• Glaucoma:Ophthalmic Diagnosis at a Glance

    Daniel Mojon, MD, FEBO, EMHSA


    Plenum 1Plenum 2Plenum 3

  • Corneal IndentationA) Yes, I used itB) No, I never used it

  • Eye = Brain!

    Strong association between glaucoma and various sleep problems!

    Risk factors:

    • People who fell asleep < 10 or > 30 min. minutes

    • Approximately 7 hours night sleep = ideal! Much shorter or longer bad!

    • Memory problems & daytime sleepiness: visual field loss more pronounced

    • Difficulties with a hobby because sleepy: more pronounced vision loss

  • nostraped

    Dr. Karrl Dapra

  • If bleeding does not stop:

    coagulation status and blood count (von Willebrand, Tc-penia),

    Cyklokapron 1-2g iv

    Minirin 0.3mcg/kgKG iv

    Prothrombine concentrate 25-30E/kgKG

    Andexanet alfa (reverse factor blocade)

    CAVE: Secondary bleeding is the most dangerous !

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