does math matter?

Does Math Matter? Yes, it does!

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Does Math Matter?. Yes, it does!. Today’s Agenda. Introduction Why Gaming? How you can integrate gaming into your classes Demonstration of game and game elements Why do I need to know math? It’s been a long time since I took Algebra! How can I possibly use games with math in my classroom? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Page 1: Does Math Matter?

Does Math Matter?Yes, it does!

Page 2: Does Math Matter?

Today’s Agenda

• Introduction• Why Gaming?• How you can integrate gaming into your

classes• Demonstration of game and game elements• Why do I need to know math?

– It’s been a long time since I took Algebra!– How can I possibly use games with math in

my classroom?

• Planning

Page 3: Does Math Matter?

Grant Initiative

• Awarded in January, 2007• Partnership between ECSD and UWF• Support/Evaluation

– Career and Technical Educators– Information Technology Experts– Instructional Technologists/Designers– Faculty: Computer Science, Chemistry,

Physics, Mathematics, Instructional Technology

– Students: Computer Science, Instructional Technology, Middle School Testers

Page 4: Does Math Matter?

What’s it all about?

• Aligning Standards to Content• Promoting Career Education• Supporting Math Performance• Motivating Students to Pursue Advanced

Math Studies• Implementing Innovative Instructional

Strategies• Using Technology to Engage Students

Page 5: Does Math Matter?

Aligning Standards to Content

• Math 7-8 Grade Algebra Standards

• Career Standards

Page 6: Does Math Matter?

Promoting Career Education

• Knowledge is Power• Opportunities• Job Requirements• Academic Requirements• Workforce Development


Page 7: Does Math Matter?

Supporting Math Performance

• Aligned to FCAT Math Standards

• Practice• Practice• Practice• Relevance• Fun

Page 8: Does Math Matter?

Motivating Students to Pursue Math

• Relevance of Math to careers

• How is math used in careers?

• Answer the question: “Why do I need to know Algebra?”

Page 9: Does Math Matter?

Implementing Innovative Instructional Strategies

• Using instructional materials aligned to standards

• Building exciting learning environments

• Developing learning communities

• Presenting content in different ways

• Meeting students where they are

Page 10: Does Math Matter?

Using Technology to Engage Students

• Develop– skills used in the workplace (problem-solving,

troubleshooting)– collaborative skills– research, planning, and organizational skills– presentation and speaking skills

• Synthesize and analyze complex content• Express ideas in creative ways

Page 11: Does Math Matter?

You’ll be asked … WHY GAMING?

• Students learn best when they are entertained and can use their own creative skills (Carlson, 2003)

• Motivation, communication, problem solving, teamwork, creativity (Jenkins, 2003; Morton, 1998; Tews, 2001)

• Fun helps to make learning enjoyable, compelling, and effective (Prensky, 2001)

• Competition is creative and enjoyable (Akilli, 2006)• Intrinsic motivation – self-regulation (Reiber, 1996)• Increases motivation and eagerness for learning (Malone, 1987)• Fantasy increases enthusiasm (Malone, 1987)• Interactive feedback (Gredler, 1994; Prensky, 2001; Reiber, 1996)• Engross learner, focus and reward (Prensky, 2001)• Models use of gaming in the “real world” (Gee, 2005; Prensky, 2001)• Complex problem solving skill practice, involving manipulation of

patterns and objectives (Pivec, Dziabenko & Shinnerl, 2003; Jenkins, 2003)

Page 12: Does Math Matter?

Why now? Why in CTE?

• In 2007, high school freshmen must declare major

• 7-8 grade students participate in CTE classes to introduce them to the 16 career clusters and individual careers

• Showcase importance of math in careers – promoting advanced math studied

• Continue efforts to improve math performance

Page 13: Does Math Matter?

What about assessment?

• Games are introductory/exploratory, but …

student strengths and weaknesses in math and career content knowledge can be

determined through program reports available for each student

Page 14: Does Math Matter?

Game Elements

• Direct Instruction– Career Introduction– Player Biographies– Job Aids– Summaries– 3 Levels

• Expert Interaction– Video Vignettes– Non-Playing Characters

• Enrichment– Career Information Portal– Supplemental Instructional Strategies (WebQuests, Games,

Websites with Career Information and Teacher Lesson Plans)– Trading Cards

Page 15: Does Math Matter?

Career Clusters Covered

• Architecture and Construction• Finance, Business Management, and

Administration• Health Science• Information Technology• Law, Public Safety and Security• STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics)

Page 16: Does Math Matter?

Introducing … the games …

• Providers• Sustainers• Outbreak Unknown• Towers of Zahlen

Page 17: Does Math Matter?


Members of an elite group called the Providers collect fuel cells found at mathematically coded locations in the galaxy for the reactor which is low on fuel cells. Each level introduces different coordinate locations, equations, and navigation obstacles.

Page 18: Does Math Matter?


As franchise owner of Stellar Telecom Company, you must restore and expand the telecommunication framework within the colonies on a space station. Once the tasks are completed you will then earn a salary to reinvest in your business.

Page 19: Does Math Matter?

Outbreak Unknown

As part of a team of scientists, you find an antidote for a virus attacking plants and causing giant mutations.

Page 20: Does Math Matter?

Towers of Zahlen

An adventure game set in a world of mathematical towers where you engage the help of subject matter specialists, solve problems to unlock doors, and avoid traps to restore harmony.

Page 21: Does Math Matter?


• Field Testing – Fall, 2007– Materials

• Curriculum Guide• Brochures• Trading Cards

– With students– Teacher Evaluation– Implementation Strategies– Online Learning Community

• Grand Unveiling – Spring, 2008

Page 22: Does Math Matter?

What’s Next

• Equipment is in (computers for each school)• Final games will be delivered in August and

September• Website/listserv• Continued evaluation

– Your thoughts/ideas/suggestions– Best practices for using games in CTE

classrooms– Your student’s responses

Page 23: Does Math Matter?

Your task – by the end of the day …

• Consider how you’re going to integrate the games

• What information do you need to help you? Share that with us … watch for suggestions on the website and through email

Page 24: Does Math Matter?

Math Matters Website: Communication Central

Page 25: Does Math Matter?

And now … the demonstration begins

• Sit back and see an example of the game in action!