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Citrix Netscaler Optimização de WebApps & BC/DR para VDI 12 Novembro 2010 Rui Lopes – System Engineer Albora Soluciones O Webinar comecará às 15h00 Importante –Webinar Audio O audio para este webinar far-se-a por VoIP. Basta seleccionar a opção ‘Use Mic & Speakers’ e escutar o Webiinar atraves dos speakers do PC Meeting ID: 272-733-112

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Citrix Netscaler for Web App Delivery, Optimization and Security. Disaster Recovery setup for SBC/ VDI Environments.


  • 1. Importante Webinar AudioCitrix NetscalerOptimizao de WebApps& BC/DR para VDI O audio para este webinar far-se-a por VoIP.12 Novembro 2010 Basta seleccionar a opo Use Mic & Speakers e escutar oRui Lopes System EngineerWebiinar atraves dos speakers do PCAlbora SolucionesO Webinar comecar s 15h00 Meeting ID: 272-733-112

2. Citrix NetScalerOptimizao de WebApps& DR/BC para VDI 3. NetScaler: Simplify Web Application DeliveryEliminate application downtimeIncrease performance by 5xBlock 100% of web attacksImprove web server utilization by 60% 4. Successful Web Application Delivery with NetScalerB2C AvailabilityPerformance Offload SecurityB2B World-class L4- Caching Connection AccessL7 load balancingpooling Gateway SSL Compression Intelligent Web 2.0 offload VPNservice health Applicationmonitoring SSL processingP2Pfirewall App Expert Admin 5. NetScaler Maximizes Application Availability Site AB2CB2B Site BP2P 6. AppExpert Rate Controls Make sure the right users get Partners appropriate capacity Make sure wrong users get nothing Ensure no single user/app overwhelmsLines of Business a shared infrastructure Built into core NetScaler policy engineCustomers Usable within multiple NetScaler modules Spiders,botnets, scrapers, etc. 7. Accelerated Application DeliveryCUSTOMERSSSLPARTNERSEMPLOYEES Advanced TCP Optimization Static and Dynamic Caching Hardware Compression Enhanced User Productivity 8. NetScaler Speeds User Application Delivery0.22 SharePoint 2.04 1.1 SAP 5.22With NetScaler1.3Siebel CRM4 Without NetScaler6.41 Oracle Forms10.10246 8 1012Response Time in Seconds 9. Tested, Certified and Recommended by Leading ISVs 10. Reduced Load on Servers CUSTOMERS SSL PARTNERS EMPLOYEES SSL Offload TCP Multiplexing and Buffering Static and Dynamic Caching Hardware CompressionSupports greater user capacity and more apps with minimal investment 11. Reduce Servers by 60%Before NetScalerAfter NetScalerFewer Servers. More Apps. 12. Going Green with NetScaler One WayNetScaler Way Point Products Load Balancer/L7 SwitchCaching Appliance Application FirewallSSL VPN 75% lower Power ConsumptionGlobal Server Load Balancing Less Data Center SpacePerformance Monitoring Lower Cooling Completely Integrated~1800 Watts450 WattsSavings $Thousands/Every Year 13. The Application-layer Threat Blocked by NetScaler DATA Cross-Site Financial Records Scripting SQL Credit Card #s Injection Information Social Security #s LeakageHTTP Response Customer RecordsSplitting Path Employee DataWeb App Users TraversalInternet Healthcare RecordsNetworkFirewallsWeb AppsWeb threat growing Attacks against Web-based applications constitute over 60% of total Internet attacks 90% of businesses have reported a successful application attack within the last year With Web 2.0 the threat is greatly increased Also control & compliance demands. 