOUGH (Canoga Park) set a new high school record in the weight throw with his toss of 92 feet, 7-1/2 inches. Two days later, he broke that record with a 93-3.25 toss at the National Scholastic Indoor Champs. PRST STD U.S. Postage PAID Permit #50 Fort Atkinson, WI 01-16.qxd:sept/oct 2008 4/14/09 7:51 AM Page 1

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April–June 2009 In March at the Nike Indoor Nationals, CONOR McCULLOUGH (Canoga Park) set a new high school record in the weight throw with his toss of 92 feet, 7-1/2 inches. Two days later, he broke that record with a 93-3.25 toss at the National Scholastic Indoor Champs. PA I D 01-16.qxd:sept/oct 2008 4/14/09 7:51 AM Page 1 Official Publication of the California/Northern Nevada Associations of USATF PRST STD Victor Sailer/PhotoRun.NET U.S. Postage Permit #50 Fort Atkinson, WI


  • Official Publication of theCalifornia/Northern Nevada

    Associations of USATF

    Includes the Runners Schedule Calendar!










    AprilJune 2009

    VOLUME 35NUMBER 2$3.95

    In March at the Nike Indoor Nationals, CONORMcCULLOUGH (Canoga Park) set a new highschool record in the weight throw with his

    toss of 92 feet, 7-1/2 inches. Two days later,he broke that record with a 93-3.25 toss at

    the National Scholastic Indoor Champs.






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    The city of Santee in San Diego County hosted the National50K Race Walk Championships on Feb. 15. Philip Dunn

    claimed his 5th title in a time of 4:28:53. Story on page 46.

    Cal Track & Running News

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    APRILJUNE 2009

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  • Think about it...a birthday, an anniversary, a family or class reunion, victories and triumphs...the list goes on and on. Really, there couldnt be a better time for you to bring your celebration to the Disneyland Resort and combine it with a celebration of running and finishing the Disneyland Half Marathon! Whatever youre celebrating, highlight it with an entire weekend of fun and competition!


    4 6 / % " : 4 & 1 5 & . # & 3 t " / " ) & * . $ "

    On Labor Day Weekend there are lots of things you can celebrate.Just make sure one of them is crossing the nish line.

    F I N D D E T A I L S A N D R E G I S T E R O N L I N E A T % * 4 / & : - " / % ) " - ' . " 3 " 5 ) 0 / . C O M

    D I S N E Y

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  • From the time we are little children were involved in athleticsthrowing rocks into the localcreek, jumping over mud puddles (and in them) and racing home with friends or seeing whocan get to the bus first. Movement is simple, pure, honest.Its no surprise to me that in this time of economic uncertainty, the joy of simple movement is

    finding its way back into our lives. Race participation is up, running stores are growing, and run-ning footwear businesses are quietly noting strong profits. If the federal government truly wants tocut health care costs, perhaps it should begin by mandating a half-hour of aerobic activity twice aday at schools. Such activity would do a lot for the demeanor and health of the 44 million 6- to17-year-olds in our country.

    In May, the ING Bay to Breakers will welcome 60,000-plus runners and walkers. The raceand city created quite a furor by asking people to actually sign up for the race and to refrain frombringing their own adult beverages to the race. CTRN agrees with the vast majority of race partici-pantsif you want to run a race, then do the right thing and pay the entry fee! This is just a no-brainer. When you run races for free, you fail to pay for the hours, months, and years of race man-agement that go into making your race experience a safe and enjoyable one.

    Finally, congratulations to Conor McCullough of Canoga Park, who was the world juniorhammer throw silver medalist last summer. On Mar. 13, Conor traveled to Boston for the NikeIndoor Nationals and threw the weight throw 92-7.5 (28.23m for you metric geeks) to set a newhigh school record. Two days later, he was in New York City at the National Scholastic IndoorChamps and broke his own mark with a toss of 93-3.25. We at CTRN salute Conor for hisdedication to sport as well as his achievements.


    Larry Eder

    6 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    From the Publisher

    Publisher recommends, as with all fitness andhealth issues, you consult with your physicianbefore instituting any changes in your fitnessprogram.

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    Volume 35, Number 2AprilJune 2009

    Group PublisherLarry Eder

    Group & Coordinating EditorChristine Johnson, [email protected]

    Contributing EditorsCregg Weinmann Apparel, Footwear Reviews

    Dave Shrock Community CollegesMark Winitz Northern CaliforniaKees & Sandy Tuinzing Calendar

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    Mike Rouse San Diego/Imperial

    ProofreaderRed Ink Editorial Services, Madison, WI

    Pre-Press/PrinterW. D. Hoard & Sons Co., Fort Atkinson, WI

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    Larry Eder, Shooting Star Media, 608.239.3785; fax: 920.563.7298

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    phone: 310.836.2642; fax: 310.836.7093

    Running Network LLC920.563.5551, ext. 112

    Special Projects ManagerAdam Johnson-Eder

    608.957.2159; [email protected]

    Advertising Production ManagerAlex Larsen

    CounselPhilip J. Bradbury

    Melli, Walker, Pease & Ruhly, S.C.Madison, WI

    w w w. c a l t r a c k . c o m

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  • N\Yj`k\1 j_i`e\ij%\\k]\\kjXZiXd\ekf%ZfdIXZ\ _fkc`e\1 0(- ++($(.,(

    /B# ,b Ile&NXcb# B`[j =le Ilej

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    J^[ .A hkd _i fWhj e\ j^[ (&&/ F7%KI7J< HeWZ HWY[ =hWdZ Fh_n IY^[Zkb[$

    :_`g K`d`e^% C`m\ 9Xe[j% 9iffbj D`Zif$=`Y\i J_`ikj%

    N\cZfd\ k_\ jldd\i Xe[ Z\c\YiXk\k_\ cfe^\jk [Xp f] k_\ p\Xi


    Ben Ali

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  • USATF Regional NewsPacific Association

    Salomon Mens XT Wings GTX

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    As I sit here writing my last note as president ofthe Pacific Association, I have to reflect on allthat has happened since I was first elected tovice president in 2000 and then president in2004.

    The Association has been the venue tomany large scale competitions. Olympic teamtrials, NCAA track & field championships,many high profile collegiate meets, state juniorcollege track & field championships, state highschool track & field championship meets,

    along with the many youth and masters meetsthat have been held here. In addition, thenational USATF club cross country champi-onships were contested here.

    We instituted a track & field grand prixwith $15,000 yearly and training grants for ourOlympic hopefuls in 2008 who are based in thePacific Association.

    After reflecting, I look to the future. Weare hosting the USATF and the World Masterstrack & field championships, the USATFJunior Olympic cross country and track & fieldnational championships in the next few years.

    It has been a long eight years, but a pleas-urable journey. To my replacement, I pass thebaton, knowing that the great cadre of volun-teers in the Pacific Association will rally aroundhim/her and continue to raise the bar to makethis the #1 association in USA Track & Field.



    10 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    Kara June says, Thank You!The Pacific Association LDR Committeeawarded Kara June travel funds to assist withher participation in the 2009 USA CrossCountry Championships held Feb. 7 inDerwood, Maryland. Kara, an ASICS Aggiesteam member, resides in San Luis Obispo and iscoached by Joe Rubio. She was a Fresno StateAll American distance runner and steeplechaserwho qualified for the Olympic Trials and placed6th. She won the final three 2008 PA GrandPrix cross country events, including the cham-pionships. Below is a thank you note that Karawrote to the Pacific Association, along with abrief description of her experience at thenationals.

    The experience I had at the USA CrossCountry Championships is one that I will remem-ber for a long time to come. I had higher expecta-tions for myself than what the outcome of my per-formance actually was, but I did learn a lot frombeing in Derwood, MD.

    The course was challenging, to say the least.I was so thankful that my particular race was onlyan 8K. The poor open men! The crowd was phe-nomenal, as there were cheers heard on every inchof the course. The weather was absolutely perfect

    for racing. It was in the mid to low 50s at the timethe gun went off and there was just a slight breeze.The course was frozen the Monday before the race,so we were very fortunate that it was far from theconditions some of us experienced in Spokane forClub Nationals.

    My XC season had gone exceptionally wellpre-U.S. Championships, so my expectations werehigh. I had hoped to finish in the top 10, with theopportunity to race in a USA uniform, but mybody didnt want to work that hard. Top 20 wasall I could muster. As with every sporting event,some people perform to the expectations they haveset, some dont. But I have learned that you cantake something away from even the worst of races.I was very excited for two of my friends who madethe U.S. team. They had outstanding performanc-es, finishing in the top six. Seeing my friends suc-ceed adds fuel to my fire.

    I would like to thank the Pacific Associationfor supporting its athletes. The support I receivedfrom the PA, as well as the support I receive fromthe ASICS Aggies, helps a tremendous amount. Itenables me to compete against the best of the bestand to reach my running goals. Now I get to hitthe track!

    Good luck in 2009,


    PA LDR Notes


    Association News continues on page 12

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    Gore and Transrockies are proud to sponsor the efforts to complete the Continental Divide Trail. Join us to help make history.





    Photo: Kevin Arnold






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  • Association News continued from page 10

    12 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    Pacific Association Officials Notes


    We congratulate Dick Connors, inducted intothe Pacific Association Hall of Fame inFebruary, and George Kleeman, inducted intothe national officials committees Hall of Famethis past December.

