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  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    Lord Ashcroft International Business School

    Marketing Essentials

    Module Code: BB115009S

    Academic ear: !011"!01!

    Semester: #$o

    Student I% &um'er: 11(0)*("1



  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials


    1" om%an& o'er'ie(1"1 )istor&$ summar&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!""*1"# +ranc,es!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!"-

    1"3 .ision and mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-1"* +rands %roduct and ser'ices!!!!!!!!!!!!"!""!!"1"- +usiness Descri%tion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""""!!!1" +oard o director!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!"""!"""71"7 2inancial Statement!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8

    #" S45 anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!"!""6#"1 Strengt,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!"!6#"# eakness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""10#"3 4%%ortunit&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11#"* 5,reat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!"1#

    #"- e& com%etitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!"13

    3" Ne( idea or ser'ice or t,e com%an&!!!!!!!!!"""!!!!""1*3"1 S%ecial IM+ rou% 4ice!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!"""1*3"# 9rinted material in multi$language!! !!!!!!!!"""!!!1*3"3 Increase t,e Ecellent criteria ;Multi$language< or sta!!"!!"1-3"* Dri'es t,roug, agencies ;Mala&sia and 4'ersea

    *" +udget %lan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""!!!!!""1*"1 Im%lementation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"1*"# 2inancial orecast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"17

    *"3 ost anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"18

    -" a% anal&sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!"16-"1 5,e recommendation and uture marketing strateg&!"!!!!!#0

    -"1"1 9rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#0-"1"# 9lace!!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!#1-"1"3 9roduct!!!!!!!!!!!"!!!!!!!!!!!"#1-"1"* 9romotion!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!"""!#1

    " Summar&!!!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!##

    7" =eerence!!!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#3$#*8" >%%endi!!!!!!!!""!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!#-8"1 +rands ;%roduct and ser'ices


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    1+0 Section 1, Com-an. o/er/ie$

    1+1 istor.,summar.

    IM+ rou% )olding +er,ad ;ommerce International Merc,ant bankers +)DMM+

    )olding +er,ad@ #011sia b& oer %ersonal and %ri'ate banking" 5,e com%an& also ,as around

    5,ailand@ )ong ong@ 9lus 4%erations ,ina@ India@ Indonesia@ Mala&sia@ 5,e

    9,ili%%ines and 5ai(an" D+S grou% o(ns a #0K stake in t,e bank o t,e 9,ili%%ines

    Island ;5,at countr& management@ %ri'ate euit&@ and eui%ment and trade inances

    ;D+S rou% )olding@ #011SE>N" 5,e language t,at needs to %ro'ide is Englis, language@ Fa%anese language@

    5,ai language@ >rabic language@ S%anis, language@ ,inese language and so on t,at

    necessar& to" 5,e material %rinted like credit card a%%lication orm@ account a%%lication

    orm@ material inormation and so on t,at necessar& needs to make sure t,e customer

    needs and (ant is illed" IM+ rou% needs to %ro'ide t,is ser'ices to be a best

    globall& bankers"

    (+(Increase the e8cellent criteria 3multi, language4 for staff

    >s a Ani'ersal banking com%an&@ IM+ rou% needs to %ro'ide t,e ecellent

    ser'ices es%eciall& in t,e customer ser'ices" 5,is is because IM rou% acing too

    man& customers rom dierences race and religion" +& trends e'er&bod& ;sta< b&

    gi'ing o%%ortunit& to stud&@ t,e em%lo&ee able to s%eak in multi$language" )e ecellent

    criteria ser'ices like multi$language is 'er& im%ortant or t,is grou%" 5,e ecellentcriteria ;multi$language< must %ro'ide b& IM+ rou% in t,e bank ser'ices"

    (+2S-ecialied dri/e through agencies 3Mala.sian and =/ersea4

    Dri'e t,ru is 'er& im%ortant to make t,e customer easier to do t,e business"

