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SILICON VALLEY MONTEREY BAY COUNCIL BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA (408) 638-8300 or (831) 287-2020 CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE Contents: Introduction …… 1 Fall & Spring recruiting … 2 Promotion …. 3 -5 (materials, school presentation techniques) The Joining meeting … 6-9 (preparing for, agenda, script) Follow up … 10 Special Notes … 11 Joining Event ideas … 12 Promotional Material Order form … 13

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Page 1: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which



Contents: Introduction …… 1

Fall & Spring recruiting … 2 Promotion …. 3 -5

(materials, school presentation techniques) The Joining meeting … 6-9

(preparing for, agenda, script) Follow up … 10

Special Notes … 11 Joining Event ideas … 12

Promotional Material Order form … 13

Page 2: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Introduction Thank you for helping your Cub Scout Pack thrive by taking a role in promoting your Pack and recruiting new families. This guide, along with District and Council training sessions, and the help of your BSA professional (District Executive) and District Membership chair, will give you the tools to develop and implement a successful growth plan for your Pack. Your role with recruitment will have one of the biggest impacts on the long-term success of the Cub Scout Pack, as recruitments bring new families and with new boys and new potential leaders who can help your Pack continue to thrive and deliver the values of Cub Scouting to the boys in your community. What is Cub Scout Recruitment? Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which Cub Scout-age boys are invited to join their neighborhood Cub Scout pack. Boys are invited to join your pack at a special recruiting meeting (“Join Night”) through a variety of promotional methods: fliers that are distributed through schools directly to the boys, classroom presentations, booth or display at a school’s open house, posters, school newsletter, social media, and neighborhood advertising with yard signs. At the meeting, parents will receive an overview of the Cub Scout program. Then boys are registered and assigned to dens. The Join Night Meeting is also an excellent opportunity to recruit new adult volunteers. Why is Recruiting Important? As Scout Leaders, we have an obligation to provide the Scouting program to as many boys as possible. At one time or another we have all seen the positive influence Scouting has had on a boy, and/or a community. Recruiting new boys into Cub Scouts, whether as Tigers, Wolves, Bears or Webelos, is also fundamental to maintaining a healthy and thriving Cub Scout unit. The most successful Cub Scout Packs are often the ones that place a premium on successfully recruiting new boys, and leaders, every year. Always remember that a successful recruitment means not just bringing new boys into the program, but new leaders as well. New leaders in a unit mean greater shared responsibility, and less work for all the current leaders in the Pack. One of the most important ways in which a Cub Scout Pack benefits from the recruitment process is through the recruitment of the entire family. PACK RECRUITING ELEMENTS:

Fall & Spring Recruiting drives (aka “Join Nights”, “Round ups,” or “School Nights”)

Year-round marketing o Media o Community involvement & community service o A great program

Page 3: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide



Fall recruiting should take place with-in the first 2-3 weeks of the new school year

Spring recruiting should take place in the last 6 weeks of school (late April/early May is ideal) – especially targeting graduating Kindergartners who can join as Tiger Cubs for summer activities

Selecting & Scheduling a Recruitment Time & Joining Meeting

Schedule a meeting with the school principal to discuss your Cub Scout Pack and ways in which you can be involved in the school (service projects, flag ceremonies, etc.) and explain the importance of keeping the Pack strong with new families. Ask to schedule a night for sign-ups (the “Join Meeting”) at the school and to promote with flyers and classroom visits.

Select a date, or series of dates, in the Fall, shortly after school starts (so families don't commit to other activities before considering Scouts) and in the Spring, especially to recruit Kindergarten boys to join as Tigers for summer activities.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings typically work best. (People forget after a weekend on Mondays and people often have commitments on Fridays)

Plan to have a fun activity at this joining meeting and promote the activity (rain gutter regatta, s’more fest, stomp rocket build and blast)

Avoid scheduling on the night of a Pack meeting. This is overwhelming and confusing to new families who have a lot of questions. If possible, schedule a week prior to a Pack meeting so new families can go to the next Pack meeting as their first official Cub Scout activity (and you will leave an opportunity for others to join who may have missed the joining meeting). If you must schedule on a Pack meeting night, schedule the joining meeting for 1 hour prior to the Pack meeting.

Plan to order promotional material about 3 weeks before the scheduled joining meeting. This gives time for materials to be printed and distributed to give families plenty of notice.