    Officials at NationalsSome 14 Pacific Association officials werepicked to work USATF championships in2009: Tiffany Banks (starter, outdoors); JohnBowen (discus alternate, outdoors); DickCochran (hammer throw, outdoors); JerryCollet (starter, outdoors); Teddy Hayes (hori-zontal jumps, outdoors); JR Heberle (electron-ic measurement, outdoors); Charles Murphy(horizontal jumps, outdoors); John Murray(javelin head official, outdoors); Sue Murray(discus alternate, outdoors); Joe Nemeth(implement inspector, outdoors); RoryOsborne (marshal, outdoors); Bob Rauch(marshal, indoors and outdoors alternate); JohnShirey (pole vault, outdoors); and Jim Waldron(indoor combined).

    As always, some great PA officials appliedfor selection to USATF championships andwere not accepted. But there are new names onthis list as well, and all will do fine work andrepresent Pacific Association at our best.

    Up (or Over) From CompetingThe certified officials roster now boasts at leasttwo Olympians.

    Mike Buncic, who doubles as a scienceteacher and head track coach at Wilcox HighSchool in Santa Clara, threw the discus for theU.S. in the 1988 and 1992 games.

    Sue Rembao high jumped in the 1992Olympics for the US. A graduate of Cal PolySan Luis Obispo, she has handled the highjump during all-comers meets at Cal the lasttwo seasons and became certified in February.

    This is very cool.

    ThanksPAs officials clinics were hosted this year byUniversity of Nevada-Reno, City College ofSan Francisco, American River College, UCDavis, CSU Sacramento, Wilcox High School,Serra High School (San Mateo), OakmontHigh School (Roseville) and Hartnell College(Salinas). All provided great facilities, and werevery grateful.

    Rejoining and Joining UpAt this writing (a week after Valentines Day),some 220 veteran officials have recertified forthe current Olympiad and we have certifiedbetween 60 and 70 newbies. You can get acopy of the new, improved, generally accuratedatabase of these officials by e-writing to theofficials chair at [email protected]

    Southern California Association

    SCA Report


    Following its bi-annual election, the SouthernCalifornia Association of USA Track & Field ispleased to announce the election of the follow-ing Open Athletics Sport Committee chairs for200910.

    WAYNE JONESSChair, Open AthleticsRoad Running SubcommitteeA native of AppalachianVirginia, Wayne Jonessreceived a B.A. in Englishfrom the University ofVirginia where he also studied musicthe fieldin which he works since moving to Los Angelesin 1990. He became a distance runner in highschool and, after that, was a recreational runneruntil relocating to the Los Angeles runningmecca.

    Over the past 18 years, Wayne has beenactively competing in road racing throughoutSouthern California. Hes run more than 200So Cal races in total, including 111 10Ks, 26marathons, and 14 half-marathons. In 2008,Wayne ran the Tokyo Marathon and the his-toric Boston Marathon. He has been a memberof Track Club LA since 2004 and participatedwith the club in numerous masters-level crosscountry events.

    Since being appointed as Open RoadRunning Committee chair last February,Wayne has done a terrific job of creating aSouthern California Road ChampionshipSeries. In 2008, the series featured the SCA 5KRoad Championship held in conjunction withthe Buena Park Coaster Run, the SCA Half-Marathon Championship held in conjunctionwith the Long Beach Half-Marathon, and theSCA 10K Road Championship held in con-

    junction with the Dana Point Turkey Trot.These are the first local USATF road champi-onships that have been held in SouthernCalifornia in more than 20 years. In 2009, theAvia Orange County Marathon on May 3 willbe the first-ever SCA marathon championship.In just 8 months, Wayne has created a programthat offers opportunities for runners in 13mens and womens 5-year age-groups to beSouthern California champions at four roaddistances and greatly expanded awareness ofUSA Track & Field development initiativeswithin the Southern California road runningcommunity.

    LILY ZEPEDAVice Chair, Open AthleticsRoad Running SubcommitteeA native of the mile-high,runner-friendly town ofAlbuquerque, Lily Zepedareceived a B.A. inJournalism from the University of NewMexico. She became a recreational runner inhigh school and after college began racing atdistances from 1500 meters to the marathon.Lily came to Los Angeles in 2005 in pursuit ofthe warm weather and a career in marketing. Inaddition to being our Road RunningCommittee vice chair, Lily is the director for aSouth Bay marketing firm which maintains topaccounts in the healthcare, real estate, and retailindustries.

    Since relocating to Southern California,Lily has competed in more than 50 Southlandraces, including the Santa Clarita Half-Marathon where she was the second womanfinisher in 2006 and 2008. After posting a3:20:52 time at the 2008 Phoenix Rock NRoll Marathon, she qualified for and ran the2008 Boston Marathon. Lily is a member ofTrack Club LA and the Santa Monica TrailRunners Club. She hopes to become moreinvolved in the Southern California runningcommunity by helping plan and conductUSATF events.

    2009 Pacific Association USATF Road Race Grand Prix Schedule

    Date Event Division Points Detail4/19 Zippy 5K Short 1.04/26 Big Sur 5K Short 1.05/25 Marin Memorial Day 10K Long 1.0 (1)6/20 Shriners 8K Short 1.0TBA Fleet Feet Mile Short 1.0 (2)TBA Banana Chase 5K Short 1.0 or 1.5 (1,3)10/18 Humboldt Half Marathon Long 1.5 (4)11/8 Clarksburg 30K Long 2.011/26 Synaptics 5K Short, open individual only 2.0 (3)TBA CIM Long 2.0 (3)TBA Christmas Relays Team only 1.0 or 2.0 (3)

    Detail: (1) Subject to a resolution satisfactory to race management of the headphone issue; (2) Pending bidand acceptance by the LDR executive committee; (3) Pending satisfactory bid; (4) Pending correction of prizemoney in bid.

    01-16.qxd:sept/oct 2008 4/14/09 7:52 AM Page 12

  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 13

    MIKE MAHURINChair, Open Cross CountrySubcommitteeA native of Seattle, MikeMahurins running careerbegan after he had becomea practicing attorney, notwhen he was in high school or college.

    After becoming active in the SouthernCalifornia road running scene, he took a briefbreak from running-only to compete intriathlons, including the 2003 Hawaii IronmanWorld Championship. In 2005, Mike joinedTrack Club LA and returned to competing inlong distance races throughout SouthernCalifornia.

    His primary focus has been on themarathon, where his best time to date has been2:38:00 at the Tucson Marathon in 2006. Itwas while training for that race that Mike hadhis first real exposure to cross country, compet-ing in several races that autumn as part of hismarathon training. In December, Mike wentback to the Tucson Marathon and returnedwith the mens individual title. Mike is 38 yearsold and a Los Angelesbased real estate attor-ney. He received B.A.s in Philosophy andPolitical Science from the University ofWashington in 1992 and a J.D. fromPepperdine University Law School in 1995.Since I appointed Mike as Open Cross Countrychair last May, he has used his newfound excite-ment for cross-country running to help revital-ize the Southern California cross country scenein a way that will create more open-level meets,attract more of the great distance runners in ourarea to the sport, and see us bidding to bringthe USA National Cross CountryChampionships back to Southern Californiasoon.

    ERIC BARRONChair, Open Track & FieldSubcommitteeEric Barron is a graduate ofHarvard University, wherehe competed in collegiatetrack and cross country,and the University of Michigan Law School. In1996, he created Track Club LAa team ofsome 90 men and women competitive andrecreational long distance runners. Since 1999,he has been the distance coach and headwomens cross country coach at Santa MonicaCollege, where he has also been active in theCalifornia Community College Track CoachesAssociation. Eric holds USATF Level I andLevel II coaching certifications. In 2006, hebecame the head coach for Nike Team Run LA,a USATF elite development club of LosAngelesbased men and women distance run-ners. Its mens team placed 10th at the 2008USA National Club Cross CountryChampionships in Seattle.

    Eric has been active in growing our Jim

    Bush Southern California USATFChampionships and when we hosted threemeets in 2008 that produced 94 qualifiers forthe U.S. Olympic Trials. This summer hell beconducting a new series of open-level trackmeets at Santa Monica College that will greatlyexceed any summer program weve previouslyattempted to offer in support open-level track& field in Southern California.

    CHRIS RAELChair, Open Race Walking SubcommitteeChris Rael resides in Laguna Niguel and is agraduate of Magnolia HS and Cal StateFullerton. He is a high school biology teacher atSanta Ana High School and over the past 17years has also taught history, English, math, andSpanish. Chris began race walking at age 15and 30 years later continues to compete at anelite level, be a member of the USA NationalRace Walk Team, and compete internationally.

    Chris was a finalist in the 1992 U.S.Olympic 50K WalkTrials, raced as a member ofthe 2005 USA 50K National Team, won a U.S.Masters indoor walk title, and earned a Bronzemedal in the 20K walk at the 2005 WorldMasters Championships. As a race walkingcoach, Chris has stayed abreast of the scientific-based training techniques that have advancedboth his sport and long distance running.

    Since being appointed our Open RaceWalk Committee chair, Chris has been thearchitect of an incredibly successful elite racewalk development initiative in SouthernCalifornia that has become a model for otherUSATF associations across the country. In itsfirst year, Chris initiative focused on the sixNAIA schools in Southern California, recruit-ing their second-tier men and women distancerunners to try competitive race walking (anNAIA championship event), and conductingcoaching clinics to provide the technicalinstruction, training methods, and encourage-ment necessary for them to experience successat the national level. With only 4 months ofintensive training, walkers from ConcordiaUniversity in Irvine and Westmont Collegequalified for the mens and womens NAIANational Track & Field Championships, thenwon Southern California USATF race walktitles.

