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storescompetitorsprice band matrix



147, Spring Street, Soho, New York will be the location for Whistles first stand-alone store. The shop will sell a combination of

womenswear and menswear in relaxed, sleek, contemporary shopping environment. To coincide with the launch of the stand-

alone store; Whistles will diversify and launch a new range.

Our new concept is making Whistles into a lifestyle brand through the introduction of home accessories and occasional furniture. The furniture will act as part of the shop interiors, but will be available

for purchase. Our aim is to create a unique, relaxed, yet sophisticated shopping environment in which the shop feels like a haven,

intriguing the customer, encouraging them to spend time browsing and interacting with the products. The subtle incorporation of homeware furnishings in the store such as chairs, rugs, stools, candles, photo frames, and cushions aims to create a balanced emphasis on all products in the shop, shifting Whistles current

identity as a fashion brand, instead, making it a high quality, stylish lifestyle brand.

To go along with the introduction of homeware, we have created a marketing strategy #WHISTLESLIFESTYLE, which will be promoted in the shop, encouraging consumers to endorse the hashtag online and socially. Thus helping promote Whistles new diversification, whilst

simultaneously creating an aspirational notion of a lifestyle enhanced and enriched by Whistles.

Established in 1978, Whistles is a leading British contemporary fashion brand offering high quality, modern, effortless classics and currently enjoying a successful run under existing CEO Jane Shepherdson. Whistles have a strong, growing global presence in USA, France, Russia and China. After successfully launching menswear in September 2014 and concessions in Bloomingdales, New York in 2014, Whistles is now

ready to launch its first stand-alone store in New York.





targeting premium

shoppers in international


repositioned as a contemporary,

designer-led brand targeting 25 to 45-year-old


sales soared by 23.6% to £49.3m in the year to January 2013

Whistles is one of the UK’s

fastest growing retailers

premium British brands are doing

well on the overseas front

right now

2014 Retail week report ““

whistles MARKET growth

Jane Shepherdson, the influential retail visionary who became chief executive at Whistles, after eight years as brand director at Topshop reinvented the brand. She says she is considering moves into children’s clothing and home interiors.

The concession is making 60% more profits above the target set. Sales also went up when we got our own till point. This success means we are ready for a stand alone store in nyc

[2] Danielle Gambino

[3] telegraph

[1] (Retail Week 2014)



The nature of buying products for the home is changing. Before the recession, 69% of consumers

agreed that they tended to decorate a whole room in one go, while this year that figure has fallen to just under 38%. Financial constraints

have meant that many consumers are taking a more piecemeal approach to decorating.

[5] (Neil Saunders 2012)

+1.02% +7.13%-5.06%



fashion dipped heavily with the struggles in the

sector abate

interior deisgn produts and departments stores

peformed best

stores selling a mix of products saw an increase

in buisness

Shops are likely to become places of exploration and

inspiration, to stimulate the consumers into buying.

“[5] (Retail Week 2012)

Rebecca Minkoff ‘s new SoHo store combines RFID technology with touchscreen mirrors. Each

item in the store is equipped with an RFID tag to identify it. When a customer enters the fitting room, a scanner recognises which items are present, displaying images and related information on the mirror

[6] (LSN Global 2015)

[4] (Retail Week 2014)

10.4 billion£value of homewares market[5] (Retail Week 2012)

The lifestyle brands market is set to enjoy 81% growth in the next five years[14]




“ “In the 1960s artists flocked to Soho, drawn by the huge loft apartments flooded in light for cheap prices. In recent years, the neighborhood is still full of creative types but in the form of high-end designers and fashion packs. Within the mix of stores, galleries and restaurants are still eccentric clubs and pubs but packed out with celebrities and high rental prices. Soho has beautiful architecture and

lots of well-dressed people. There is also a high number of home ware and interior stores, making the new home elements of Whistles the perfect edition

to suit the neighborhood style.

neighbourhood- soho nyc

[2] Danielle Gambino






The area is full of trendy bars and resturants that are often unique designs by local artists. It draws a wealthy customer looking for a new experience.

neighbourhood- soho nyc


Whsitles has been positioned at 147 Spring Street next to upmarket brands

such as Maje and Theory who are already established and successful

brands in the US, as well as high end designer stores such as Chanel and Burberry. This positioning strategy is something Zara are well known for doing. Before the customer has even entered the store they will

presume that Whistles is a stylish and contemporary store because of the

location it can afford.




neighbourhood- soho nyc



Being in New York, Soho has very good transport links. The subway is New York’s fastest means of travel around the city, as taking underground avoids

all the street traffic. It is also New York’s most reliable form of transport.

