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  • 1. Super impressed with Bing MSFT took search from a 2 to an 8 overnight. From the Twitter Feeds [Googles] efforts feel minimal compared with Bing. I really enjoyed using it Walt Mossberg Ive been fighting my Google Habit and comparing Bing to Google. Sometimes Bing gets beat, but sometimes Google does, too. Danny Sullivan
  • 2. Imprecise Results Refinements Lengthy Tasks
  • 3.
  • 4. An emotional connection to the brand drives more engaged product usage.
  • 5. Word Of Mouth/ Relationship Marketing Talking to friends/family/co-workers 40% Blogs Social Community Sites Social Media Video-Sharing Sites E-mail from the company Emotional Channels Proximity to Brand Traditional drive 4x Advertising 28% TV product use. Online Print Out of Home Radio Cinema Emotional Proximity to Brand Did not sense Brand through traditional 7% advertising or World of Mouth/RM Emotional Proximity to Brand
  • 6. Grow organically and via direct engagement. Our aim was to build a fanbase that will be engaged not only in the published content and conversation, but also give us more of an opportunity to listen. The FarmVille audience reaches many of our key target audiences including moms. We figured out how to fund the opportunity on a cost-per-engagement basis.
  • 7. Not a gang sign. Personality Rules
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  • 10. Branded Entertainment TV w/ specific tags TV, Online Spots SEM Print Integration via pages Online Advertising integration, display Partnership CPG, Tech, Social Guerilla Value focus Social Media Advocacy Radio DJ Reads Testimonials PR Mobile Influencers Bing App Email Events OOH Decision points
  • 11. Embargoes Social Media Fail
  • 12. The difference between an audience and a community is which direction the chairs are pointing -- Chris Brogan

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