    Since then, Chris has encouraged thesepromising walkers in the sport after their colle-giate careers, help them improve, and keepthem competing at the next level in open,national-class events, with the ultimate goal ofvying for a spot on our USA race ralk nationalteams.

    GARY HILLIARDChair, Open M.U.T. SubcommitteeNew SCA Open AthleticsM.U.T. Committee chairGary Hilliard lives in SierraMadre with his wife of 17

    years, Pamela. Now 54, he was born nearPittsburgh and is a registered/licensed civilengineer for the Los Angeles CountyDepartment of Public Works.

    Although he says he has always enjoyedrunning, he didnt start running in organizedevents until the 1980s. His running resume listssome of the better known ultra marathons suchas the Western States 100-Mile, Angeles Crest100-Mile, nearly all the events in the SouthernCalifornia Ultra Distance Running Series, andnow includes more than 150 marathons andultra-marathons.

    Garys running slowed down a little thispast year and a half after a near-fatal motorcycleaccident in which he broke his back, neck, botharms, lost a kidney, punctured a lung, and sev-ered his liver and spleen. While this slowed himdown, he says he just doesnt have it in him toquit.

    Some of Garys other M.U.T. activitiesinclude serving as logistics director of the Mt.Wilson Trail Race and assistant race director forthe Angeles Crest 100-Mile Endurance Race.He is also director of the Southern CaliforniaGrand Prix Ultra Series and the race director forthe Mt. Disappointment 50K and 50-MileEndurance Race. The 50-mile distance, he isproud to say, has served as the USATFSouthern California Association 50-mile trailchampionship for 2007 and 2008. He is alsothe director of the Mt. Disappointment U.S.Forest Service Trail Maintenance and WorkProjects Programapproved to work to pre-serve trails and stations for all users in theNational Forest.

    Working with the Southern CaliforniaAssociation and Lorraine Gersitz (who is nowthe SCA Masters Committee M.U.T. chair),Gary says he looks forward to this new endeav-or representing Southern California USATF asits Open Athletics MUT Committee chair.


    Following the successful launch of the 2008Road Championship Series, SouthernCalifornia USATF Open and Masters RoadRunning Committee chairs Wayne Joness andSissel Berntsen-Heber have announced a 2009Southern California Road Running Grand Prixthat will provide cash awards and champi-onship medals to the top-10 overall mens andwomens scorers. Gold, Silver, and BronzeUSATF medals will also be awarded to the top3 scorers in 26 mens and womens individual 5-year age-groups and championship plaques willbe awarded to the top 10 scoring clubs.

    We believe this Grand Prix series willencourage more runners to participate in ourSCA road championship races and other pre-

    Association News continues next page.

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  • 14 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    Association News continued from page 13

    mier Southern California road race events, sayWayne and Sissel. It will also recognize theclubs that are supporting and developing run-ners and provide important incentives for thecreation of new clubs.

    The seven Grand Prix races (see box nextpage) include two 5Ks, two 10Ks, a 15K, a half-marathon, and marathon to accommodate run-ners who prefer either shorter or longer dis-tances. The Road Running Grand Prix alsospans the Southern California Association geo-graphically from Dana Point in the south toSanta Barbara in the north. Our associationcovers 34,000 square miles, so it is a challengeto create a series within reasonable driving dis-tance of all our runners, says Wayne. But wethink we have an exciting mix of races that iseach well worth the drive, no matter where youreside.

    How the Grand Prix WorksRunners must be 2009 members of SouthernCalifornia USATF and finish four of the sevenraces during the calendar yearincluding atleast one SCA road championship race.Afterwards, they must record their official, web-published finish time using the ReportResults link on the Grand Prix home page, and forward their finishtime via e-mail to the Grand Prix scorer, SisselBerntsen-Heber, to generate an age-gradedscore.

    For a USATF club to post a score in aSCA Road Running Grand Prix race, it must bea 2009 member of Southern California USATFand have a minimum of five members post afinish time. Club members can be of any ageand gender. The club score is determined byadding their 5 highest age-graded scores fromthe race. The clubs 2009 year-end total scorewill be determined by adding its highest clubscores from four grand prix races.

    EligibilityThere is no additional fee for SouthernCalifornia USATF members to participate inthe SCA Road Running Grand Prix or the SCARoad Championship Series. Runners can enterthe SCA Road Running Grand Prix at any timeduring the 2009 calendar year. Their age-groupcategory will be determined by their age on the

    date of the first GP race they finish.For club scoring, only those registered

    with the Southern California USATF for 2009can participate and all its individual scorersmust be listed on the clubs on-line roster.Information about registering as a USATF clubcan be found at

    Qualifying RacesTo be eligible for grand prix individual awards,runners must finish a minimum of four GPracesat least one of which must be an SCARoad Championship. To be eligible for GrandPrix club awards, clubs must compete in at leastfour GP races with at least 5 finishers and atleast one of those races must be an SCA RoadChampionship.

    Individual ScoringAge-graded scores are computed by dividingthe runners finishing time by the world recordfor his or her age and gender and multiplying itby 1000. For example, a 46-year-old male whorecords 39:19 for 10K for which the age worldrecord is 29:51 would be: 29:51 39:19 =0.759 x 1000 = 759 points. A runners year-endtotal score will be determined by adding togeth-er his or her highest age-graded scores from fourgrand prix races. The age-graded scoring calcu-lator used for the SCA Road Running GrandPrix scoring is posted on the SCA RoadRunning Grand Prix home page(

    How to Enter the Grand PrixIndividual Southern California USATF mem-bers who finish an SCA Road Championshipseries race will automatically have their resultsposted in the SCA Road Running Grand Prixseries. However, results for non-championshipGrand Prix races must be self-reported.

    Current SCA Road Running Grand Prixstandings will be posted on the SCA RoadRunning Grand Prix home page( within one week ofeach successive race in the GP series (althoughresults may be delayed pending official revi-sions). It is the responsibility of individual par-ticipants to submit their results from GP racesthat are not SCA Road Championship events.They can do so by using the Report Results

    link on the SCA Road Running Grand Prixhome page, or by sending an email with theirofficial published finish time and current 2009USATF membership number to [email protected]

    All club results, including those from SCARoad Championship races, must be self-report-ed. It is the responsibility of participating clubsto report official web-published results for fiveor more of its individual members from a GPseries race. They can do so by using the ReportResults link on the SCA Road Running GrandPrix page, or by sending an e-mail to the GPscorer with each runners official web-publishedfinish time and 2009 USATF membershipnumber to [email protected]

    Grand Prix Prize Money and AwardsThe top 5 men and top 5 women with thehighest individual 2009 year-end total scoreswill be awarded the following cash prizes andSCA grand prix championship medals:

    1st place: $200, plus Gold medal2nd place: $100, plus Silver medal3rd place: $50, plus Bronze medal4th place: $30, plus Bronze medal5th place: $20, plus Bronze medal6th10th places: Bronze medals

    Cash prizes will be awarded in the form ofchecks issued by Southern California USATF.2009 grand prix checks and championshipmedals will be mailed to recipients no later thanJan. 15, 2010.

    The top 3 men and women scorers withhighest individual 2009 year-end total scores inthe following 13 individual 5-year age-groupswill receive Gold, Silver, and Bronze USATFmedals: 13 & under, 1418, 1924, 2529,3034, 3539, 4044, 4549, 5054, 5559,6064, 6569, 70+.

    The top 10 USATF clubs with the highest2009 year-end point totals will receive GrandPrix championship plaques from the SouthernCalifornia Association in recognition of theiraccomplishments.

    For more information, contact:Wayne Joness, ChairSCA Open Athletics Road RunningCommitteeRes (310) 390-5357Cell (310) 600-5332E-mail: [email protected]

    Sissel Berntsen-Heber, ChairSCA Masters Road Running CommitteeCell (415) 652-9221E-mail: [email protected]

    2009 Southern California Association USATF Road Running Grand Prix Schedule

    Date Event Location Championship3/15 Coaster 5K Buena Park SCA 5K Road Championship5/3 AVIA Orange County Marathon Newport Beach SCA Marathon Championship6/7 Brentwood 10K Brentwood7/4 Semana Nautica 15K Goleta Valley10/11 International City Bank 5K Long Beach11/7 Santa Barbara Half-Marathon Santa Barbara SCA Half-Marathon Championship11/27 Dana Point Turkey Trot 10K Dana Point SCA 10K Road Championship

    For more details, visit

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  • 01-16.qxd:sept/oct 2008 4/14/09 7:52 AM Page 15

  • 16 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    Initially conceived as a post-season Southern California invita-tional, then as a western regional meet, the Golden WestInvitational debuted in 1960 as the first national prep meet sincethe early 1930s.

    After looking for a home at a number of locations inSouthern California, the meet came to Sacramento in 1965,where it has provided the highest level of competition for thenations best prep athletes for the past 45 years.

    2009 will be the 50th edition of the Golden West. It is by farthe longest running post-season high school meet; the nextlongest are two regional meets, the Golden South and the GreatSouthwest Meet of Champions, which have each been around forabout 30 years.

    For many years, the Golden West was a meet built on theidea of go for broke competitionno heats, no trials, no teamscore, no relay pressures. The desire was simply to bring athletesfrom throughout the country to a common siteall experienc-ing the same weather, the same conditionsand provide thoseathletes an opportunity to establish supremacy, to challengethemselves, to achieve personal bests. Its done in events witheight or nine contestants which lead to great competitions andperformances.