Plan around existing school/community events that can be promotional opportunities

When scheduling the joining meeting with the school, ask to conduct a class-room “Boy Talk” the day before to remind the boys of the meeting. (This is a 2-3 minute high-energy presentation to get boys excited about the upcoming meeting)

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Promotion Advertising is the key to getting new boys and their families to check out your Pack!

#1: Be excited about your Cub Scout Pack

Flyers to send home 1 & 2 week prior to the joining meeting through school take home mail

Yard Signs Advertise on visible grassy areas at least a week before the meeting

Boy Talks – a high energy 2-3 minute presentation to the boys at school 1-2 days before or the day of the meeting to get them excited and to remind their parents (hand out stickers and/or another flyer)

Peer to Peer recruiting Encourage all Pack families to invite friends and Cub Scout age neighbors to join.

Have boys make “invitation” cards to invite their friends – this is a great den activity!

Boys should wear their uniform to school to on or near the join meeting date

Ask school to help advertise with a message on the school marquee, school website, Principal email to parents, school newsletter and PTA meetings

Have a table at Fall Back to School Night and Spring Open House events. These events should not function as your Pack joining event; they should serve as a means to promote the joining meeting or serve as a follow up to the joining meeting depending on the timing.

Get involved in Community Events with a booth or visible service activity. Have information about joining the Pack on hand to share.

(Use the order form at the back of this guide or contact your district executive)

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Boy Talks In order to have a good turnout of boys and parents on Cub Scout Joining meeting, it is necessary to generate a good deal of excitement among the boys regarding the Scouting program. The best method of generating this excitement is through the use of brief classroom visits at the school, commonly known as a “boy talk.” This is when a representative from the Scouting organization (a Cubmaster from the local Cub Pack, the Unit Recruitment Coordinator, a District Recruitment Chairman, a District Executive, or other volunteer) visits each classroom at the school for approximately 2-3 minutes and gives a high-energy presentation about the Cub Scout program. To be effective, a boy talk must occur within a day or two of the Joining meeting. Otherwise, the excitement level in the boys will subside and they will largely forget about the upcoming meeting. In a time when Scouting competes with many other extracurricular activities for the boys’ time, it is extremely important that the boys’ interest level is peaked right before the meeting so that they will express this interest to their parents and encourage them to attend the meeting. As parents we want our sons to participate in activities that interest them, and we also have a hard time saying no to activities that our sons are highly motivated to participate in. The boy talk has been shown to be the best overall technique for generating excitement, motivation and interest about participation in the Cub Scout program. Doing a Classroom Boy Talk

Schedule the talk to occur on the day of, or the day before, the Joining meeting. This will require coordination with the school. Plan to schedule this at the same time you schedule the joining meeting.

While in each classroom, introduce Scouting. Take about two minutes to tell the boys about the Cub Scout program. Your goal is to generate excitement among the boys, so that the one thing they remember about their school day was the presentation about Cub Scouting. If this is what they remember when their parents ask them: What did you do at school today? Then you have done a good job on the boy talk.

Be enthusiastic in your presentation!

Use good props, such as pinewood derby cars, raingutter regatta boats, wood projects, etc…

Emphasize the big four: camping, fishing, BB gun shooting, and archery

Emphasize the FUN of Scouting; but don’t be too specific about all activities; questions can be answered at the joining meeting.

Be funny and memorable

Hand a sticker and/or a flyer to each boy during your presentation with the date, time & location of the joining meeting

Have the boys repeat back to you when & where they go to sign up.

Page 6: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Other types of school audience promotions: Some schools will not allow interruptions of classroom time. In these instances, ask for permission to #1 a lunchtime presentation, #2 an assembly presentation. Lunchtime Presentation Lunchtime presentations can be effective as long as they are conducted in an assembly presentation format (i.e., you get to talk to all of the boys while they are sitting and eating, before they have gone to play on the playground). Often, several presentations will need to be done depending on the school’s lunch schedule. Ask the principal to introduce you – this has a way of getting the boys attention.

After making a general announcement, it is also effective to go table to table with a quick (10 second) plug about the fun of Scouting while handing the boys a sticker and inviting them to the meeting.

