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  • 1. Digimap Roam webinar12th November 2014Carol Blackwood Geo User SupportVivienne Mayo User Support

2. Digimaps Ordnance Survey CollectionWhat can I do with Roam? View current OS maps Customise your map: Add annotations Select map features Select different basemap Add hillshading Measure lines and shapes Save map within Roam Import your own map data points, lines or polygons Print A4 A0 3. RoamZoom in/out, 14 fixedscale map views ofdifferent OS mapsSave withinDigimap, PrintA4-A0Search, Map tools,Overlays, BasemapsMap Content, MapInformation 4. ContentLook at all Roam features:1. Helvellyn Search, navigate, select map features, measure, add hillshading2. Archaeological dig site Change basemap, add polygon & label, save, print3. Carlisle Flood Warning areas Import your own map data 5. Map 1 Helvellyn Place namesearch Zoom out Map Content:only want todisplay waterand landfeatures Measure shape Overlays addhillshading 6. Search Can pan/zoom to yourlocation, or use Search Tab 1: place name/road / postcode Tab 2: British NationalGrid reference orLat/Long 7. Place name Gazetteer Place name searchuses the OS 1: 50000Scale Gazetteer Same database thatis used on theLandranger Maps 8. Zoom in/out MapcentredonHelvellyn Now I canzoomin/out andpanaround 9. Navigation Zoom in/out Click on any notch on the scale bar Double click to zoom in Scroll wheel on mouse Pan Click and drag the map Click NSEW on the compass Full extent / Previous / Next views 10. Zoomed out to Metropolitan View 11. Map InformationDetails: Map product Data licence 2 possibilities: OS Licence (Digimap licence,educational use only) OS OpenData (wider usepermitted, see OS Open Datawebsite for full details) Date of creation by OS Default print scale Grid references 12. Map Content On this map, we are only displaying land and water features Removed roads, boundaries, tourist features etc 13. Map Content Feature selection available in 8 ofRoams 14 views Unavailable when you are viewing araster map - when unavailable, you willsee the message View has no layerselection TIP: check the basemaps for alternativemaps where feature selection may bepossible 14. Raster v Vector map data Raster map data is a matrix ofcells (or pixels) in a grid: scanned maps, digital aerialphotographs, satellite images,digital pictures. geo-referenced, geographiccoordinates of the locationadded. useful as background fordisplaying other data. Vector map data stores data onindividual map features e.g. Points such as train stations. Lines such as railway tracks andrivers. Polygons such as buildings orfields. We can view, query and analysevector map data. 15. Measurements Available underMap tools Measure distancesor areas Not possible tosave themeasurements orprint on your map 16. Hillshading Will be other overlays available in future 17. Map 2 Archaeological dig site Searchusing apostcode Zoom in Add apolygon anda label Basemaps Print Saveoptions 18. Search with postcode 19. Zoom in 20. Basemaps Basemaps offer maps at samescale, in a different cartographicstyle Available in several of Roams mapviews: Plan, Building and Detailed Street, Neighbourhood District City, Metropolitan Tip: in Street and Neighbourhoodviews, switching basemap means youcan select features in MapContentdefault is raster map, someof basemaps are vector. 21. Annotation tools Now, we want to add a polygon over theempty site Easier to select colour and linecolour/width before you draw 22. Adding polygon Click once on eachpoint Double click at lastpoint to close it 23. Label the polygon Two options:1. add standalonelabel,2. add label to thepolygon (if youmove polygon,label moves with it) Again, easier to selectfont options beforeadding label 24. Add Measurement Label 25. Print 26. PrintNote 2 tabs:1. Content showstype of map2. Layout showsarea coveredby map(changes ifselect differentscale or papersize) 27. Map and legend If you select Add Legendoption, receive a zip file Zip file contains 2 PDFfiles, map and legend 28. PDF print example 29. Legend extract 30. Save Save > My Maps saves your mapwithin Digimap No limit to number of maps youcan save Available as long as yourregistration remains active Open > My Maps to retrieveyour saved maps 31. Display annotation in another Roam 32. Display annotations in another Roam 33. Export annotations Save > Annotations to file, toexport annotations Could then use in GIS/CAD,combine with your own dataetc Formats: Shapefile can be used in mostGIS/CAD software KML can be displayed in GoogleEarth GeoJSON useful for displaying inweb maps 34. Map 3 Carlisle Flood areas Import theflood warningarea polygons Changebasemap Map Content Label the rivers 35. Import Flood warning areas Possible to import your ownmap data to Roam Various formats can beimported Only importing the point, lineor polygon, not any associatedinformation For our map, we will importa shapefile of polygons ofFlood Warning areas Source of this data is theEnvironment Agency website 36. Map displaying imported file 37. Zoom out to District View 38. Map Content, basemap, labels for rivers 39. Resources Chat tool userscan chat to staff inoffice hours. Wellused. Digimap Resourcecentre: Working tostreamline andorganise. New YouTubevideos. What do you need? 40. Training We can run a course at your institution. Materials to run your own workshops available in DigimapResource Centre: 41. Questions Ask us anything!