    For the first 28 years, the meet was limited to senior boysonly. In 1988, a girls program was added, and the seniors-onlyrequirement was removed in the early 1990s.

    In recent years, the meet, which is now presented by thePacific Association of United States Track & Field (PA/USATF)and sponsored by adidas, has changed the format to permit wider

    participation. Now, there are often several races or flights, in eachevent with the entrants with the best performances competingagainst each other in the evening final.

    Does it work? The results are the proof. Over the years,national records have been set in the 100 yards, 800m, 880 yards,mile, 2-mile, low hurdles, intermediate hurdles, pole vault, longjump, triple jump, shot put, and discus throw. There havebeen dozens of state records and uncounted personal bests inall the events. Even a glimpse of the top 10 performancesreflects the quality of the athletes who have competed in theGolden West Invitational and the level of the competitionwhich they have faced. (Check those marks and more,

    Past participants of the Golden West have represented theUnited States in every Olympic Games since 1964. Over 150slots on the American Olympic teams have been filled by GWIalums. They have won 57 medals, 30 of them Gold. (An addi-tional seven GWI athletes have represented their native countriesof France, Ireland, Trinidad & Tobago, Fiji, Jamaica, Antigua,and Cape Verde Islands.)

    GWI alums include track legends Evelyn Ashford (multi-time 100-meter world recordholder and 1984 Olympic Goldmedalist); Bob Beamon (first person ever to jump 29 feet in thelong jump and Mexico City Olympic champion); Marty Liquori;Steve Prefontaine (Olympic Bronze medalist and one-timeAmerican recordholder at 5000 meters); Jim Ryun (former worldrecordholder at 1500 and mile); Tommy Smith (former worldrecordholder and Mexico City Olympic champion at 200

    Golden West Invitational:

    A Prep Classic Turns 50!BY BOB JARVIS

    (left photo) Nick Hysong vaulted a 16-6 and took second at the 1990 Golden West to a fellow named Jayson Lavendar of Wichita Falls, Texas (16-9). Nick went on to win a pole vault Gold Medal atthe 2000 Olympics with a vault of 19-4. (middle photo) California distance runner Julia Stamps was a four-time Golden West Invitational champion (1994-1997), with three mile wins and one 3200

    meter win. She went on to Stanford and successful NCAA competition. (right photo) Tommy Skipper still holds the Golden West Invitational best pole vault mark, 18-3, set in 2003.










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  • CaliforniaTrack&RunningNews presents the April-June 2009

    Runners Schedule CalendarYOUR COMPLETE



    containing events throughDecember 2009!

    45,000 Copies Distributed!




    The ING Bay to Breakers is the official siteof the World Centipede RunningChampionships. The centipede competitionis the result of a historic run in 1978 when13 leggy Aggie Running Club athletescompeted in the race tethered together withplastic garbage bags and duct tape.

    You can also nd this calendar at

    ING Bay to Breakers 12K

    Lake Tahoe Marathon

    Big Sur International Marathon

    Check inside for information on these upcoming races:




    Calendar Editio


    r Edition

    Calendar Editio


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  • 18 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    What is a centipede?In ING Bay to Breakers terms, a centipede is composed of tethered runners (or segments) whoparticipate in the race. Often centipede or pede participants run in artistic costumes, but elite,or seeded, pedes, bestowed with limber limbs and swift insect genes, vie for top places. Adultcentipedes consist of 13 runners, plus floaters who may run alongside and substitute for any ofthe other runners (1 floater for Fun Runner Centipedes and 2 for Seeded Centipedes). Youthcentipedes consist of 6 runners tethered together and 1 floater.

    The ING Bay to Breakers is the official site of the World Centipede RunningChampionships. The centipede competition is the result of a historic run in 1978 when 13leggy Aggie Running Club athletes competed in the race tethered together with plastic garbagebags and duct tape.

    IInterview with Peanut Harms, Original Pede SegmentCTRN contacted Dwayne Peanut Harms, a co-founder of the Aggie Running Club, for aninside story about centipede mania..California Track & Running News: Who originally had the idea for tethered runners, andhow did it come about?

    Peanut Harms: It was a group decision that we came up with at one of the Aggie Running Clubmeetings. The Aggie RC was an official university club at UC-Davis made up of competitiverunners, faculty members, and community people. We ran every day, raced every weekend, andwe were looking for something a little different to do. In 1978, we chartered a bus to go toBreakers and we wanted to do something crazy, fun, and different. My next recollection is inthe auxiliary gym at Davis, ripping up garbage bags, cutting holes in them, and attaching themtogether with tape. The bus trip was wild, sort of like a Ken Keseytype experience. Prior tothat first year we ran, the race was simply a race. From that day forward, the race changedforever.

    CTRN: Who came up with the term centipede, you or Angel Martinez (another member of theAggie Running Club)?

    PH: Probably Angel. He was the president of the club and ended up single-handedly writingup the Official Centipede Rules [see sidebar], and in his own creative way, crafted 99 percentof the original centipede. He drew the first concept drawing of a centipede, as well. In allhonesty, though, the number of runners (13), and the spacing between them (5 feet) was purelyarbitrary. The concept just looked like a centipede, so the name was natural.

    CTRN: Who ran in the first centipede and what was the experience like?

    PH: The first centipede started in the very back of the crowd of 8,000 to 10,000 runners whoparticipated at that time. It was a co-ed team made up of Aggie Running Club members. Weweaved in and out of the crowd until we reached the finish line. After the race, we went to ourspecial spot in Golden Gate Park and played ultimate frisbee and had a big party.

    CTRN: How did other runners in Breakers react to the first centipedes?

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

    Centipede Participants &Spectators GuideBy Mark Winitz




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  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 19

    PH: We were surely a novelty, and we were well received except by the serious runners we wouldpull up on. When we started running fast, sub-5 minute pace, people were shocked. When wefinished 13th through 26th overall, people were astonished. The race was on.

    CTRN: When did real centipede competition start?

    PH: I think it was in the second year, in 79. We said, Last year was fun. I wonder how fastwe can run? We didnt change our preparation, and didnt change much else, but we just ranfaster. Then came the sponsors for our pede, and, as it turned out, our pace was close to thepace of the first overall woman. The media picked up on that. They started asking Joan Benoit,Grete Waitz, and Rosa Mota [198587 womens champions], and the many great femaleAfrican runners, Do you think you can beat the centipede? Joanie [Benoit] was particularlygood at answering this question in a fun kind of way at the pre-race press conference. But manyof the invited female runners were often perplexed or incredulous when they were asked thisquestion by the media. This same dialog goes on to this very day.

    CTRN: What was the competition like between teams during the early days of centipedecompetition?

    PH: We had friendly pede competition with the West Valley Track Club at Breakers in the earlydays. The Aggies and West Valley TC would hammer at each other frequently in PacificAssociation/USATF [then Pacific Association/TAC] competition, and it was an outgrowth ofthat. They had some great runners: Duncan MacDonald, Mike Pinocci, Gary Goettelmann,Mike Porter, and Benton Hart. They loaded up their centipedes. It was a challenge race becausewe were the two top clubs in Northern California.

    Then, people started putting together all-star pedes to go at us, recruiting runners fromacross the country to try and knock us off.

    CTRN: Which centipede was the best, competitively, in your memory? According to theBreakers website, the Aggies set both the mens centipede record (37:39) and the womenscentipede record (47:36) in 1990.

    PH: I was the lead pedes number 1 runner during many of the real fast years when we brokeinto the top 15 overall places, beating many of the seeded male runners. I sort of lost track ofrecord times when the race changed to 12K [in 1983]. Weve always stayed with all-AggieRunning Club members for our pedesno all-star teams. Ex-steeplechasers do well in peding because theyre used to the closeness ofthe runner in front of you and the [unintentional] tripping that goes on.If you really think about it, 13 people running that close, that fast issimply remarkable.

    CTRN: Who is the fastest runner you know of who competed in acentipede?

    PH: Ivan Huff [a world-class U.S. steeplechaser in the 1980s], MarkSchilling [NCAA double champion at 880m and one mile]. MarkConover [1988 U.S. Olympic marathoner] may have run, 1984Olympian Carmelo Rios [Puerto Rico, steeplechase] ran several times.Jeff Atkinson [1988 U.S. Olympian, 1500m] may have been in there.On the womens side, I think Kara June [top U.S. steeplechaser and 08Olympic Trials qualifier] is the fastest. Today, many excellent youngrunners in the club have embraced centipede racing as the ultimate teamsport.

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition







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  • 20 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    CTRN: Has the VO2 max (maximal oxygen uptake) of an Aggie centipede ever been measuredin a UC-Davis exercise physiology lab?

    PH (laughs and answers jokingly): Well, they tried to hook up leads from 13 treadmills, onefor each centipede runner, to a single mass spectrometer for measuring the oxygen gases. But itwouldnt work. The gasses got all mixed up together.

    CTRN: What is it like to be the slowest runner in your centipede? Any idea?

    PH: First of all, high-speed centipede racing is the most intense kind of racing there is. Youresmoking along at 5-minute pace, 5 feet from the person in front of you. There are crazy people(unregistered bandits) flying in from all sides. I clearly remember, when I got older andstarted slowing down a bit, being lifted off the ground and dragged along through the parkwhen we hit sub-4:40 pace. Running behind Mark Schilling, all 6-3, 200 pounds of him, andnot being able to see, was absolutely frightening at times. But when we hit the Great Highwayand the finish line, it was all worthwhile.

    CTRN: How about costumed centipedes? When do you recall that they started?

