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Dialogue by Fran Marti and Sebastian.Rosa Obama : Hello

Michelle: Why are you looking like that?

Obama: Because there is a cop behind us and I want to look beautiful when he kills us

And why are you looking like that?

Michelle: Because I love you. Do you want to be my boyfriend?

Obama : No

Michelle : Why ?

Obama : Because I love Marilyn Monroe

Michelle : But she is deadObama : Ahok

Michelle : So do you want to be my boyfriend?

Obama : No

Michelle : Why?

Obama : Because I dont love you

Wife: Why do I have to pose all day. Im turning old!

Man: Come on! we just got married.

Wife: In that frame it`s you and my sister

Man: Come on! that was a week ago! 3 days before we married

Wife: Why did I marry you? Ive known you just for a few days

Man: For publicity

Wife: And why Im grabbing a risotto, Im Jewish

Man: Because nobody has to know we are not Christians

Wife: You are selfish

Man: A little bit

Dialogue by martin Alegre and Martin Lang

Dialogue by Sol and Morgui

Boy - Ow! The cake fell off!!!

Girl -Here is a water melon, we can use it like a cake. Ill put the candelles on it.

Boy -But he will realize its not a cake!

Girl -It doesnt matter.

Boy -Ok hahaha. But if he gets angry its not my fault! Hahaha

Dialogue By Sebi P and RomnGirl: Do you think Im a bad girl?

Boy: No

Girl: oh! You are very nice. I love you

Boy: You are horrible

Girl: tell me something with love

Boy: gLOVE

Girl: Im gonna kill you

Boy: oops!

Girl: Do you remember its Valentines Day?

Boy: yes, look at that Ferrari

Girl: Is that my present?

Boy: no, Ive bought you socks in that same colour

Robert: hello! I Want tosay something to you.

Gemma: yes, you called me yesterday!

Robert: Will you marry me?

Gemma: No!

Robert: Oh why?

Gemma: because you are horrible and I hate you.

By Chiara and Julia

Girl: Kiss me baby

Boy: Wait! First look at the paparazzis camera.

Girl: Dont you love me?

Boy: Yes, I love you but the camera is important

Girl: More than me?!

Boy: Mmm

Girl: Well if you love it so much go with it.

Boy: But I really love you!!! Please it is just a photo and Ill go with you

Girl: well,okay.

Boy: wait camareman!!

Girl: AHHHHHH boysss!!!

By Gina and Francisco A.

Dialogue by Maite, Serena and Milca

Boy: I miss you so much!

Girl: do you?Boy: Maybe in a month Ill be there!

Girl: Really? I hate you!

Boy: WHAT? Why? Whats happened?

Girl: I saw you kissing another girl the other day

Boy: It wasnt me!!

Girl: Oh! Ok, then, I love you again.

Boy: Me too!!!

Man: Oh! Your lips taste very good.

Woman: Oh! Thanks! Yours too.

Man: Can I ask you something?

Woman: YesMan: Do you want to marry me?

Woman: Oh its very fast, that would hurt our relationship.Man: But Why?

Woman: because its very fast and were famousMan: Ok! Come on! Dont tell me that

Woman: Ok! the thing between us is overManu and LupeBarbara: hahaha please stop, ahhaha

Felipe: ok ok. I have to tell you something

Barbara: ok tell me

Felipe: Barbaracan you see my stomach? there are butterflies

Barbara: oh my God! are you ok?

Felipe: its a metaphor, I mean, Im in love with __ Barbara interrupts him __

Barbara: do you remember when I was in love

with Raul?

Felipe: WHAT??

Barbara: its my new boyfriend! Well tell me, -you are in love with?

Felipe: ah ok I probably have a stomachache :(

Sofi, Viole and Male.