    IM+ rou% needs to make t,e s%ecial agencies t,at %ro'ide t,e dri'e t,roug,


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    ser'ices" 5,e ser'ices t,at need to be like de%osit cas,@ c,eue de%osit@ cas, de%osit@

    transer transaction@ and so on" 5,is dri'e t,roug, ser'ices must %ro'ide in Mala&sian

    and in o'ersea" 5,is ser'ice is 'er& im%ortant to ulill t,e customer needs and (ant"

    IM+ rou% needs to ,a'e more dri'e t,ru ser'ices in Mala&sia and in o'ersea"

    Suggestion %ri/e #hrough -icture

    Inside the 'uilding

    2+0 #he 'udget -lan

    During launc, t,e ne( %roduct and ser'ices@ t,e im%lementation table@ inancial

    orecast and t,e cost anal&sis" 5,e im%lementation table is necessar& need to make

    sure t,at t,e %roduct and ser'ices reac, to t,e customer as t,e user" ost o t,e ne(

    %roduct and ser'ices also s,o(n on cost anal&sis and orecast cost"

    2+1 #he im-lementation ta'le


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    5,e im%lementation table is including t,e ad'ertising@ sales %romotion@ direct

    marketing %ersonal selling and s%onsors,i% or IM+ grou% in one &ear" 5,e

    im%lementation is necessar& to make t,e best %lanning during launc,ing t,e ne(

    %roduct and ser'ices"

    5,e im%lementation %rogram (as im%lemented in t(o times (,ic, is e'er& si

    mont, in one &ear base on t,e budget t,at ,as %lan" 5,e %roduct and ser'ices (as

    launc, in t,e middle o &ear #01# (,ic, in earl& Fun" t,e

    2+! 7inancial forecast

    5,is is assum%tion on t,e inancial orecast (,ic, in t,ree &ear t,at includes t,e

    e%ected sales@ e%ected %roit@ and e%ected costs"


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    Assum-tion of the financial forecast in ( .ear

    5,e inancial orecast cost is e%ected in t,ree &ear t,at rom Fun #01# until ma&

    #01-" 5,e e%ected cost (as decrease because t,e ser'ices or t,e dri'e t,ru

    mac,iner& is as still in good condition (,ic, in #01* decrease 7"1*K and in #01- also

    decrease #"6*K"

    5,e e%ected sales and t,e e%ected %roit (as increase because o t,e %ositi'eres%onse rom t,e customers"

    2+( Cost anal.sis

    5,e cost anal&sis includes t,e %roduct@ %ricing@ %romotion@ and %lace"


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    5,e cost anal&sis is including t,e %roduct/ser'ice@ %ricing@ %romotion@ and %lace"

    5,is item is t,e cost t,at needs to incur b& IM+ rou% during launc, t,e ser'ices" t,e

    cost anal&sis assum%tion is in one &ear"

    5+0 #he 6a- Anal.sis

    5,e ga% anal&sis generall& use to acti'it& o stud&ing t,e dierence bet(een

    standards and t,e deli'er& o t,ose standards"


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    5+1+1 @rice

    5,e %rice o t,e ser'ices and %roduct is must be suitable (it, t,e 'alue o t,e

    ser'ices and %roduct %ro'ide" G5,e real issue is 'alue@ not %rice said b& =obert 5"

    indgren" No( da&@ most o t,e %eo%le (ant to ,urr& and ast to do somet,ing" 2or

    dri'e t,ru ser'ices@ t,at can make t,e customers done t,e business as ast as %ossible

    t,e& can" 5,e& customer just (ant t,e& need and (ant"