    PH: The very next year after we ran our first pede in 78. That sort of made it okay for peopleto go nuts. The fact that we were featured on the front page of the San Francisco newspaper thenext morning after our first centipede run changed the race forever. The article, with a photo,said Centipede Weaves Its Way Through Bay to Breakers Crowd. The very next year, folksstarted getting creative with centipedes, stamping San Franciscos flavor as a city that likes oddstuff on the race.

    CTRN: Who came up with all the crazy centipede rules such as the required Lenichi Turn,twinkie feelers on the head of each runner, and the stinger on the last runner?

    PH: The Lenichi Turn was brought to the U.S. by Igatoo Lenichi after Pete and Oscar Sweeneyvisited Poland and befriended the entire Town of Lenichi in 1978. Marathon champion andUCD graduate Ed Schelegle of the Aggies, who is now an associate professor at UC-Davis,created the Twinkie Feelers and the Captain Juice Alien Detector Goggles that were used in atleast two Bay to Breakers. They occupy a cherished place in the Centipede Hall of Fame. I thinkAngel created the stinger. The amazing transformations in the costume itself could be a chapterin a book.

    CTRN: What is the method of executing a good, clean Lenichi Turn?

    PH: Thats an easy question. The lead pede signals the rest of the pede to prepare for the turn.Communication is the key. The lead segment says Lenichi left!, and curls tight to the left. Thedanger comes when the end of the pede is whip-lashed at the end of the turn. There is also theinsane move of turning and going head-on into as many as 70,000 to 100,000 people. You justwant to do it, get it over with, and start running fast again.

    CTRN: How about the floaters? Whats the current strategy on using them effectively?

    PH: The floater has been part of the centipede rules since the beginning. Theyre like substitutesin a basketball game. Today, the floaters and blockers are used as a safety issue as much asanything else. Theyre the eyes and the ears for the centipede in many respects. They let otherrunners know that a centipede is coming through, and it could be coming through fast. Whats

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition




    17-32.qxd:Calendar Jan 09 4/14/09 8:03 AM Page 20

  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 21

    ING Bay to Breakers Centipede WinnersNote: Official centipede competition began in 1986.

    Year Men Time Women Time1978 First centipede (Aggies) ...1981 Aggies 41:50 1982 Aggies 41:04 1983 Aggies 40:21 1984 Aggies 41:37 1985 Aggies 40:24 1986 Aggies 38:581987 PowerBar 39:14 Aggies 50:401988 Aggies 38:30 Aggies 48:471989 Aggies 38:14 Aggies 49:201990 PowerBar 38:26 Aggies 47:381991 Aggies 37:40** Aggies 48:381992 Aggies 39:12 Aggies 51:551993 Aggies 38:55 Aggies 48:471994 Aggies 38:51 Tamalpa 48:461995 Aggies 38:19 Aggies 48:041996 Aggies 38:43 Aggies 47:571997 Aggies 39:24 Clif Bar 51:441998 Aggies 40:09 Aggies 48:451999 Aggies 39:26 Aggies 47:11**2000 Aggies 39:33 Aggies 49:052001 Aggies 40:54 Impala N/A2002 Aggies 39:20 Impala N/A2003 Aggies 39:06 Aggies 49:242004 Transports N/A Aggies 48:182005 Aggies 39:17 Aggies 48:302006 Transports 39:16 Aggies 49:132007 Transports 39:01 Aggies 47:522008 Aggies 38:05 Aggies 47:54


    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

    amazing is that over the years I dont think anyone has been seriously injured while running ina centipede.

    CTRN: Why are there separate rules for Fun Runner Centipedes and Seeded Centipedes?

    PH: I have no idea. Corporate America has tried many times to add structure to the wholecentipede concept. The bottom line is, no matter whether youre running fast or slow ... theimportant thing is to have fun and celebrate the diversity of the experience.

    CTRN: Whats your most memorable centipede experience?

    PH: All together, it was just the fun of it all, the sheer enjoyment of people getting together andhaving a great time through the sport of running. Thats what its all about. C

    lay S


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  • 22 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition


    Fun Runner Centipede RulesING Bay to Breakers does not require groupregistration for Fun Runner Centipedes.Each individual should register separately.

    Competition guidelines were adoptedby the International Centipede Congresslong, long ago.1. Each adult centipede must consist of

    13 runners plus 1 floater who runsalongside, substituting for runners wholose a shoe, drop off the pace, or need tomake a pit stop.

    2. Each youth centipede must consist of 6runners plus 1 floater. All runners mustbe from the same school or club andmust be in the 9th grade or below.

    3. The adult centipede body must be 60feet long. Youth centipedes mustmeasure exactly 32 feet. Judges willmeasure every centipede in order tocurtail illegal modifications.

    4. A centipede may be made of anymaterial that an organization, school, orclub deems appropriate. However, try tokeep it light, flexible, and well-ventilated. Allow at least 4 feet betweenindividual leg segments.

    5. Twinkie feelers on the head of eachsegment are required.

    6. The final segment of each centipedemust wear a stinger of appropriatedesign.

    7. Each segment must be filled with a registered centipede athlete in order to be eligible for official awards.

    8. During the entire competition, allrequired body segments must be presentin the centipede body. If a segment is tobe exchanged, the replacement mustgive the centipedes official password toexclude unauthorized participants.

    9. To re-enter the centipede, a displacedrunner must catch up with the body andresume his original segment, which thefloater has been occupying. The officialpassword and secret acknowledgmentmust be repeated each time. If thefloater makes a permanent substitution, no other substitutions are allowed.

    10. An adult team must finish with 13runners including at least 12 of theoriginal runners comprising thecentipede, plus the official floater. Ayouth team must finish with 6 runners

    including 5 of the original runners plusthe floater.

    11. Decals or other advertisements for highperformance may be displayed on anycentipede body.

    12. A Lenichi Turn, a 360-degree turn madefamous by two Eastern Europeancentipede runners (Oscar and IgatooLenichi) in the 18th century, must beexecuted at Lindley Meadow in GoldenGate Park just beyond the 6-mile point.The Lenichi Turn must not interferewith other runners.

    13. All centipedes must start from the rearof the Fun Runners pack with theirstingers up against the remnants of Pier16 on the Bays edge at the foot ofHoward Street. Each centipede will bechecked in prior to the race to preventquestionable starts.

    Centipede Categories VELOCIPEDE: Men only. SPEEDYPEDE: Women only. SPLITPEDE: Coed. No more than 7 of

    one gender. MINIPEDE: Youth, 9th grade or below,

    Centipede Rules

    17-32.qxd:Calendar Jan 09 4/14/09 8:04 AM Page 22

  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 23Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar EditionSpecial ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

    with 3 boys and 3 girls. SEEDED-PEDE: Male and female. See

    Seeded Centipede below forinformation. Awards will be given to thefastest Seeded Centipede.

    Seeded Centipede Registration InstructionsSeeded Centipedes must follow the sameguidelines as other Seeded Division runners. Register by mail and provide written

    proof of qualifying times. Registrations must be postmarked by

    April 15. Send all registration forms for the group

    in one package. Race packets can be prepared for

    individual or group pick-up. Pleasespecify your preference when yousubmit your applications.

    Registration forms can be found on theSeeded Registration Page of the INGBay to Breakers website. Onlineregistration is not available.

    Seeded Centipede Competition Instructions1. A centipede consists of 13 connected

    individuals and a maximum of 2unconnected alternates.

    2. All 15 individuals in the centipede mustqualify for seeded status in order to start

    the race in the seeded section.3. Mens qualifying times are 34:30 10K;

    42:30 12K; 2:44 Marathon. Womensqualifying times are 40:00 10K; 48:3012K; 3:08 Marathon.

    4. Each member of the centipede must present written proof of that qualifyingtime. Qualifying time must be from aUSATF-certified race within onecalendar year of the ING Bay to Breakersand may include last years ING Bay toBreakers.

    5. To ensure safety, please keep costumessimple.

    6. Seeded centipedes start the race at theback of the seeded section. Placementviolations will result in disqualification.

    7. Seeded centipedes must check in before 7a.m. on race morning. The check-in areais located at Mission and Main Streets.Any team or individual membersarriving after 7 a.m. will not be admittedto the seeded section.

    8. The first person in each centipede tocross the finish line determines thefinishing time for all 13 individuals inthe centipede and the official finishingtime for that centipede. The 14th and15th members of the centipedes(alternates), whether or not they finish

    with the other 13 members, will betreated as individual finishers with theirown times.

    9. There must be 13 connected finishers in acentipede to win or place. All 13members must exit the rear of the finishline chute or the centipede will bedisqualified.

    10. Individuals must write their own nameand their centipede team name on theirrunner number tear-off tag.

    11. (Optional) The Lenichi Turn isoptional for seeded competition.

    12. (Optional) Twinkie feelers for the firstperson in each centipede, but the entireteam is encouraged to wear them.

    13. (Optional) The end of each centipedeshould have a stinger at least six inchesin length.

    14. The centipede must be no more than 60feet long, allowing at least 4 feet betweenleg segments. Race officials prior to thestart will measure each centipede fromnose to stinger.