Keep in mind that just setting up a table in the lunch area, and waiting for the boys to come to you, is not a very effective strategy. However, if a presentation cannot be made and this is the only option available, then ways to draw the boys to your table must be employed. Several proven methods for attracting the boys include bringing a pinewood derby track for the boys to use, bringing games for the boys to play - such as stomp rockets, and dressing up in a costume. Don’t forget to give the boys stickers, and send home another set of flyers. Assembly Presentation An assembly presentation means that you get to talk to the boys at a school assembly of some type. This type of presentation can be just as effective as the classroom boy talk, especially if the assembly occurs at the end of the school day instead of the beginning (so it is fresher in the boys’ minds). The presentation given is similar to the classroom presentation, except that you only have to make the presentation once, instead of in every classroom. In an assembly presentation you may have more than 2-3 minutes to make a presentation. If you have the time, fun games and songs can be incorporated into the presentation. Don’t forget to give the boys stickers, and send home another set of flyers. · Extra volunteers are helpful to ensure that every boy gets a sticker/flyer · If possible, try to present at an assembly for each grade level and tailor the presentation to address the

various age groups. Before/After School or Flag Assembly promotion Don’t miss opportunities to hand out materials while parents gather to drop off, pick up or attend Flag ceremonies or morning assemblies with their kids. Have your Cub Scout Pack participate in the flag ceremony on a regular basis.

Page 7: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


The Joining Meeting

This program guide is intended as a recruiting aid for all Cub Scout packs. Pack leaders might use this guide, along with other available materials to help in constructing a program for their Cub Scout recruitment program. Others will find a variety of different ideas to help refresh their standard presentations.

This meeting is the first impression new families will have of Cub Scouts – make it positive – be prepared, organized, fun and welcoming.

Parents will expect to have the following questions answered: What will my son be doing? …. What is the value? … How do I sign up? … How much does it cost? … What is the time commitment? … What do I have to do?

Plan for Join meeting with the help of other leaders: • Distribute responsibilities among the pack leaders – everyone has a part.

(Greeters, Activity persons (at least 2), presenter, application/fee collector, den leaders) Before you leave home:

Prepare the fun activity – or follow up with the person assigned

Prepare for your presentation (secure equipment needed) – be familiar with the material Have on hand the following materials:

Sign in roster & Pens

Youth & Adult membership applications

Parent Information guide

Boys’ Life mini-magazines

Pack information (key contacts, meeting dates & upcoming activities, cost to join/how to pay)

Adult leader training information

Sample resource books for display (youth program books, Cub Scout Leader Guide, etc.)

Pocket calculator, change, both bills and coins

Masking tape, signs, markers

Arrive & Set up (30 minutes prior to the meeting):

Check with the other Join Night personnel and the unit leaders on their responsibilities.

Set-up your presentation and materials.

Set out your pre-opening game(s).

Pack and/or Den Representatives put up any displays they have.

Either you or another volunteer should be positioned by the door to distribute parent guides, applications, Boys’ Life Magazine and welcome kits to the families at the Recruitment Night for Scouting. Have families sign the attendance roster when they arrive.

Be sure boys and parents stay in assigned room, do not wander around the building.

Have boys and parents sit together by grade levels. Put signs on tables with grade level markers. Sign in can also be on each table by den.

Hand out applications and let them begin filling them out.

Begin promptly.

Page 8: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Typical Joining Meeting Agenda Welcome Activity: Have a greeter welcome new families (make nametags), conduct a warm-up welcome game to keep people engaged Flag Ceremony: Start the meeting with a Flag Ceremony. Ask one of the new boys to help. After the flag ceremony do a silly cheer to thank the boy for helping. (2-3 minutes) Introductions: Make sure to introduce yourself and any other adult volunteers that may be helping. (2-3 minutes) – keep it brief (no need for a an entire Scouting history of every leader) Have some fun with the Boys: Do a silly skit, or sing a silly song with the new boys and their parents. Remember to highlight the fun of Scouting. (2-3 minutes) Presentation of Cub Scouting: Make a professional presentation that explains what Cub Scouting is and how it works (follow the parent information booklet as a guide or the suggested script). Emphasize the importance of volunteering. Illustrate the advantages of the Scouting program, and the fun that the boys and their parents will have. (10 minutes) Hand out a Pack calendar or newsletter so families can see the activities. Form Dens: After the “Presentation of Cub Scouting” is concluded, have the new boys go to another area of the room and work on an activity, or play games with the adult volunteers that have been assigned this task. This is a critically important task, as it allows the parents of the boys to organize into Dens without too many distractions. After the boys have been separated from their parents, encourage the parents at each age appropriate table to organize into Dens. Give them the following instructions (15-25 minutes):

Fill out their son’s youth application

Pick a Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader for their new Den. Make sure that all adults fill out an Adult Leader application. Be sure to provide the new leader and assistant leader with information on training and Roundtable.

