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Digital Marketing and IT Services

MAGNE : Sample Case Studies executed by the Digital Team1Copyright MAGNE Consulting Pvt.


Lead Generation Example: Retail Business Summit 2How Our Team Marketed and Garnered Leads for a Reputed Retail Business Summit in Eastern India One of the most clinical aspects of digital marketing is to garner leads. Leads do not necessarily mean a list of names and contacts who can be potential clients. Filtering the potential clients and bringing forth the really quality ones is a challenge that our delivery team cherished and delved into.

Client BackgroundThe client side boasted of a considerable pedigree when it comes to retail trendsetting and knowledge share. After a hiatus of two years they were ready to remodel their presence in eastern India. In that endeavor, the biggest retail summit in eastern India was poised to be their trump card.

Client ExpectationsThe client brief was short and sweet. They wanted:Quality leads who will be interested in taking part in the eventLeads among small to medium scale business owners who are the ideal audience for the summitCreate a database of leads for future references.

What Our Team DidOne of the major difficulties faced by the team was the short time span which they had for promoting the event. To make things worse, the team had limited resource on the keynote speakers and other key selling points. To bypass this resource void, the team put its efforts in optimizing the latest lead generation ad techniques in Facebook.

An Omni-channel perspective to lead generationTo make the best possible inroads into the target audiences psyche the team adopted a three pronged approach in social media with promotions across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We kept a tab on what the influencers of the retail sector are conversing about and pitched in our thoughts. We slowly (intentionally to create a good lead funnel) created a community of listeners and provided them with thought provoking content. What the team observed is an influx of leads who became genuinely interested in what the team had to offer.

What Our Team AchievedWhile the team kept people engaged with the social profiles, some backend manipulations of key interests and narrow targeting helped us gain a fair amount of well qualified leads. The response was lukewarm at first, but over time we were able to hit page consumers multiple times with our target driven ads. The result was phenomenal to say the least. Even with a very niche targeting, we were able to generate 200+ (and counting) quality leads for the event.


Search Engine Optimization: Taking a Jeweler Brand to the Top Tier of Search Results3

How Our Team took a Jewelry Brand Which had Limited Awareness, to the Top Tier of Search Results The ever evolving digital marketing space is becoming all the more competitive with each passing day. Search marketing as a playground for marketers is opening up new avenues with each passing day. Our team delved right into the center of it with a comprehensive search marketing endeavor, garnering massive response from the audience.

Client Background and ExpectationsA new player in the block - the client wanted instant attraction and conversion to happen. Getting a foothold in the search results with no brand equity is a tall task but our team was up to the challenge.

What Our Team DidTo make the funneling of the search marketing results more viable, our team holistically delved into the following essentials: Did a comprehensive competitive study taking brands of the same to slightly above pedigree in the bracketUsed social listening tools to gauge discussions and trends in real timeDid an end to end website auditProvided user experience consultation. Keyword research and search volume augmentation.AdWords campaigns

What Our Team Achieved It didnt necessarily come as a surprise that the campaign got an immense response from the audience. Not only has the Client gained a top rung in the search results, but also our team has been able to transform the seemingly casual visitor into customers.


Search Engine Optimization: Taking a Low Awareness Brand to High Recognition4How Our Team Took One Brand Which Never Had Any SEO Impression to a Click Friendly and Recognized Brand SEO is a warzone- quite literally. With King Google waving its wand every now and then, the digital marketers find it hard to cope with the new set of algorithms. In line with this, putting a brand which had no digital marketing exposure, in the front tier of search results was a challenge. The client was a prominent name in apparel and fashion with a pan India presence. What they lacked was a real presence in digital media and roped our team in for that task.

Client Background and ExpectationsTo create an online footprint via SEO Conversion through AdWords.

What Our Team DidThe team took a holistic dip in the pool of possibilities and made a route-map for search engine optimization. Our approach included: Comprehensive keyword researchUX optimization and conversion funnelingKey content marketing which included Micro Blogging, Q&A, Press Release

What Our Team AchievedBeing one of the most challenging projects to maneuver, our team put up all the stocks and made it their prime priority. The numbers were impressive to say the least. In within two months, our team was able to put the brand in the top 30 search results for a wide range of competitive keywords. It is important to note that before the SEO process was in motion, the brand was not even in the top 100 search results for the given keywords. No wonder our SEO specialist got a pat on the back- from the client.


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