    17-32.qxd:Calendar Jan 09 4/14/09 8:04 AM Page 23

  • 24 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

    Palo Alto: Skyline Ridge Half Marathon & 10K - 19thannual. $30-10K/Half, $35 after 2/28. w/t-s. We like to call thetrails at Skyline Open Space Preserve "skyscrapers." Why?Because while your running along the exposed ridge, you feellike you can almost reach out and touch the clouds. Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA 94970;[email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    Columbia: Old Mill Run 10K, Kids Mile & Mini Mile, 9am$25, $30 after 4/14, 2M 8am $20/$25, Kids 8:45am $15/$20.Columbia State Park; rolling certied loop course in thebeautiful Gold Country. Online;[email protected]

    Granite Bay Duathlon (4mR-14mB-4mR),

    April 19, SUNIce Breaker Tri,

    San Rafael: Marin County Marathon, Half, 10K, Kids Run,7am. McNears Beach.,[email protected]

    April 26, SUNOakland: Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth Sunday Runs5K, 10K, 9 a.m., $3 members, $5 non-members. SailboatHouse, Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland. Certied, at loopcourse. Hotline: (510) 644-4224;

    Pope Valley: Golden Gate Bi Series-Pope Valley Biathlon(5KR-21mRB-2mR), 10am $35, $40 race day w/t-s andawards to all nishers, Teams $40/$45. Located east of Angwinat Pope Valley Farmers Center; very scenic slightly hilly run,slightly hilly bike. Sky High, 4967 Santa Rita Rd, El Sobrante94803; Online; 510/223-5778 (7-10am& pm).

    May 2, SAT Napa: Napa Valley Vintage Half-Iron Triathlon - 5thannual. $160- Individual, $225 Relay Team, w/t-s. Prices goup 9/13. 1.2m swim, 56m bike, 13.1m run. Enjoy the coursealong Lake Berryessa through the rolling countryside of Chilesand Pope Valleys. Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach,CA 94970; [email protected];;415/868-1829.

    Sacramento: Parkway Half Marathon & 5k (3rd),$38/$48/$60 4/6, 4/25, 4/26-5/2, 7:15am Walker Start,8:15am Runner Start, 8:30am 5k Start. William Pond RecreationArea. Both courses take place on the American River Parkway

    DISCLAIMEREvery effort is made to insure the accuracy of theinformation provided in the Calendar. However, thepublisher is not responsible for errors, omissions orchanges made after publication. You can save yourselftime, money and frustration by pre-registering for events(especially before making any travel arrangements). Youmay wish to conrm by telephone with organizers thedate, time and location just prior to the event.LISTING YOUR EVENTFor $75, your listing will be in print and online through theevent date. Changes may be made at any time at noadditional charge. Call 415-472-7223 for information.ONLINE CALENDARAn up-to-date version of the Calendar can be found online 2008, The Runners Schedule. Reproduction in any form isprohibited without consent of the publisher.

    April 4, SATDanville: Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk (14th), Comeand join Sparky George, the Bear Flag Runner and an oldMarine, at the 14th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5KRun or Walk on Saturday, February 7 beginning at 10 a.m. atSycamore Valley Park , 2101 Holbrook Drive , Danville , rain orshine. Entry fee is $35 per person. There is no entry fee forvolunteers. All runners and volunteers will receive a red t-shirt,and lunch donated by El Balazo Restaurant, a major four-yearsupporter. Online; Sparky 925/855-1950

    Lodi: Easter Run & Fun 5K, 1M, Kids Run, 8:10am $20, $25after 3/30 w/carnival, pancake breakfast. Lodi Lake.http\\; [email protected]

    Sausalito: Golden Gate Headlands Marathon, Half Marathon& 7 Mile - 21st annual. $30-7mi/Half, $35 after 3/15.$55Marathon, $60 after 3/15. w/t-s. Along this scenic trail runthrough the Marin Headlands, you'll soak in panoramic vistas ofthe Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco cityscape and thelush Pacic shoreline peppered with vibrant wildowers.Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA 94970;[email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    April 5, SUNMountain View: Run for Zimbabwe Orphan & ZimbabweanFair 1/2M & 1M X-C (10h)

    Mountain View: 10th Annual Run for Zimbabwe Orphans. 1-4p.m. 1120 Miramonte Ave. St. Joseph School. X-country for acause featuring 100 yd. for Special Olympians; 220 yd. for Pre-School; 1/2 mile for Kindergarten and mile races for gradeschool to adults. Zimbabwean Fair & African rafe prizes. $5entry. $10 T-shirt. Contact Ellen & Bill Clark 650 941 9206 . Benets Makumbi Children'sHome.

    April 11, SAT Stinson Beach: Muir Woods Marathon, 25K & 7 Mile - 21stannual. $30-7mi/25K, $35 after 3/28. $50Marathon, $60after 3/28. w/t-s. As you run this course, you will drink in thefresh smell of the towering redwoods and oaks that surroundyou. Your summit will be rewarded with panoramic vistas asyou begin your descent back into Stinson Beach. Enviro-Sports,PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA 94970;[email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    Ice Breaker Swim,

    April 12, SUN Pescadero: Artichoke Half Marathon, 10K Run/Stride, 9am$25, $30 race day w/t-s and awards to all. Pescadero Exit offHwy One (14M S of Half Moon Bay) Pescadero Road East toStage Road, turn right to Native Son s Hall; very scenicout/back level paved road and 3M of trails. Sky High, 4967Santa Rita Rd, El Sobrante 94803;; 510/223-5778.

    April 18, SAT Emeryville: Worlds Shortest Triathlon for the WorldsSmallest City ( 100ydS-2.6mB-1.9mR)(3rd), 8am 45, $50after 4/15 w/t-s, Breakfast, Prizes, Awards; 18 & Under$35/$40. Short, fast, fun; Emery School (47th & San Pablo)check in City Hall-corner of 45th & Hollis. On Your Mark Events,PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832


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  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 25

    the nations longest, continuous wild and scenic riparianparkway in a major metropolitan area. Micro-ber shirts,beautiful nisher medals, ChampionChip Timing, entertainment,extremely fast and scenic route, awards, food & beverages,, (916) 492-8966. Organized by CapitalRoad Race Management and SacFit.

    May 3, SUNNapa: Napa Valley Sprint Triathlon - 11th annual. $80,$90 after 9/14, w/t-s. 1/2m swim, 15m bike, 4m run. Enjoy thecourse in and along Lake Berryessa as you're surrounded byNapa Valley's beauty. Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, StinsonBeach, CA 94970; [email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    Fair Oaks: Fair Oaks Fiesta Sun Run 5M, 2.3M Walk, 1/4 &1/2 M Kids Runs (29th), 8:30am $25/$30 after 4/25w/unique race shirt. Fair Oaks (12M N/E of Sac.). CommunityClubhouse in the old Fair Oaks Village. The Most scenic,challenging and charming 5 mile race you will run/walk allyear. Course is half paved roads and half dirt trail w/four toughhills including The Beast. Food, beverages, awards, music andChampionchip Timing. Limit 1,000. CRRM, PO Box 19027,95819; [email protected];; 916/492-8966

    May 9, SAT Mill Valley: Mt. Tam Wild Boar Ridge Run 10K & 18K -23rd anniversary. $30-10K/18K, $35 after 4/25; w/t-s. You'llfollow a combination of paved roadways and dirt singletracktrails offering striking views of Bolinas Lagoon, the PacicOcean and Marin County watershed. Enviro-Sports, PO Box1040, Stinson Beach, CA 94970; [email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    Pleasanton: California Peace Ofciers (CPOA) Memorial Run5K,10K, Kids Run, 9am $30/$35 after 5/6 w/Bar BQ, T-s, rafeprizes, trophies & medals ($10 non-runner BarBQ/$7 Kids);$10/$15 Kids Mile; Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. On Your MarkEvents, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    May 10, SUN Angels Camp: Angels Camp Triathlon (1000ydS-16mB-4mR)(17th), 8:30am $55, $65 after 5/6 w/t-s, Great Prizes,Awards, Very cool Trohpy, Beer & Free Bar BQ ($10 for non-runner); Relay $155/$190. New Melones Lake Recreation area.On Your Mark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    May 16, SAT Beijing, China; Great Wall marathon, 1/2 marathon, 10k and5k, Contact LeRoy 3 time nisher for registration and packageInformation. [email protected];; 800-383-9648

    May 17, SUNBerkeley: Tilden Tough Ten Miler, 10 Miles (22nd), 8am $20(LMJS members) $25( non-members), $30 race day w/t-s,awards, rafe, refreshments. Field is limited to 300 runners.Inspiration Point Parking Lot, Tilden Park; hilly 10M out/backalong Nimitz Way. Sub-60, 70 and 80 minute t-shirts. For entrysend SASE : LMJS, 1910 Arrowhead Dr., Oakland 94611;; Hotline: 510/644-4224

    May 23, SAT Morgan Hill: Mushroom Mardi Gras 5K & 10K Fun Runs(30th), 8 am $25; $20 U-18, $30/$25 after 05/15 w/t-s.Anderson Lake County Park Ranger Station; at out & backcourse on scenic Coyote Creek Bike Path. $45 gift certicate totop overall M/F from Go Run Sports. Proceeds benet Live OakHigh School Athletic programs. Online registration; [email protected], [email protected]

    May 24, SUNOakland: Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth SundayRuns 5K, 10K, 15K, 9 a.m., $3 members, $5 non-members.Sailboat House, Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland.Certied, at loop course. . Hotline: (510) 644-4224;

    Jersey City, NJ: LIBERTY TO LIBERTY TRIATHLON - 27thannual. $300-Ind, $375-Teams; w/t-s. New York to Philadelphiastarting with a swim in the Hudson River, a bike ride across theGarden State and a nish at the "Rocky" steps of thePhiladelphia Art Museum. Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, StinsonBeach, CA 94970; [email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    May 25, MONAntioch: Deer Valley Super Sprint Triathlon, 8am Superkidz7yrs-under (50ydS-1mB-.25mR), Superkidz 7-10 yrs (100ydS-2mB-.5mR); Sprint Course (250ydS-8mB-2mR) Super course(500ydS-18mB-3.8mR), 8am Superkidz $15, Sprint course$35/$40, Team $40/$45 race day; Super course $40/$45, Team$45/$50. Medals for all, plus SuperKidzs. Kids 14 and underwill win anaward! Prewitt Water Park, 4701 Lone Tree Wy.Swim-pool, bike-slightly rolling loop, Run-paved path. Sky High510/223-5778;

    Kenteld: 32nd Marin Memorial Day Races (formerly PacicSun Races) 10K, 2.5 Mile, and Youth Track Races, 8am-2.5M; 8:15-10k; 9:45-Youth Races. $25/$20 (18-under) or$30/$25 after 5/18. Youth $5 w/o shirt. Flat, fast, certiedcourses, dramatic stadium nish. PA/USATF 10K RoadChampionship, $3,000 prizes, all divs. Engraved plaques 3deep in all age groups (5 year divisions). S/F College of Marin.Download entry form or reg online at Bowman (415) 924-5976.