Agree on a meeting date and time for their first meeting

Have the new Den Leader complete a den roster (this can be the sign in sheet)

Give the completed applications and fees, along with a copy of the Den Roster to the Unit Recruitment Coordinator once the previous four instructions are completed.

Collecting Applications and Fees: Make sure that all of the applications and fees are turned in, along with the Den Roster. This will allow the Membership Chairman of the Pack to easily incorporate the new boys and Dens into the existing Pack structure. Make sure that the new Scouts and new leader’s applications and fees are turned into the appropriate District or Council representative in a timely fashion.

Adult applications will most likely have to be collected at the next meeting as the adults will need to take Youth Protection Training.

After the Presentation Registration materials and collected fees are to be submitted to your district executive or the council service center immediately. If any problems occur please contact your district executive at 408-638-8300.

Page 9: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Sample Joining Meeting Script The following is a sample presentation that you can customize for your own use. The parents can follow along with the “Parent Information Guide”. You may wish to create flipcharts or a power point presentation with some pictures of your Pack’s activities. 1. Cub Scouting is an Educational and Fun Program You know, when most people think of Cub Scouting, they picture a group of boys meeting with their den leader, making crafts and hopefully learning useful new skills. Well, that picture is realistic, but actually it is only one way that is used to achieve Scouting’s goals. What are those goals? Cub Scouting is an educational program to help you develop your son’s character, to teach him good citizenship and to help him to become physically, mentally, and morally fit. Scouting will also help your son to reach beyond himself and learn teamwork, cooperation, and respect for himself and others. Best of all, he’ll be having so much fun that he may not even realize the educational process is taking place! 2. The Family The first phase of the Scouting program takes place at home. Your son will need a program handbook, purchased from the local Scout Shop. First-grade or seven-year olds use the TIGER BOOK, Second-grade or eight-year olds use the WOLF BOOK, Third-grade or nine-year olds use the BEAR BOOK, and fourth & fifth-graders will need the WEBELOS BOOK. Each handbook is filled with challenging and fun activities and achievements to complete. Completed achievement awards are then presented at the next pack meeting. 3. The Den The second phase of the Scouting program involves a weekly or semi-monthly meetings of a small group of Cub Scouts, usually 5-8 boys, and is called a DEN. Each den is led by a DEN LEADER, usually a father or mother of one of the boys. The den meetings are held at a time and location convenient for the den leader and youth. At den meetings, the boys will learn to work together as they go on field trips, learn new songs and skits, master new skills, and build things – all of which are relevant to a monthly theme. 4. The Pack One a month, all our dens gather together for a family night or Pack Meeting. The pack meetings are not just for Cub Scouts, but also for the whole family. At the pack meeting, boys and their parents are recognized for the achievements earned over the past month. This meeting is also gives each of the dens a chance to report on and show off what they did together during their own meetings. 5. Our Pack’s Special Activities So you see, Cub Scouting is really very simple. The object is to provide a well-rounded, fun and educational program for both boys and their family. Here are some of the special activities planned for this Scouting year. (At this point, list and describe pack, district, and council events. Be certain to stress that your program is fun, worthwhile, simple, and within reach of everyone’s ability.) 6. The Cost of Cub Scouting As with every organization, there are some costs involved. Here is what it will cost you to participate in Scouting for a year: The national registration fee is $15.00 per year (Plus prorated fees for current year) Boys’ Life Magazine is a valuable Scouting publication specifically designed for boys and their families. It is mailed directly to your son each month. The subscription rate is $12.00 each year. The Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council provides a secondary medical insurance policy for $1.00 each year. This policy activates after your families primary insurance coverage for injuries sustained during authorized Scouting activities. (Include the following only if it applies to your own pack) Our pack also charges a program fee to cover initial supplies, books, and other materials for our pack. That annual cost is $ _______. (Include this next section only if your pack does not pick up the cost of adult registration fees.)

