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Dialogues for beginners

Dialogues for beginners Dialogue 1- Hello. My name's Pete. What's yours?- Ann - Nice name. I like it very much. - Thank you. You name's good, too. - It was nice meeting you. - Thanks. It was nice meeting you. Dialogue 2

- What's the date today, I wonder?- Sunday, the 8th of March. - What is it famous for?- Don't you know? It's International Women's Day.

Dialogue 3

- Are lessons over? - Yes, they are. - Where're you going? Home? - No, to the pictures. My friend's waiting for me there. - Good luck, then. Good bye. - Well, I'm off. See you later.

Dialogue 4- Have you got any hobbies? I have. I like English. - So do I. - Do you read much? - Yes, because I want to know English well. - Oh, let's talk English for a bit. - No objections to it.

Dialogue 5- Oh, dear, hurry up!- I'm trying to. - Well, come on. It's your first day at school. - Do you want to be late? - I'm ready now. - Off we go!

Dialogue 6- I don't think English is easy. - Why do you think so? - Because I have to work hard learning a lot by heart.

Dialogue 7- I'm going to be an English language teacher. - Why? - For a number of reasons.- What reasons, I wonder? - The main one is I like English.

Dialogue 8- What do you think the best sort of job is? - Engineering, I think. - I like medicine. - To my mind the best one is the one you like the most.

Dialogue 9- I say, where're you going? - To school, as you see. - Why so early, I wonder? It's only 12 o'clock now. - That's right, but I'm on duty, you know. - I see.

- Where're you going? - To a friend of mine to play chess. Bye-bye.- Bye-bye.

Dialogue 10- Please give me that book. - What for? - To have a look at it. - Here you are. - Thank you. - Not at all.

Dialogue 11- Have you had a good day at school? - Wonderful! I've got three really good marks! - Jolly good. Congratulations!- Thank you.

Dialogue 12- You're far too lazy. Look at your English. Is this the best you can do? - You know I'm no good at English.- And what about Physics? - I'm ashamed of myself.- You could easily come top of the class.- I'll work harder, I promise.

Dialogue 13- Well, hurry up. - I'm trying to. But look, isn't there half an hour before school starts? - Is that the right time?- I'm sure it is.

Dialogue 14- School's almost over. - Yes, I know. - How many more days? - Six.- When do the holidays start? - Next week.

Dialogue 15- How did you enjoy your summer holidays? - Oh, yes, very much. I spent them at a youth camp. - On the south coast as usual with your elder sister? - Yes, but this time I was alone. - How lucky you were! - That's right.

Dialogue 16- Look here, this has got to stop. You've come bottom in nearly every subject. - Except Geography. - Yes, indeed. You came second to bottom in that. - It wasn't really my fault. I was ill for some time, wasn't I? - That's no excuse.- I'll improve.- I doubt it.

Dialogue 17- My bag, please. - Which one is it? - It's one of those, there. - This one? - No, not that one. - What colour? - It's brown Yes. That's it. Thank you. - Not at all.

Dialogue 18- So you've passed your exams. - It wasn't all that difficult.- It's because you worked hard, I think. - Well, I was all right in History, but I didn't do so well in Literature. - And how about your English? - Not so good, only so-so.

Dialogue 19- Hello, glad to see you! - Hello, so am I.- Today's your birthday, isn't it? - That's right. It's kind of you to remember. - Well, many happy returns of the day. Here's a present for you. - Oh, thank you. What beautiful flowers! I don't know how to thank you.

Dialogue 20- Is painting your hobby? - Why do you think so? - Because there're a lot of pictures in this room. - It's my elder brother's hobby. - I see, but what about you? - I prefer books.

Dialogue 21- What shall we have for breakfast? - What about some bread and butter, two eggs and a cup of tea? - Well, I don't mind, but I'd like to add some biscuits.- OK.

Dialogue 22- Fish? Again? - Why, I thought you liked it. - I do, of course, but not every day. - Well, in that case I'll give you some meat. - Thank you. That'll be better.

Dialogue 23- Good morning. Glad to see you. - Good morning. So am I. - Won't you come and sit down? - I'm sorry, but I can't. - Why not, I wonder why? - I'm short of time, you know. - Well, then. What's up?- I'd like to see your sister. Is she in?- Oh, no. She's still at school.

Dialogue 24- Hello, who's that?- Pete.- Hello, Pete. How are you? - Hello, quite well. Thanks. What are you doing? - Playing chess with my father. - I'd like to speak to Eliza. What's she doing? - Watching the TV programme. - Shall we go to the cinema? I've got three tickets. - What's on? - A new film. They say rather interesting. - O. K. We'll meet at the entrance.- Shall we?