Shoppers can buy a $2.50 Metrocard that can be

used on the subway and buses and travel to Spring Street subway which is a 5 minute walk from 147 Spring Street. City buses

cover all major areas of the city and there are several different bus stops around

Spring Street.

More than 10,000 yellow cabs operate in New York. This is the easiest method of transport for tourists who do not know the city. They will also take routes not

covered by the bus or metro.

For shoppers outside the Manhattan area, direct trains run from JFK airport and tubes connect New Jersey and New

York, making it easy to cross cities




neighbourhood- soho nyc

10 price style matrix

Whistles position on the price style matrix will be elevated due to the higher prices that will be implemented in the

Spring Street store. The new competitors will be Kooples, Theory, A.P.C and Rag &


11psychographic profile graph

innovators early adoptors early majority late majority laggards

The whistles consumer is modern and engages with emerging trends. They care about their personnel image as well as the design of their home. The psychographic

profile of the consumer is staying the same.

12 soho demographics

household furnishings



below average above average

national average





consumer spending in soho, nyc

Spending on household items, clothing and gifts are all far

above the average in the Soho area, showing Soho is an

affluent and thriving area that welcomes new retailers.

male Population 40,637

Female Population 41,606


More women in the area is good for the brand as they shop more. Also, the median age is a similar to the Whsitles target consumer age.

occupational employment OF SOHO, NYC

white collar23,432

blue collar11,091

There are twice as many blue collar workers in Soho, which means there will be more

shoppers looking for smart but trendy clothes for working and socialising.

Family Households 14,329

Non-family Households


Number of Households SOHO, NYC

This statistic shows there are a lot more hosueholds without children in Soho,

meaning they will have more dsiposable income for things like clothes.

Household Income and Average Income in soho, nyc






25- 25-44 45-64 65+

The average household income is $146,109, meaning residents live a very comfortable lifestyle. This chart shows the Whistles target consumer has an average income

of $85,000 showing they will be able to afford the more premium prices.

[7] (Point 2 Homes 2014)


Family Households



Very active across different platforms on the web and understand that different platforms bring out different elements of their characters. Twitter and Instagram are favourites for ease and speed, sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr are popular

because of their strong visual emphasis. Facebook is a place for community. They are very savy when it comes to marketing and more likely to trust a blogger over any traditional media- they like it when brands personally tweet them. Social

media marketing is most effective communication for brands to reach them. Consume most of their media online and always use Apple products. Use fashion to express their personality and shop through different channels. Inherently attracted to pictures, a brand with a strong visual presence online will be more successful. Shop at neighborhood market but will also visit supermarket chains for organic,

quality products and upmarket ready-made food. Eat out and find recommendations through social media and websites. They are keen travellers who aspire to visit

exotic places like Tokyo and Vietnham.

Well-travelled, online and obsessed with good service. Appreciate international super brands like Mui Mui but don’t discriminate between high and low price if they like

the design. Mix Urban Outfitters, Reiss and Topshop will be mixed in the same outfit as Prada and McQueen. Consume editorial content from retail sites such as Net-A-Porter, even if they are not shopping. Super-busy creatives and entrepreneurs mix business with pleasure, so consume media when they can. Instagram is a popular photo app and they also use digital cameras by Canon and Sony. They are culture vultures, choosing to holiday in vibrant, buzzy cities with plenty to see and do.

consumer tribes


The city searcher

consumer profile

15consumer profile


Eve Fisher22-40

Living with friends or boyfriend.Avid social media user.

Interested in reading fashion blogs and occasionally uploads her own photos.Recently promoted to buyer level in a luxury womenswear.

Socialises with friends at the weekend in trendy bars in Soho.Very conscious of her appearance and up to date with fashion and retail trends.

Cares just as much about the appearance of her home as herself.Attends yoga classes when she has time.