14. AppExpert Templates Cuts deployment times from days to minutes Comprehensively defines applications Consolidates app-specific configuration in one place Simplifies ongoing lifecycle managementDownload AppExpert templates @ 15. Citrix NetScalerDesktop & App Virtualization 16. Secure Access, Availability and DR/BC forXenApp/XenDesktop Secure RemoteBusinessLocal LoadAccessContinuityBalancingWeb AccessInterface Failover across Web InterfaceServersGateway SSL XenApp sites serversVPN Global server XML Broker Policy-based load balancing serversaccess control AppXMLSilo Global Access Gateway EnterpriseLoadBroker Server LoadVPN Load BalancerBalancer ServersBalancerGlobal Server Load BalancerSharepoint Integrated Web Interface OWA Citrix ConfidentialSAP Etc. 17. Disaster Recovery Protection XenApp Farms DMZ Web Interface XML Brokers Application NetScaler EnterpriseNetScaler StandardServersSiloPairPair Site A Web Interface XML Brokers Application ServersSilo Site BRequirements:Citrix Solution:Now included feature in GSLB: Failover between XenApp NetScaler Enterprise Pair x 2 Run Web InterfaceFarms for DR NetScaler Standard Pair x 2 on NetScaler MPX nCore Global load balancing forefficient traffic distribution 18. How NetScaler Adds Value to XenApp/XenDesktop Secure Access Integrated Access Gateway, Enterprise for highly scalable, secure access High Availability Load balance XenApp/XenDesktop components (e.g. Web Interface, XML Broker, Licensing Server,Smart Auditor, Password Manager, EdgeSight, etc.) Smart monitors and alerts of service health Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) provides multi-datacenter HA One URL simplifies end-user access Integrated Web Interface on MPX nCore Reduced CaPex/OpEx Simplified Administration Improved Security 19. Wizard-driven Configuration: ApplicationISV Applications Citrix XenAppCitrix XenDesktop 20. Extending "Pay As You Grow" to the High End100GbpsSERVICE PROVIDER/TELCO/CLOUD + INTERNETCENTRICMPX 2150040GbpsMPX 1950050Gb 35GbMPX 1750020GbpsSoftwareENTERPRISENetScaler Performance 20Gb Upgrade MPX 15500 15Gb10GbpsMPX 1250010 GbSMB (ISV)MPX 10500 SoftwareMPX 95006 GbUpgrade 3Gb 1GbpsMPX 7500Software1GbUpgradeMPX5500500Mb 12 3 10100s Apps / Multi-tenancy Applications Citrix Confidential - Do Not Distribute 21. New Addition to NetScaler FamilyACCELERATION AVAILABILITY SECURITY OFFLOAD 22. NetScalerNetScaler NetScaler MPX VPX onVPX on Appliances XenServerVMwareAcceleration Availability Security Offload ESX 3.5/4.0 23. NetScaler VPX Packaging Maximum NetScaler NetScaler NetScaler TputStandard Enterprise Platinum NetScaler VPX-Express1 Mbps NetScaler VPX-10 10 Mbps NetScaler VPX-200 200 Mbps NetScaler VPX-1000 1 Gbps NetScaler VPX-3000 3 GbpsDetail on editions @ Confidential - Do Not Distribute 24. When to Use Which?NetScaler Appliances NetScaler VPX Gig+ performance Labs/test environments High volume SSL Offload Development environments >100 SSL VPN CCUs Datacenter-in-a-box FIPS requirements CPU-intensive workloads Physical device security Frequently moved apps Fast/remote deployment 25. Trusted by Leading Enterprises and Web Properties 7000+ Deployments Worldwide 26. #1in 16 of 21 Categories Overall Satisfaction Overall Value Overall Tech Support Overall Sales & Procurement Technology Pre-Sales FlexibilityBEST in Ease of UsePre-Sales Commitment Return on Investment Pre-Sales Responsiveness Investment Protection Support Responsiveness 16 Categories Customer Understanding Sustained Commitment Support KnowledgeSupport EffectivenessSource: Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Customer Satisfaction with Application Delivery Controller 27. Try Citrix Netscaler VPX