    IM+ rou% can c,arge (it, t,e ied %rice or t,e transaction" 5,en or t,ose

    (,o ,a'e t,e IM+ ard can %a& 'ia t,e& card (it,out cas," 5,e %a&ment makes

    customers easier to %ast (it,out %re%are cas," 5,e %rices o t,e dri'e t,roug,

    assum%tion almost increase on t,e %rice beore ;current c,arge

  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    t,e dri'e t,ru ser'ices@ t,e grou% can %ro'ide it on %etrol station@ nearb& s,o%%ing

    centre and ot,er %lace i necessar&" 5,e %lace must make t,e customer eas& to reac,@

    go and ind it as a conclusion must be ulilling t,e customers (ant and need"

    5+1+( @roduct

    9roduct is t,e most im%ortant in t,e marketing %lan" 5,e %roduct must necessar&

    ulill t,e need and (ant o t,e customers" 5,e dri'e t,ru and s%ecial agencies oice is

    necessar& or t,e customer" +& %ro'ide t,e ser'ices like %ro'ide %rinted material in

    multi$language@ c,eue de%osit@ a%%lication orm on dri'e t,ru ser'ice@ t,e customers

    can easier to do t,e business and t,ose t,ings" 5,e ser'ices %ro'ide in s%ecial

    agencies also make t,e oreign to reac, t,e& needs" 5o close t,e Gga% t,e ser'ice must

    ulill t,e (ant and needs o t,e customer like t,ese ser'ices"

    5+1+2 @romotion strateg.

    During launc, t,e ser'ices@ t,e %romotion must be include in t,e grou%

    managing" In using t,e sales %romotion@ a com%an& must establis, t,e objecti'es@

    select t,e tools@ de'elo%s t,e %rogram@ %retest t,e %rogram@ im%lement and control it@

    and e'aluate t,e result" 5,e %romotion tools use is sales selling@ airs and e,ibitions@

    ad'ertising@ %ersonal selling and s%onsors,i%" 5,e %romotion use need must be

    %ersuasi'el& communicate customer 'alue and build customer relations,i% ;9,ili% otler

    et al #010SE>N" 5,e grou% ,as t,e good %erormance and recei'e a(arded as a best


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    banker during o%erate" 5,e %erormance or t,e earning income (as increase rom

    #008 until #011 ;annual re%ort@ #011

  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    9,ili% kotler@ S(ee )oon >ng@ and ,in 5iong 5an@ 1666@ Marketing

    Management an >SI>N 9ros%ection@ second edition@ Singa%ore: 9rentice )all

    ;Singa%ore< 9te td

    9,ili% otler@ e'in ""@ #006@ Marketing Management@ 13 t,edition@ 9earson

    International Edition"

    Malcolm Mc Donald@ )ug, ilson@ Marketing 9lan$ )o( to 9re%are 5,em@

    )o( to Ase 5,em@ #011@ 7edition@ Fo,n ile& C Sons td@ Anited ingdom"

    9,ili% otler@ Mairead +rad& " @ e'in ane eller@ Marketing Management@

    #006@ 2irst edition@ 9earson education limited@ Edinburg ate@ )arlo("

    Internet source

    IM+ rou% ac,ie'ement ;+est Internet Ser'ices in Mala&sia@ #011

  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    IM+ rou% inancial o'er'ie( #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:


    c,g#QirC%gg#QirQcontentCac1Ct%tcimbQgrou%Oaccess at: 1# Marc, #01#P IM+ rou% co'erage anal&sis #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:


    Oaccess at: 10 marc, #01#P

    Mala&sian to% banking (ebsites in #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:



    (ebsites$in$mala&sia$in$#011/Oaccess at: 10 marc, #01#P

    IM+ rou% ac,ie'ement #011@ OonlineP a'ailable at:


    Mala&sia",tml ist o largest bankers in Mala&sia@ OonlineP a'ailable at:


    Oaccess at: # marc, #01#P

    A--endi8 1

  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials

    A--endi8 ! Business descri-tion


  • 8/11/2019 CIMB Bank Assignment


    Student ID Number: 1130873/1

    Module Subject: Marketing Essentials