elce in shida kartli : cycles 1-3

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ELCE in Shida Kartli: Cycles 1-3 Presenters: Babi Kenchuashvili, Lali Kurdadze, and Marina Terterovi

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ELCE in Shida Kartli : Cycles 1-3. P resenter s: Babi Kenchuashvili , Lali Kurdadze , and Marina Terterovi. ELCE in Our Classrooms. Cycle I Spring 2012 P resenter : B abi Kenchuashvili. BENEFITS. Pedagogy and methodology Civic education topics Materials development - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Kartlis Deda

ELCE in Shida Kartli: Cycles 1-3 Presenters:

Babi Kenchuashvili, Lali Kurdadze, and Marina Terterovi

ELCE in Our ClassroomsCycle ISpring 2012

Presenter: Babi Kenchuashvili

BENEFITSPedagogy and methodologyCivic education topicsMaterials developmentSharing/Borrowing ideasFacing challenges Raising student motivation

What city is it?

Where is it?

What city is it?

Where is it?

What is it?

What is it?

Join the partsKartlis Deda is

New York

Tbilisi The Statue of Liberty is

New York is

in New York. big. is in America.

...is in Tbilisi.

in Georgia.

10Statue of Liberty Kartlis Deda

The WorldFlags and National Symbols

Great Britain( )



The USA()

North Korea( )



States can be()

Republics Monarchies () ()Monarchy

Has a king or queenRepublic

Has an elected ()president

Which countries are monarchies and which are republicsGeorgia, the USA, Holland/the Netherlands (),

Turkey, Armenia (), Great Britain, Spain (), China, Italy,

Azerbaijan (), Poland () France,

Republics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Monarchies --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------Government Systems( )Democracy: people elect the government.

Communism: the government has all the businesses and farms.Dictatorship: the country has got one single () leader.Totalitarianism: a country with one political party.Anarchy: when there is no government.France North Korea Great Britain Iraq It is a republic It is a totalitarian state ()It is a monarchyIt had () a dictator

This country has an elected president.This country has got a queen.In this county there is only one leader and one party.There was () dictatorship () in this country.

Thank YouVolunteerism and Public Participation

English Language through Civic Education Authors: Maia Lomsadze Lali Kurdadze Nino Sarauli Nana Aivazashvili

Volunteer does things without payment willingly

Kinds of litter

Recycling vocabulary

Recycling game

Categorizing the rubbish

Volunteerism is fun

Our team

Thank you !2013Materials DevelopmentMarina TerteroviPublic school#8Gori, Georgia

Why to do materials Development?Helps students to be more creativeEnlarges the knowledge of the taskIncreases students motivation( they would learn and see something different apart their text books and workbooks)Teachers can use various materials and increase their creativity.Mind MapWHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT ENGLAND?Photos of England and London

Buckingham Palace

London Eye

Tower Bridge

Word matching

Match the words with the pictures Residence------, royal----------, parliament--------, Flag of the UK--------, wheel--------, locate------- prison----------, emblem of England---------, monarchy--------, crowned----------, financial-----------, European Union-----------, underground----------, flag of England----------.Systems of Govenment England London

England is a country that is the part of the United Kingdom. The capital is London, from 1066.The population of England is 53 million. The basic political system is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary system. The National Flag is red cross. National emblems are: Res Rose and Royal Arms of England. The United Kingdom is a member of the European Union(EU). The longest river is the Thames. Weather is mild, not very cold and not very hot. Christianity is the most popular religion.The most famous educational centers are: Oxford and Cambridge.London is the leading global city. It is located on the river Thames. London is divided into parts. The first is the City, which is the business and financial part of London. The West part, which is the richest part of London with beautiful shops and restaurants, and the East part of London which is the working part of London.Westminster Abbey-is the place where Kings and Queens are crowned. The Tower of London was a prison and Royal Treasury, now it is a museum. Buckingham Palace, is the residence of the Queen. Trafalgar Square is the place where Nelsons Column stands with four big lions around it. Tube-is Londons underground.Hyde Park is the park where open air meetings take place. London Eye is a very tall wheel visited be 3.5 million people every year.How the students work

Lesson PlanSchool#8, Gori, GeorgiaClass -8Teacher: Marina TerteroviTopic: Systems of Government.Overall Objective: Students will develop their knowledge about England.Language Objective: Students will use new vocabulary and target structure: ______is famous because______.Civic Education Objective: Students will be able to describe places in England, London.

Stage of Lesson Activity Time

Warm upMind map: What do you know about England. Students write in their notebooks in pairs. Students dictate the ideas to the teacher. T writes the mind map on the board. T shows the map of UK. T shows the photos of England using PPP.10 min

Activity 1Vocabulary matching. T distributes the handouts about the words together with the pictures. Students match the words with pictures(pair work). T shows the key using Power- point.10 min

Activity 2Text about England, London. T distributes the handouts of the text, also graphic organizer to fill while reading. Names of places and Why famous.10 min

AssessmentWrite a short summery using information from the graphic organizer, and the text, using target structure: ___is famous because____, (pair work).10 min

ClosureT collects the work.3 min