Saving up for a holiday to Croatia. Eats healthily but enjoys eating out for most meals.

Has digital subscriptions to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar.Admires the elegance of British design.

The city searcher


The sleek Contemporary

consumer profile



George Park22-40

Living with friends or girlfriend.Works for a branding company doing web design.

Reads GQ and Interior design magazines. Attends the gym most days and enjoys jogging in parks.

Skis every year at his family’s ski lodge but also going away with girlfriend. Looks for quality in the garments he buys.

Takes pride in his appearance and attends the barbers weekly.Uses social media to keep up with friends and industry connections.

Searches for new and cool brands to wear.Lives in Franklin Street, a shortwalk from Spring Street in a rooftop flat

The sleek Contemporary

consumer profile


new product rangehome products

candles, clocks, photo frames and ornaments

product range



photoframe $30

signature candle $50

cushion $80-$110- lanterns


The homeware prices have been considered after looking at the pricing arcitecture of Whistle’s direct competitors and considoring

the new premium image of the brand.


soft furnishings and ocassional furniture

product range

chairs: $550-$110stools: $200-$400tables: $250-$550tables: $950-$2000


women’s fashion

As this is the first standalone store for the USA every category of womenswear and menswear will be available to thoroughly represent the brand. However, jeans will not be stocked in store as Danielle in Bloomingdales Whistles said there are already so many well established jean brands in the USA that consumers are loyal to. Men and women’s accessories and shoes will also be stocked in the Spring Street store.

product range

21product range

men’s fashion

Clothe prices in the Whistles Spring Street store will be elevated by 20% as it is an affluent area and portrays the new premium brand image. Prices will be range from to $55 for a plain t-shirt to $1400 for a sheepskin coat.


Cotton shirt $250

Cotton shirt $110

cotton and polyester shirt $70

Cotton shirt $78

Cotton shirt $145

Cotton shirt $255

Cotton shirt $320

Cotton shirt $149

Cotton shirt $168

$50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350price band matrix clothing- Women’s basic cotton shirt

tencel shirt $190


$50 $100 $150 $200 $250 $300 $350

price band matrix clothing- Men’s oxford cotton shirt

cotton shirt $140

cotton shirt $160

cotton shirt $60

cotton shirt $88

cotton shirt $130

cotton shirt $275

cotton shirt $230

cotton shirt $98

cotton shirt $210

cotton shirt $175

24$10 $40 $70 $100 $130 $160 $190

cushion cover $50

cushion cover $159

cushion cover £87

cushion cover $13

cushion cover £98

cushion cover $90

cushion cover $45

cushion cover $50

cushion cover £45ROUGHLY $68



new homeware product range for whistles

price band matrix homeware- cushion cover

25price brand matrix- handbags$100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700










elevated prices

Black Flared DressUS MARKET: $415


A ready-to-wear designer for women from Paris stocked on Net-A-Porter and Selfridges. Two stores up from whistles on spring street.

Leopard Print SkirtUS MARKET: $275


Maje has elevated its prices for the US market by 50% with a lot of their products. The brand has also created a sleeker website for the US customer. This shows that the US customer expects a higher

standard of design but is also willing to spend more money on fashion purchases. When speaking to the director of the Whistles concession in Bloomingdales, she said she thought the Whistles prices could be

increased by at least 20% as it sits alongside more premium brands. For the Spring Street store, tag prices will increase and the store will have a slightly luxury feel through the use of marble and the pieces that will fill

the store.



Calvin Klein is known for it’s racy billboards and

promotional campaigns so in 2010 they created

huge QR code that passers by could scan to watch a racy 40-second

clip featuring almost naked models- the

‘uncensored’ version. Users could then share

with their friends via social media, a quick way

to spread the video.

Small range of home products including rugs and towels but mostly bedding and cushion

covers. Not fashion forward, very muted colours. Stocked in few places and not aviable on the main website in the UK. High

price point; some bedding is over £300 and rugs go up to £4000

calvin klein homeware



technology te


y te



Store layoutRails around the edge of

the store with a mix of side and forward facing products. Garments organised to inspire customers in putting outfits together. All rails are on the same level to produce a sleek


Use shelving above and below rails to maximise selling space

and show accessories that would compliment the garments.