Page 10: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


In the case of fees for adult volunteer leaders, there is a registration fee of $15.00 and $1.00 for the supplemental accident insurance. This includes a subscription to Scouting Magazine. Please keep in mind that in addition to the above costs, it will be necessary to furnish your son with a Cub Scout uniform. The uniform may be purchased at your local Scout Shop. During the early part of next calendar year, we will also be holding our annual Friends of Scouting campaign to support the year-round operations of the Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council. At that time, you will be given the opportunity to make a tax-deductible gift to support local Scouting. 7. Cub Scouting is a Volunteer Organization Now it’s time to get our pack organized! As you are all aware, Cub Scouting is a volunteer organization which needs the help and support of all our parents. Each den needs a den leader. But there are several other positions that need to be filled as well. Together, we can make our pack work smoothly. 8. Den Leadership In the meantime, let’s also talk a bit about some other help that will be needed for each den. The den leader is the person in charge and is responsible for organizing the den activities. That person also keeps track of what the boys achieve at home. Of course, it’s easier and lots more fun with two or more in charge, so the den leader will also need one or more assistant den leaders. There are also opportunities to serve on the pack committee. The committee makes administrative decisions on behalf of all the dens. The committee meets once a month. 9. Unlimited Resources Of course, there is nothing more frightening than taking on a task that you know nothing about. But don’t worry, we have nearly unlimited resources to get you started and keep you going in your new role as a Cub Scout leader. Two important items are the Cub Scout Leader Guide and Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide. (Hold up these two books so that everyone can see them. Then make them available for viewing on your “Show & Tell” table after the presentation.) These helpful books actually set up the meetings for you. They give you craft idea and instructions, games, skits, songs, and basically everything you are going to need to have a fun and successful meeting. It’s really program planning at its best and easiest. Also, there is training available and highly recommended for all leaders. Information on trainings can be found on our local council website and there are several sessions available. (If possible, get a few registration flyers for the next upcoming sessions to hand out). The training can also be taken online – but we recommend a live course. This is a basic training course and is a great way to learn about Cub Scouts and get exciting program ideas from other leaders in our council. For even further support, there are monthly roundtable meetings which help by offering advice and helps for den and pack programs. Now it is time to get our dens and pack organized. We will, of course, need a den leader for each den. So now, within your own groups, take a few minutes to talk among yourselves with the goal to select a den leader and also the necessary assistants. (Give the parents several minutes, but not too long, to make their choices.) 10. Our Volunteers Tonight Are… Make a list of the new den leaders. If there are parents who have not volunteered, encourage them to consider a position on the pack committee and promise to contact them by phone. Provide information on the new leader orientation meeting and the next pack meeting. Then distribute membership applications and collect them after they have been completed. Ask for any questions and then thank them for attending.

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Follow up New Leader Meeting After the joining night is over, you can be sure that the new Den leaders and other adult volunteers will be asking the following question of themselves: Just what have I gotten myself into? It is extremely important that an answer to this question is provided as soon as possible. Just knowing about the role for which they have just volunteered, and what is expected of them, will increase their comfort level with their new position. The following three questions must be adequately explained to the new leaders as soon as possible:

What is their role? How do they do their role? Who and where can they go for support?

To begin the process of answering these questions, a new leader meeting should be scheduled to take place about a week after the Joining night. All of the new leaders and any other interested adults should be invited. At this meeting the new leaders can view the “Fast Start” video for their position, and get guidance and support from existing unit leaders. Reference materials should also be made available for the new leaders. Current Den leaders or Den Leader Coaches in attendance can give guidance on how to organize and run a new Den. For new leaders, just knowing that these resources (both material and personal) exist, will make them feel much better about having volunteered. Training The next step in turning these new volunteers into good leaders is to encourage them to attend both training and Roundtable. Make sure that they have information about upcoming training dates, accessing online training at and that they know when your District Roundtable meets. Attending a New Den’s First Meeting One key to creating a successful new den is to have a Pack representative (Cubmaster, Den Leader, or other knowledgeable volunteer) attend their first den meeting. This will greatly increase the comfort level of the new Den Leaders by showing them that the Pack is there to support and guide them. Turning in Applications and Fees One final point to be made regarding the follow up to a Joining meeting - make sure that the new Scouts and leaders are properly registered as soon as possible. Don’t forget to have the Cubmaster and the parent sign the applications.

Page 12: Cub Scout Recruitment Guide - · CUB SCOUT RECRUITMENT GUIDE ... Cub Scout Recruitment is a major event at which

Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Special Notes for Cub Scout Recruitment Your pack will be successful if you: • Select the right person from your pack to make the Recruitment program presentation. The presenter

should be someone who is comfortable before a group, easy to understand, and knowledgeable about your pack and the overall Scouting program.

• Arrange the seating into four distinct sections and encourage all Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos-age groups to sit in their own section. This tactic will be very helpful when obtaining leaders for each age group. The parents are already clustered and easily identifiable!

