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Photography exhibited at Boston University’s Photo Resource CenterExperience with movi, steadicamCertified bartender & scuba diver

Canon C100 & 5D, Sony A7SiiMamiya 7, Novoflex VR system,VR rigs: Excalibur, GoPro, Samsung

Planned, shot, stitched, and edited VR shoots. Duties included work with 360 photo spheres, QA testing on Hololens, promotional media, and animation videos.

Virtual Reality Content Creator



Worked on video for Samsung’s Galaxy Note8release video. Using all user generated content, I worked to coordinate footage and comm between release company Catch&Release, ad agency Leo Burnett, and 1stAveMachine.

Production Coordinator

Freelancer building Google’s Expedition VR tours, working on their education app, and using my VR expertise to QA test and give feedback on products.

Virtual Reality Tour Builder



Contract director at Bonsai, a VR company that creates high quality 360 rigs. Directed three VR films for Capital One, in which I cast actors and manged budget, scheduling, andscript oversight between screenwriter and client.

Virtual Reality Film Director


Managed the VR experience center for PeriscapeVR at JFK's Terminal 4. Coordinated with HQ in LA to ensure smooth work operation, managed staff, troubleshooted tech issues.

Virtual Reality Tech/Staff Manager

Provide dynamic visual media at YouVisit for colleges, businesses, and venues throughout the US. Work includes 360 video, interactive 360 degree panoramic images, HDR photography, Photoshop retouching, and presentations to client after shoot and editing.

Virtual Reality Content Creator


Work Experience

Hi! I am a film and virtual reality director and producer. With an eye for photography and movement, I’m always onthe search for a story.

Wrote and directed 7 minute BFA senior thesis film. Experience includedhiring 20 person crew, casting, location scouting, preliminary editing, and final coloring. Shot on RED Dragon.

BFA in Film ProductionEmerson CollegeBoston, MA



[email protected]


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