Top image shows a strong store layout that would work in the Whistles Spring Street

store to allow the customer to see a streamline store with a sophisticated colour scheme.

577 Broadway, New York, five minute walk from the new Whistles Spring Street store,

makng it a direct competitor.



Zara is another brand that elevates prices for the US market. This is more to do with the shipping and tax costs of importing stock from Spain but it is still evidence that the US customer is willing to pay

more money for high trend peices

In comparison with other clothing retailers, who spent

3-4% percent of sales on advertising, Zara spent just 0.3 percent. The little it spends goes to reinforce its identity as a clothing retailer; low-

cost but high fashion.


Zara has a very minamilistic image and approach to advertising. This creates

an exclusive feeling around the brand and items it sells. Whistles Spring Street will use the same approach to advertising by having clear simple images on billboards and magazines in trendy

and ‘cool’ locations to reach out to a new consumer.

[15] Unique Business Strategies


Extensive range of homeware products for all rooms of the house including kitchenware, bathroom accessories,

bedding, occasional furniture, ornaments, vases, mirrors, lamps and bath towels.

All own branded products.

Range of different styles within the homeware but most products have a

slightly Bohemian flare.

Currently no US Zara home stores and very limited number in the UK that are

mainly based in London. Zare do not mix home and clothes stores.

All products sit beautifully together to create a cohesive brand style and strong

visual merchandising. This VM style will heavily influence how the Whistles Spring Street store will be merchandised. A mix of home accessories, bags, shoes and garments will be arranged on tables to encourage customers to buy into the

whole ‘Whistles Lifestyle”

occassional furniture






home products and visual


Zara Home sales are growing at a faster pace than all of Inditex brands

“Zara Home, is pushing to have the design

stores everywhere the clothing store operates”





“In 2013, Zara Home reached $555

million in sales”

“They are creating a market. They sell you a lifestyle. It’s very inspirational.”





womens new arrivals

mens new arrivals

Strong new season womenswear consisting of clean cut lines and tailoring with quirky patterns. Menswear is much weaker, hardly any new products, very basic styles and not

shown on models. The Whistles store will have equal emphasis on both genders.


technology te


y te


#canthelpmyselfie campaignThis campaign encouraged customer to style French

Connection clothes and then share their selfie on their social media. This is great brand exposure because customers will be sharing the images with friends

who are likely to be on the social level and therefore also interested in the brand. At Whistles Spring Street we will launch the #whistleslifestyle campaign that

encourages customers to share pictures of the store and products with their friends, increasing awareness of the

brand in a new market.Competitors


Homeware range online including rugs, occasional furniture, vases, lighting,

mirrors and clocks, storage and shelving, cushion, blankets and


A very concise collection of homeware that would work well when displayed together because it is all of a simialr

style. This is how the Whistles homeware needs to be so it looks aesthetically pleasing in a small store and compliments

the clothes around it.

All items are own brand products, which strengthens

overall brand image and consistency

Only two stores in London stock homeware- Oxford Street

and Kings Road.

occassional furniture

mirrors and clocks


cushions and throws


storage solutions

Soho, New York location sells both men and womens styles so couples and friends can shop together. The store stocks a lot of the smarter and trend led items as the area is very trendy and

there are lots of working women around. This store does not sell any home products.

home products

Own-label goods are taking precedence over branded ones.




The brand started as a concession in Bloomingdales when it first came to New York and has since opened a store in the

trendy Meatpacking District.

‘The Kooples’ aim to be a destination store for fashionable couples that share a similar style and enjoy shopping together. The brand’s marketing

campaign is very simple yet famously well known.

To launch the first stand-alone Whistles store in the US men’s clothes, women’s clothes and home accessories will all be mixed in together in one store. This concept will encourage people buying into the ‘Whistles lifestyle’, taking the ideas of couples shopping together for clothes one step further as in this store they can also buy products for their home.

This lifestyle theme will continue through the marketing images. They will be similar to the simple Kooples style and feature a couple their

home, wearing Whistles clothing with Whistles home accessories around them and a simple tag line of ‘Katy and Issac have lived in their Greene Street aparment for 2 years and recently updated their look with the Whistles Wing chair”. These couples will live on streets local to the

Spring Street store and will be real customers.

brand concept



Strong monochrome theme thoughout every store around

the world. creating a strong brand image.

