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  1. 1. Sesh Tirumala Vice President, IT April 13th 2017 Ciscos Journey Digital Transformation
  2. 2. Agenda Cisco Landscape Why the Move to Digitization? Digitization Use Cases Q&A
  3. 3. Cisco Landscape Setting the Context
  4. 4. Cisco Snapshot 192 Acquisitions since 1993 19,000+ Patents $48.7B Revenue #1 or #2 in most market segments 70,000+ Employees $71.8B Total Cash 60,000+ Channel Partners 16,000 Engineers $37.2B Product Revenue 380 global sites in 165+ countries $11.9B Services Revenue 32 Years Old
  5. 5. Evolution of the Network Security IoT and Applications Next-Gen Data Center, Cloud & Analytics Service Provider Ciscos Key Focus Areas
  6. 6. 97 Countries 570 Offices 141,766 Connected Stakeholders 6,769 LAN Switches 12,013 UCS Blades 29.4MW Data Center Capacity 89PB Overall Usable Storage 46,903 Production Virtual Machines 154 Services 203,702 Connected Devices 4,379 Routers DNS 5.8B DNS Records/day 71,539 Employees Cisco at a Glance
  7. 7. Territory Manager Billing and Revenue Management Product LifeCycle Analytics Enterprise Inventory & Service Level Optimization Service Contracts and Install Base Management Fulfillment Experience Fulfill to Activate Invoice to Cash Service & Consumption Experience Monitor to Usage IB / Contract Mgmt Issue to Resolution Acquisitions Data & Analytics Knowledge Management Customer Success Management Common Technologies Market to Demand Lead to Opportunity Quote to Order Selling & Buying Experience Cisco Technology Landscape Business Process Category (Outside-In View)
  8. 8. Simplification: Business Services Architecture Change Management Define / Measure Success Services Taxonomy Organizing principle Services Roles Responsibility and accountability Services P&L (Cost and Value) Cost Bill of IT to deliver a capability Value Client view of capability Business Partnership Business Partnership / Aggregate Value of IT Services Services Funding Budget Strategic Investment Planning Organizational Health Architectural Reviews Services Review
  9. 9. Guillermo Diaz Chief Information Officer Rebecca Jacoby Chief Operations Officer Kevin Bandy Chief Digital Officer
  10. 10. Why the Move to Digitization?
  11. 11. Our Digital Transformation Value Reimagined | Work Reimagined New Customer Experience New Business Models Security Everywhere
  12. 12. CDaaS - Innovation Digitizing Planning to Release Process | Continuous Delivery Toolchain | 80% Agile 20% Waterfall Policy Cisco Virtualization Cisco Tetration Policy DaaS - Insights Analytics | Visualization | Virtualization | Data Catalog of Services | Role Based Access 4 Policy PaaS - Agility Orchestration Foundation | Automation | Open and API Driven | Removed 83% Cost Structure 3 Cisco UCS Cisco Security Cisco UC&V Cisco Network Storage ACI IaaS - Simplicity Catalyst of Service Architecture | Simplified Infrastructure Provisioning | Programmable & Policy Based 2 5 Policy APPaaS Outcome Focus Mobile | Web | Machine | Cloud Native | Contextual Collaboration Cloud Native IOE/Policy SaaS ERP Value Exchange1 Cisco NSO Cisco Network Cisco Network Cisco Network Spark
  13. 13. TRANSFORM Everything We Do Simplification Automation Security Analytics Continuous Innovation 5 DIGITAL PRINCIPLES
  14. 14. Digitization Use Cases
  15. 15. Digitizing Renewals How its Done Qualified Opportunities Management Pre-Quoting & Deal Approval Quoting & Ordering Collaborate Reconcile Assets and Entitlements Price Modeling (what if scenarios) Historic deals approved and the view to that Analytics to support Cisco Impact (Partner integration) i Opportunity Qualification Upgrade and downgrade Knowyour Customer Actionable Opportunity Asset Information Digital Seller View Deal seamless routing Improved Validations Simple Q2O process Deal Approval Rules Optimization Proactive management and maintenance of customer/partner entitlement access Self-Service Contract Management Auto entitle based on business rules Smart Account Management Opportunity business rules Cross sell upsell view Historic Purchase View Contact Information Accurate Tagging for Renewals and Follow on Std & Non-Std Billing based on Customers Invoicing Requirements Optimized revenue allocation/compensation for renewals and follow-on Invoicing and Billing Options Partner Metrics Partner Feedback Goal Setting Sales Comp Entitlement & Contract Management Billing & Invoicing Sales Comp & Partner Rebate QualifiedRenewals Opportunities IB/SA Data Foundation Customer Registry Licensing Support Sales Coverage Partner Data Portfolio/ Config Collector Minimum Duration Renewal Quote Protection Multiple End Users Takeovers Periodic Billing Schedule Summary Quoting Service Contract Start date Policy Simplification Introduce common definitions, ability to tag data and enrich with partner data. Provide visibility to actionable insights through clean data and advanced analytics. Deliver simplified next generation quoting, ordering and management experience. Expand upon consumption based, auto-renew business models. Simplify through policy. Simplification
  16. 16. Automation Conversational Commerce Digital Assistant
  17. 17. Security Everywhere 4TB Data Collected & Analyzed NetFlow Analyzed per/day (Lancope) 15B Traffic Inspected per/day 27TB Alerts per/day (NG-IPS) 1.5M Network Events 1.7T 10K Files Analyzed per/day (ThreatGRID) 5.8B DNS Records per/day 6M Web Transactions Inspected per/day (WSA) 425 Devices Detecting & Preventing Incidents 4.1M Email Transactions Blocked per/day (ESA) Security One day defending Cisco During Before After 1 2 3 Discover Enforce Harden Detect Block Defend Remediate Scope Contain
  18. 18. (Real Time Predictive Score + Prescriptive measures) Augmenting Cisco Support with Analytics Avoidable RMA Identification Categorization of ARMAs Predicting ARMA + Cisco Spark Application AI Bot Identification & Categorization Prediction Prediction Model Backend Engine A-RMA viewDecision Cockpits Analytics Consumption Analytics Identified Avoidable Returns Providing Metrics / Insights into root causes Digital assistant for Support to minimize Avoidable Returns Value Generated Analytics
  19. 19. Continuous Innovation Culture Multidisciplinary Labs Business aligned operating model, people and capabilities (technical depth / engineering skillsets) Agile Method and Mindset Modern DevOps Tool Chain Test and Learn on Cloud Micro-Service- Led Architecture and App Consolidation Shared Components Data-Centric Management Model Continuous Innovation
  20. 20. Continuous Delivery Analytics Application Are we baking CD Practices and Quality while building the Software? Developer Are we measuring Developer and Vendor Software Contributions? Security Are we baking Security while building the Software? Platform Are Continuous Delivery Platforms and Practices pervasive? Technical Leads Senior Execs Software Developer Senior Execs Security Architect Senior Execs CoDE Team Senior Execs Analytics
  21. 21. Accelerating Digital Skills IT Skills Report Digital Competencies IT Skills Academy Education, experience, exposure offerings Progress Needed for the future Top 10 skills needed for each competency area SAFE / Agile: ~ 355 Scrum Masters Data Scientists: ~ 95 graduates Security: White Belts: 1470 Green Belts: 226 Engineering Cloud Training: 123
  22. 22. Leading Change Clear Vision Building a sense of urgency Iterative Execution Architecture Leadership Culture of innovation / Risk taking Lessons Learned
  23. 23. If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near. - Jack Welch