    Sacramento: Buzz Oates No Excuses 5K (age-graded scoring),8:30am $25/$30 after 5/18 w/t-s. William Land Park VillageGreen. Unique age-grading format, whimsical t-shirt,refreshments, plaques to top 50 overall, random prizes,Championchip Timing, Buzz Oates Hot Seat to 50th PlaceFinisher (Leather Recliner), real-time results on large screentelevision at nish line; _ & _ M Kids races,[email protected];;; 916/492-8966

    May 29-30, FRI-SATReno: Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Relay Run Adventure 178M(5th), 7am. One of Reno-Tahoes newest & most excitingSpecial events; a team relay run on a 178M course through theReno-Lake Tahoe [email protected];

    May 30, SATAlexandria,SD: Greg Wagner Memorial 6 Mile Run, 20 MileWalk, www.Mitchell, [email protected]

    May 31, SUNToa Baja, Puerto Rico: Carrera international Abraham Rosa10K, [email protected];

    Pescadero: Golden gate Bi Series-Pescadero Biathlon (5kR-17mB-2mR), 9am $35, $40 race day wt-s and awards to allnishers, Teams $40/$45. Duartes Tavern (Stage Rd); out/backrun, bike over at terrain in rural setting, almost no trafc. SkyHigh, 4967 Santa Rita Rd, El Sobrante 94803;; 510/223-5778 (7-10am & pm).

    Marlinton, WV: WEST VIRGINIA MARATHON 7 HALFMARATHON - Inaugural. $85-Marathon, $50-Half Marathon.w/t-s. This race will take place on the scenic Greenbrier River

    Trail through the heart of the Monongahela National Forest.Late spring will provide young growth among the native treesand ora along the trail allowing for stunning views andambient sounds of the Greenbrier River. Enviro-Sports, PO Box1040, Stinson Beach, CA 94970; [email protected];,;415/868-1829.

    June 6, SATTri for Fun Sprint Tri #1 (26th),

    Danville: Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk (14th), Comeand join Sparky George, the Bear Flag Runner and an oldMarine, at the 14th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5KRun or Walk on Saturday, February 7 beginning at 10 a.m. atSycamore Valley Park , 2101 Holbrook Drive , Danville , rain orshine. Entry fee is $35 per person. There is no entry fee forvolunteers. All runners and volunteers will receive a red t-shirt,and lunch donated by El Balazo Restaurant, a major four-yearsupporter.; Sparky 925/855-1950

    June 7, SUNCastro Valley: Lake Chabot Trail Challenge Half Marathon,5K, & Free Childrens Run (26th), An East bay Triple CrownEvent. 8am $35-Half/$20-5K, $40/$25 after 5/30 w/t-s,goody bag. RRCA CA State Half Marathon Trail Championship.Lake Chabot Park Marina; hilly, mostly dirt reroads, loop; 5Krolling paved, out/back. Childrens Run-free. [email protected];;

    Saratoga: Run/Walk for Lupus 5K (15th), 9am $20, $25 after5/27 w/t-s, strawberry shortcake breakfast, and est. $10k inprizes to be awarded. S/F Fruitvale Ave., West Valley College;paved rolling tour of campus (2 closed loops). USATF certied(CA98008TK). Lupus Fdn. of Northern California, 2635 North FirstSt., #206, San Jose, CA 95134; [email protected]; Onlinereg. at; 408/954-8600; toll-free 800/523-3363

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition










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  • 26 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    Healdsburg: Healdsburg Fitch Mountain Foot Race 3K/10K(34th), 8am $25 adults (13-59), $20 (12& under, 60+),$30/$25 after 6/2 w/commemorative t-s. Pre-reg encouragedas t-shirts are guaranteed only to those who pre-register.Healdsburg Historic Downtown Plaza; beautiful, paved ,certied , rolling loop course. Great atmosphere, refreshments.Jerry Strong, 14685 Grove St, 95448;[email protected]; Online; 707/576-6147

    Mill Valley: Dipsea Race 7.1 Mile (99th), 8:30am Sharp!

    San Rafael: San Rafael One Mile Races, 7:45am 18-39;8:15am 40 & over; 8:45am 18 & under, $20. S/F downtownSan Rafael @ 4th & A St. Info and online; 415/246-1390

    Sonoma: Hit the Road Jack 10K Run, 2.2M Walk/Run(22nd), 8am $20/$15-16 & under (both distances), $25/$20after 5/23. S/F North side of downtown plaza; certied paved

    loop past vineyards, with one hill. Awards, live music, Ox RoastFestival and art show in Plaza after race. Hit the Road Jack, POBox 1857, 95476; [email protected];;; 707/935-9566

    June 13, SATGilroy: Henry Coe 5K/10K Fun Run & Walk, 9am $25, $30after 6/11, $35 race day w/t-s. Henry W Coe State ParkHunting Hollow Entrance. Limited to rst 250.

    June 20, SATPt Reyes/Limantour Beach: Limantour Odessey HalfMarathon, 9am $30 until 7/17 10am-only online registration(no mail ins and no race day-National Park rules) w/t-s andawards to all. Limited to 100 participants! Limantour Upperparking lot; scenic out/back beach and trail run. Sky HighEvents;; 510/223-5778.

    Plesanton: Tri for Fun #1 (400ydS-11mB-3mR),

    7am $55, $65 (if available-does sell out) w/t-s, Refreshments,Great Prizes. Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. Outstanding forbeginners/novice, time trial for the more esprienced. On YourMark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    June 21, SUNPleasanton: Plesanton Rotary Spirit Run 5K, 10K, 8am-10K,8:20-5K, $25, $30 after 6/5 w/t-s,Great Prizes, GreatRefreshments, Awards. Main St-Downtown under the arch. Afathers Day, Downtown Celebration. On Your Mark Events, POBox 1199, Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    June 28, SUNOakland: Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth SundayRuns 5K, 10K, 9 a.m., $3 members, $5 non-members.Sailboat House, Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland.Certied, at loop course. Hotline: (510) 644-4224;

    July 4, SATGraeagle: Graeagle 5K/10K Run, Walk, Stride, 9am $20, $25race day w/t-s, medals to all. Kids M Free (no t-s). S/FGraeagle Real Estate (49 miles no. of Truckee, Hwy 89); at,scenic, road & trail in beautiful Mohawk Valley. Ideal vacationspot, swimming, restaurants, golf, cycling,etc. Sky High Events,4967 Santa Rita Rd, 94820-0963; 510/223-5778;

    San Ramon: Run for San Ramon 5K, 10K, 8:30am-5K,8:45am-10K, $25, $30 after 7/1 w/t-s, Refreshments, Awards,Rafe. Central Park, entrance on Alcosta Blvd. On Your MarkEvents, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    July 5, SUNMurphy: The Twisted Half Marathon 5K & 10K (22nd), 8am$30 5k/10K, $35 after 7/2, $35/$40-Half Mar. w/BarBQ @Twisted Oak Winery ($10 non-runners), Awards, T-s, Rafe,Prize Money. Twisted Oak Winery. On Your Mark Events, PO Box1199, Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    Graeagle: Graeagle Triathlon (.5mS-15mB-5kR), SuperKidzTri, 8am $40, $50-Teams, $45/$55 race day w/t-s and medalsfor all. SuperKidz 7:45am (5-12 yrs) $15. Mill Pond next toGreagle General Store; S-warm water lake, B-loop at, R-roadrun mostly at, mild hills. Great for teams! Sky High Events,4967 Santa Rita Rd, 94820-0963; 510/223-5778;

    July 11, SATTri for Fun Sprint Tri #2 (26th),

    July 12, SUNSan Francisco: Alcatraz Challenge Aquathlon & Swim(1.5mS-7mR), Experience 2 of SF's preeminent landmarks upclose & personal: 1.5 m. swim from Alcatraz with a 7 m. o/brun across the Golden Gate Bridge - swim only & relay optionsavailable. Register early - this event will ll up by Memorial Dayat the latest! [email protected] /

    Tri for Real Olympic Distance Tri Series #2,

    July 18, SATPlesanton: Tri for Fun #2 (400ydS-11mB-3mR), 7am $55, $65(if available-does sell out) w/t-s, Refreshments, Great Prizes.Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. Outstanding for beginners/novice,

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

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  • 28 c t & r n a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9

    time trial for the more esprienced. On Your Mark Events, POBox 1199, Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    THE GREAT RACE features a unique run-bike-paddlecompetition with many divisions for both ironpersons or relayteams. In its 36th year, the race is held along the beautifulAmerican River Parkway, between Rancho Cordova andSacramento. The three legs of the race consist of a 5.82 milerun, 12.5 mile cycle and a 6.35 mile paddle. Continuing thisyear is the Kaiser Permanente Kids Duathlon, a 2.5-mile runand a 6-mile bike ride that provides kids with their own eventto compete in while family members are tackling THE GREATRACE.

