cohoop connects you with peers to help you learn collaboratively

The collective way to learn

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The collective way to learn

What… the heck is it?

Why… should I care?

When… is it starting?

Where... should I go?

Who… is in?

Hey you !

What ?

CoHoop is a social learning network.

→ An online collaborative platform for students to connect over shared interests or challenges and

learn with a community

Which means?Connect......with cool, like-minded students each other’s learning through community-driven documents and questions

Collaborate......Paper, thesis, project… It’s about getting (live) help, feedback and new perspectives from your learning community.

Why?We are students of the 21st century

→ We all are Digital Natives

→ We arehyper-connected

→ We spend (too much)time online

So, tell me…

Isolated. Disconnected.

Why we still learn this way...

Things could be easier

She gets help from like-minded peers She’s 21, economics

major, writing a paper

No, not this

She connects withCool cohoopersIn fields she likes

But She has many other passions

like... wine.

Keeping track of things her friends are learning

Giving back to students who need help

It’s also about…

When ?

Now is about time




Not so long ago


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Onlinewww.cohoop.comGet notified when we’re launching the private Beta. It’s closed for starters… because we want to co-create the collaborative learning platform with its early and most passionate users

In Real Life Join the movement to rock the way you learn by connecting with cool CoHoopers from diverse universities.We’re organizing CoHoopings - Drinks + events that connect students over a shared academic goal or interest… to let you learn beyond boundaries

Who? →YOU !

Can make your student life easier

Can become a CoHooper

Can help build great learning experiences

By joining the movement

By unleashing the power of collaboration