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Embrace the digital revolution and unlock your company’s potential Digital Transformation DIGITAL INNOVATION

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Embrace the digital revolution and unlock your company’s potential
Achieve the next level
We see a world in transformation. It’s time to grow,
optimise and rebuild businesses so they thrive in the
new environment. Our next-gen technology services
will help to unlock the full potential of your company in
today’s new, digital landscape.
Join forces and, step-by-step move your company to the
next level. Stay ahead of the game and make strategic,
well-planned, organisational change through adoption
and modernisation of technology.
business and technology specialists will walk you through
successful digital transformation and build your new
industry-leading technology product together.
+500 complex projects delivered to help digitally transform
21 years of experience
800 people on board
from its opportunities and introduce innovation to
your company. And this operational shift can only
be done with a well-prepared strategy in place.
We’ve got 21 years of experience in moving
businesses to the next digital level. We know
that technology is the key to do so, but it is not
everything. What you also need to succeed is a well-
prepared transformation strategy, innovative
architects will help you prepare the strategy
of transformation and then design and
implement new or modify existing solutions
to meet changing business requirements.
Make a change
The digital transformation
and benefit from your
Agile Software Development
Strategy Requirements gathering
Concept and documentation
Planning Release Maintenance
It’s a process of step-by-step evolution.
And together we can walk your company
through it so that you can fully benefit from
opportunities given by the newest technology.
We will provide you with software adjusted to your
needs, developed in line with the highest standards and
supported by specialists after its release. All this within
a well-defined process with a whole variety of experts
engaged in your project on each step of development.
The initial call gives us information on your main goals
and needs. It is the moment when we decide on
the workshop - depending on your project’s phase it can
be an IT Strategy Workshop or Discovery Workshop.
With workshops you can be sure your project is designed
and built according to a defined plan.
You will engage ground-breaking
technology, put your customers
stay one step ahead.
What will you get?
u Recommendations with ideas to help you build strategy of your
company’s digital transformation with stages tailored to your
needs. All based on analysis of your main challenges and goals
u Improvements of your solutions and business processes
conducted with the use of cutting-edge technology
u Experienced specialists from areas like Business Analysis,
Automation, Data Solutions, Cloud, User Experience, Design,
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
u The possibility to engage a whole team or chosen specialists
as an extension of your in-house resources
u Ability to adapt to the ever-changing market and your
customer’s needs
innovation as well as selecting the best technology
to achieve competitive advantage
Now is the time to run a thorough, well-planned digital
transformation process and let your business grow and develop.
We will challenge what needs to be improved and develop a plan
going forward. All this with deep understanding of your operations
and requirements. You don’t have to transform your business at
once - we are here to identify the potential pain points and fix them
one by one with adoption of dedicated modern solutions.
Embrace digital and transform your business
Join our business and technology specialists
and walk with them through the complete
digital transformation process.
innovator and shape the industry you operate in.
We know how to engage your key stakeholders
in workshop with our Business Analysts, Data
Scientists, User Experience engineers and a great
number of technology specialists.
Draw from its opportunities,
together and succeed.
Legacy modernisation
Does your current technology and systems do the job you need? If not, now is
the time to work with us to take a step forward.
Use innovation in modernisation of your existing software, optimise costs,
add flexibility to your organisation and align to the digital market due to our
skills, capabilities and knowledge.
Our systems modernisation service has been designed to support you in
addressing challenges as well as delivering high quality, long-lasting solutions.
Use innovation in modernisation of your existing
software, optimise costs, add flexibility.
According to IBM in 2019 we reached the
number of 4.1 billion internet users.
Even faster we observe the growing number
of devices connected to the internet (IoT).
The technology is constantly adapting to
these changes and the cloud and technology
providers work on new ways the data is being
processed. The business needs to adapt in
order to stay in the game. 
We are delighted to have been part of this revolutionary
analytics solution including adaptive questionnaire.
We look forward to the next phase of development.
Future Processing understood our need, particularly
as we embarked on developing a software application that would be groundbreaking in the area of behavioural analytics. They always delivered on time
and within budget, with excellent support.
Hani Nabeel Head – Chief Behavioural Scientist, Aderbrooke
Microsoft partner since 2007
+48 32 461 23 00 [email protected]
Let’s talk how Digital Transformation Services
can help achieve your business goals!
Let’s start a new project together