    July 19, SUNDublin: Jail Break Run 5K, 10K, 8am $25, $30 after 7/17 w/T-s, Refreshments, Rafe Prizes, Awards. Run the grounds of thejail; Santa Rita Jail (Alameda Country Jail). Benets theSpecial Olympics. On Your Mark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    July 25, SATLivermore: Del Valle Swim 1/2M, 1M, 2M and a SeparateSwim/Run 1M & 3M (11th), 8:30am $35, $40 after 7/22,$50/$55 Swim/Run w/T-s, Rafe, Awards, Refreshments. LakeDel Valle Regional Park, Open water swim & SeparateSwim/Run. Great for rst time w/warm clear 74 water. OnYour Mark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    July 26, SUNOakland: Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth SundayRuns 5K, 10K, 15K, 9 a.m., $3 members, $5 non-members.Sailboat House, Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland.Certied, at loop course. . Hotline: (510) 644-4224;

    San Francisco: Run the Golden Gate Bridge in 2009 with TheSan Francisco Marathon! Featuring a full marathon, 2 halfmarathons and 5K. All proceeds benet Youth Run4Fun.Fundraising options.

    Santa Cruz to Capitola: Wharf to Wharf 6 Mile (37th), 8:30am40 bands along the point to point course. Limit 15,000 people,cash prizes. www.wharftowharf; [email protected]

    August 8, SATTri for Fun Sprint Tri #3 (26th),

    Los Gatos: Dammit Run 5M, 8:30am #30 w/t-s ($15w/o),$40/$20 after 8/12. Los Gatos HS Track; rough, rocky dirt trails,loop, paved, hills. Bruce Springbett, 452 Montgomery Ave,95030;; [email protected]; 408/354-2005

    August 9, SUNThe Tri r Olympic Distance Series,

    August 11, SATLos Gatos: Dammit Run 5M, 8:30am $30 w/t-s ($15w/o),$40/$20 after 8/12. Los Gatos HS Track; rough, rocky dirt trails,loop, paved, hills. Bruce Springbett, 452 Montgomery Ave,95030;; [email protected]; 408/354-2005

    August 15, SATSan Francisco: ALCATRAZ SHARKFEST SWIM - 17thannual. $125; w/t-s. This is your chance to escape from theRock. Don't wait to register, this event sells out 6 months inadvance! Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA94970; [email protected];;415/868-1829.

    Plesanton: Tri for Fun #3 (400ydS-11mB-3mR)(22nd), 7am$55, $65 (if available-does sell out) w/t-s, Refreshments, GreatPrizes. Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. Outstanding forbeginners/novice, time trial for the more esprienced. On YourMark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    August 16, SUNFelton: Race Thru the Redwoods 10K, Kids 1M (41st),8:30am $20/$25 after 8/14 w/t-s and pancake breakfast.Henry Cowell Park.;[email protected]

    August 23, SUNOakland: Time IS ON Your Side 5K, 10K Run, 9am $6/8 non-members, $8/$10 race day w/prizes, awards. Sailboat House,568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland. Guess your time and the closestwins. For entry send SASE to LMJS, 1910 Arrowhead Dr.,Oakland 94611;; Hotline: 510/644-4224

    El Sobrante: Lakeridge Triathlon (500ydS-11mB-5kR) Sprint(250ydS-11mB-2mR), 8am $50,60 after 9/1 $70 raceday;Teams $99/$120 w/t-s, lunch w/drink, water, one-daymembership to Lakeridge (discount for LAC members &students w/valid ID). Lakeridge AC; S-pool, B-scenic on SanPablo Dam Rd., R-rolling hills. Medals for all. Lakeridge AthleticClub, 6350 San Pablo Dam Rd., 94803;[email protected];;; 510/222-2500

    August 29, SAT,Tri for Kids Triathlon,

    Super Sprint Triathlon,

    August 30, SUNLUNA Bar Women's Triathlon Festival,

    Mercer Island, WA: SEATTLE ESCAPE FROM THE ROCKTRIATHLON - 13th annual. $60-Ind, $120-Teams, $70/$150after 7/30; w/t-s. Mercer Island, Washington, sets the stage forthis beautiful course. We shut down an entire I-90 freeway justfor this event! Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA94970; [email protected];;415/868-1829.

    August 31, MonMt. Shasta Tinman Triathlon: A fun, family event. 740 ydswim, 10 mile bike, 4.5 mile run in the woods at the base ofmagnicent Mount Shasta. Benets Dunsmuir Rotarycommunity & youth projects. Contact Will [email protected]

    September 6, SUNBear Valley/N.CA: Bear Valley Triathlon (600yS-10.5mB-3.25mR)(17th), 10am $55, $65 after 9/3, $155/$190 Relayw/Free BarBQ($10 for non-part.) & Beer! Great Prizes, Awards,T-s. Great race in great scenery; Bear Valley Lake, Bear ValleyVillage. On Your Mark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    Danville: Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk (14th), Comeand join Sparky George, the Bear Flag Runner and an oldMarine, at the 14th Hats Off America Red T-Shirt 10K Run/5KRun or Walk on Saturday, February 7 beginning at 10 a.m. atSycamore Valley Park , 2101 Holbrook Drive , Danville , rain orshine. Entry fee is $35 per person. There is no entry fee forvolunteers. All runners and volunteers will receive a red t-shirt,and lunch donated by El Balazo Restaurant, a major four-yearsupporter. Online; Sparky 925/855-1950

    Special ING Bay to Breakers 12K Calendar Edition

    17-32.qxd:Calendar Jan 09 4/14/09 8:04 AM Page 28

  • a p r i l j u n e 2 0 0 9 c t & r n 29

    September 13, SUNOakland: Hope in Motion Half Marathon, 5K & 10K (2nd),7:45am Half-$40/$45 after 8/31, 8am 5/10K-$30/$35 w/T-s,Refreshments, Awards and a Great sports bag. LakeMerritt/Boat House (560 Bellevue). Celebrating the birthplace ofroad running in the Bay Area. On Your Mark Events, PO Box1199, Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    San Francisco: ALCATRAZ XXIX ESCAPE FROM THE ROCKTRIATHLON - 29th annual. $175-Ind, $300-Teams,$190/$360 after 12/31; w/t-s. This is your chance to escapefrom the ROCK and have the world famous triathlonexperience, Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040, Stinson Beach, CA94970; [email protected];;415/868-1829.

    September 19, SATPleasanton: Back to School Scholarship Run 5K, 10K, KidsFun Run(14th), 8:30am $25, $30 after 9/16 w/Monster GoodieBags(25+lbs), Great Prizes(Trips, TVs etc), T-s, Refreshments. Shadow Cliff Regional Park. Presented by NCASMC. On YourMark Events, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    September 20, SUNPlesanton: Tri for Real (700ydS-19mB-4mR)(16th), 7am $65,$75 after 9/18(if available), Relay $185/$220) w/T-s, Awards,Refreshments, Great Prizes. Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. Thebest trophy in California. On Your Mark Events, PO Box 1199,Arnold 95223; [email protected];; 209/795-7832

    September 26, SATBig Sur: BIG SUR TRAIL MARATHON, HALF MARATHON & 5MILE 20th annual. $50-Mar, $30-Half/5M, $60/$35 after9/11; w/t-s. You'll wind through the beautiful coastal forestsand hills surrounding Big Sur River with redwood groves, oakand bay forests lining your path. Enviro-Sports, PO Box 1040,Stinson Beach, CA 94970; [email protected];; 415/868-1829.

    Manteca: The Central Valley Triathlon Sprint(500yS-16mB-3.1mR) and Super Sprint(200yS-5mB-1mR), 8am $60, $70after 923, $50/$60; Relay $170/$200 w/BarBQ ($10 non-part.),T-s, Awards, Rafe Prizes. Woodland Resevoir. On Your MarkEvents, PO Box 1199, Arnold 95223;[email protected];;209/795-7832

    September 27, SUNOakland: Lake Merritt Joggers & Striders Fourth SundayRuns 5K, 10K, 15K 9 a.m., $3 members, $5 non-members.Sailboat House, Lake Merritt, 568 Bellevue Ave, Oakland.Certied, at loop course. Hotline: (510) 644-4224;

    Mountain View: Trailblazer Race 10K/5K Runs, 5K Trail Walk,Children's races (13th), 8:30am. Adult 10K or 5K Run: $25,$30 race day. Adult 5K Trail Walk: $15/$20. Youth 19 and under$10/$15. T-shirt included. S/F 1065 La Avenida Ave in MicrosoftCampus, Shoreline Blvd exit off Hwy 101; scenic, paved &certied course on Stevens Creek Trail and Shoreline Park. Freechildren's races follow, along with refreshments, rafe, and afestival area. Reg form/and online;;[email protected] or 408-255-5780.

    October 3, SATNapa: TRI, GIRL, TRI! - 6th annual all women's triathlon.$70-Ind, $120-Teams, $80/$150 after 5/15; w/t-s. Now in itssixth year, our all-women's triathlon has fast be