Dialogue 25- Have you done your homework? - Not yet. - Why not?- I didn't have time last night. - That's no excuse.

Dialogue 26- Mummy! - Yes, dear. What's the matter? You seem upset?- Yes. - Well, what's happened? - You see ... I ... well ... - Come on now, out with it!- All right, then, if you must know. I've got a bad mark. - What? Again?

Dialogue 27- I say, what's wrong?- Nothing. Everything's fine. - Why are you crying, then? Will you tell me what's happened? - Well, you see, I've lost my book. - Have you looked for it everywhere in the room? - Yes. I still can't find it.

Dialogue 28- What are you looking at? - That book.- Which one? Point to it. - That one, there. - Oh, yes. Beautiful one, isn't it? - Yes, it is. I wish I had it.- So do I.

Dialogue 29- What about killing that fly?- No. - Why not? - Why should I? - Isn't it annoying you? - No, it isn't. - Well, it's annoying me. - In that case you kill it yourself.

Dialogue 30- Why are you switching on the radio set? - Shall we listen to the 7 o'clock news? - Isn't it too early for that now? - Of course not. It's already one to 7.

Dialogue 31- Shall I help you wash? - Thanks, but I'd rather do it myself. - As you like. It's a pity I can't help you or shall I try? - Oh, no. Don't bother.- It's no bother at all.

Dialogue 32- Will you help me, my boy? - What do you want me to do, Mummy? - Will you polish the floor today? - Is it my turn? - Yes, it is. Your brother did it last time. - Oh, all right, then.

Dialogue 33- Your things are lying about all over the room. - Well, what about it? - Just tidy them up. - I'll think about it. - How about doing it now? - Well... if you insist...

Dialogue 34

- What are you doing here? - I'm reading. Why are you asking me? - Sorry, but I need your help. - What can I do for you? - Please bring me a pail of water. - With pleasure.

Dialogue 35

- Will you copy this text for me? - Sorry, but I'd rather not.- Why not? - I don't feel like copying.- Is that as difficult as all that?- No, but still, you have to do it yourself.

Dialogue 36

- Excuse me. Could you help me, please?- I'll try. What do you want? - Something's wrong with my alarm-clock. - Let me see ... Sorry, but I can't help. You'd better get it repaired.

Dialogue 37

- What's the matter with you? - I'm not feeling very well today. - Do you have a headache? - Yes, and a sore throat, too.- Well, in that case you'd better stay at home. - Oh, yes, I'll have to.

Dialogue 38

- I'd like to go and play for a while.- But you've got to do your lessons first. - Oh, I've already done my homework. - Have you really? Then you may go.

Dialogue 39

- You know it's our mother's birthday soon. - Isn't it about time to think of a good present for her? - Well, I've a little surprise for her. - How nice! What? - This drawing. - Wonderful! She'll be delighted.

Dialogue 40

- Believe it or not! I've got three tickets for today's football match! - You don't say! That's wonderful! - Will you come with us? - Well, you see ... I ... - Why are you hesitating? - Well, I'd like to, but I'd better ask my mother first.

Dialogue 41

- This is my new dress. What do you think of it? - It's a very pretty one. I'll bet it cost a lot. - It certainly did. - Where did you get it? - In London. - Really?

Dialogue 42

- Can I see you for a minute, please? - What's up?- Don't you know the news? - What do you mean by this?- There'll be no classes tomorrow!

Dialogue 43

- What are you doing? Eating? Jam? - What difference does it make to you?- Well, you shouldn't eat in between meals. - Why not? I wonder why? - It's dinner - time soon. - All right, then.

Dialogue 44

- I wonder, where my book is? - Why don't you ask your sister? - Has she ever touched my things? - How should I know?

Dialogue 45

- How are you feeling today? - A bit better, thank you. - But did you call a doctor. - No. - Why not, I wonder? - Well, I didn't think it was necessary. But I'm going to bed now.- That's the best place for you at the moment.

Dialogue 46

- What's the matter with you? - I'm not feeling very well, doctor. - What exactly is the trouble? - I've got an awful headache.- Are you working hard and getting too little rest? - Yes, I think so. - Now, you stay in bed until you're well.

Dialogue 47

- Sorry, I'm a bit late, am I? - That's all right, darling. Take off your coat, wash your hands and sit down at table. - Dinner's ready, isn't it? - Yes, it is.

Dialogue 48

- Well, I think that's all the reading for today. - Is it getting late? What time is it now? - Time for bed, I think. - O.K. Coming, Mummy. - Now, hurry up!

Dialogue 49

- I don't want you fighting. Stop it once and for all.- Sorry, but I had to. He started it. - I don