• You may also want to consider providing the prospective Cub Scouts and parents with different colored sticker badges. Then the presenter and assembled leaders will be able to instantly identify and properly welcome each new person by Scouting level and name.

• Have 2 other leaders (and even a den chief) do a fun activity with the boys in another room shortly after the opening of the meeting.

• Present a positive attitude! People want to join organizations which are fun and worthwhile. No one wants to join a sinking ship. DO NOT introduce them to Cub Scouting by telling them that your pack has no leadership and is about to fold. Explain that Cub Scouting is not “a babysitting service”, but an association that can be beneficial to the entire family. A positive presentation of both the pack and of Cub Scouting as a whole will get people excited, and willing to volunteer their help. A smile and spirit of cheerful competence are essential at all times.

• Collect ALL Cub Scout and Adult Leader application forms, registration forms and fees the night of the presentation. A boy who leaves the meeting without being registered may never be heard from again.

• Pass to each new leader the necessary information for their position and the Cub Scouts in their sphere of activity.

• Provide important information to everyone before they leave: • Where to get books and uniforms. • The date, time, and location of the first den and pack meeting. New Leaders should be made

aware of important pack and district meetings and training courses. • Remember – only new boys need to register. Currently registered Cub Scouts will reregister through

your pack charter renewal process in the fall.

What to Do in Case of

You run out of applications - Go ahead and collect the fees and make a note on the attendance roster. Meet with the family in the next few days to complete the application. Have the new Den Leader make a list of her/his new boys.

The meeting site is not unlocked - If you don't know where to go or call to get a key, hold the meeting in the parking lot or have families meet at another neighborhood establishment like a restaurant or coffee shop. If that won't work, get everyone to fill out an attendance roster and tell them they will be contacted shortly to reschedule Joining meeting.

A boy shows up without a parent or adult - Have another adult help call his parents. In the meantime, let him participate with the other boys.

The parents don't have any money with them - Have them fill out an application and arrange a time in the next couple days to collect the fees. You can take a credit card too … have your District Executive help process it.

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide


Joining Event Ideas

Bike Rodeo Bike Rodeo is a one-afternoon event for Cub Scouts to conduct and invite first- through fifth-graders to have fun. This event will give you an opportunity to meet your neighbors and make new friends. Critter Race Critter Race is a one-afternoon event for a Cub Scout pack to conduct and invite first- through fifth-graders from neighborhoods and nearby communities. This can be a family outing with fellowship and a big critter race. Bring your own critters and show how fast they go on the track. This event will create an opportunity to meet neighbors and make new friends. Field Sports Try Olympic-style events with activities that will challenge competitive spirit and physical fitness. It is also a great way to have fun and fellowship with friends and family. Some of the activities will include Olympic events such as track and field, archery, shooting sports, water sports, and team games. The winners will be presented medals during the awards ceremonies at the end of the event. Packs and troops can conduct activities to invite youth who meet the appropriate joining requirements. Fishing Derby Fishing Derby is a one-day event for districts and units to conduct and invite their communities. Scouts and potential Scouts and their families are invited to attend this activity and bring a fishing pole to learn the fundamentals of fishing, have fun, enjoy fellowship, meet new friends, and eat lots of food. Kite Derby Kite Derby is a one-day event for districts and units to invite prospective Scouts. First- through fifth-graders are invited to attend this family activity where they will make and fly their own kites. Scouts and prospective Scouts can enjoy fellowship, meeting new friends, and lots of food. S'mores Party S’mores Party is a one-day event for Districts and packs to invite prospective Scouts. First- through fifth-graders can enjoy crafts and games whether they are Scouts or prospective Scouts, and families can get in on the fun. Activities can include shooting off water bottle rockets in a big field, capturing the flag, stargazing, telling stories by a fire, and, of course, s’mores. Treasure Hunt All kids love treasure hunts. Now they have a fancy name: geocaching! With parent volunteers, GPS systems and a bit of Web research, there are lots of great spots to geocache. You can even hide your own "treasure" in advance. Have a picnic and break up into teams. The search involves tromping through parks, sometimes over mud and streams! Boy - fun ALL the way. Of course, you can do it the old-fashioned way too, with treasure maps (coffee-stained with a few holes burned in it to look aged). Rip the map into pieces so participants have to find all the pieces (provide individual clues) to put together the jigsaw puzzle map, and then go find the treasure.

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Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council, BSA Cub Scout Recruitment Guide