Very glossy, high end finish which would

alienate the Whistles consumer who is

slightly younger and more casual

Blacked framed shelving is already a signature style of Whistles and it will be used in the Spring Street store to display homeware

and accessories

store design



& other stories is chaotic but it makes you want stay longer- your worried if you

leave you might miss something, it’s a unique selling point

“ “

& Other Stories stocks everything from womenswear to shoes, bag accessories, jewelry, lingerie and make-up. Rather than the jewelry being in it’s own section it sits next to outfits that can be styled together. It’s an ideal place for friends to browse together, an aspect that is important to the concept of the new Whistles store.

Mixing homeware items in with the women and men’s clothes in store will create a sense of exploration for the customer. The clothes and homeware will compliment each other, encouraging purchases because the shopper feels like they are buying a lifestyle image that flows from the way they dress to the look of their home.

& Other Stories have a store on Broadway, Soho- a short walk from Whistles Spring Street. This is evidence that this shopping style is popular with US shoppers.

lifestyle and destination stores

[2] Danielle Gambino

37lifestyle and destination stores

A multi-channel lifestyle brand that sells women’s clothing and accessories, home furnishings, found objects, gifts and dEcor.

Three-floor, 22,000 sq ft store has a

“hydroponic plant wall” as its centrepiece that

continues growing.

Customers are attracted to Anthopologie not just by the goods on sale, but also by the look of the store design. Whistles Spring Street will be a store that is inviting to browse and visually stimulating because of the constantly changing visually merchandising of homeware products for sale.

regent street store

regent street iBeaconiBeacon is a new technology built into Apple devices that provides location awareness. Every store along Regent

Street — including Burberry, Banana Republic, Hugo Boss and Anthropologie — will install beacons to broadcast offers to

shoppers as they walk past stores and restaurants. It allows users to indicate brand affinity by swiping up or down.


technology te


y te



“We wanted to reinforce our status as a true lifestyle destination”

Club Monaco has opened a quirky coffee shop ‘café Myriade’ in the

basement of one of it’s Canada stores

that also sells bakery items and books from other brands. The brand

wants to be a destination store for customers and this popular coffee brand is a way of enticing people to visit the

store and stay for a long time.

MontrEal, Canada

new york flgashipBrought in 2 unique shop-in-shops: Toby’s Estate Coffee, a hip Williamsburg mainstay, and The Strand, the iconic

Manhattan bookstore.

“We wanted to create an area you want to hang out in”

lifestyle and destination stores




mixing clothing and home accessories

creates interesting visual merchandising

Club Monaco’s Sloane Square store stocks women’s

wear, vintage clothing and accessories, as well as

homeware including silver antique candle sticks, and flowers from That Flower

Shop. The launch party took place on the first day of fashion week. The square was dotted with local food

and drink businesses, a vinyl listening station and a DJ

set. The next day the stalls were open for the public to enjoy. This meant even customers who could not

afford to regularly afford to shop at the brand could still feel like they were part of

the lifestyle it offered.

sloanE square, london

launch party in sloane square

lifestyle and destination stores


Victoria Beckham’s first shop in Dover Street, London is a sleek, contemporary store that displays her designs like art pieces.

The payments in store are taken through the iPad till system so it can be taken to the customer on any level of the shop. This makes the process faster and more convenient and creates an exclusive experience for the customer, making them feel valued. A huge walnut bench is used to wrap purchases. The aesthetics of the Victoria Beckham store are very important to her brand image.

In the Whistles Spring Street store, iPads will be used to take all payments. This means that the sales advisors can personalise their service to suit the customer’s needs. The store will still have a marble bench where cash transactions will be finalised and items can be wrapped. The iPads can also be used to order sold out sizes of clothes as well as larger homeware products such as rugs, chairs and tables to the customer’s home address.

We’re not going to have any ugly tills anywhere

“ “

Victoria Beckham


technology te


y te




wall of interactive mirrors in burberry on regent street

Burberry coats and bags are fitted with RFID (radio frequency identification) tags. When a customer flashes the clothes in front of the interactive mirrors in store, the process of making the product is played on the screen. Craftsmanship is part of Burberry’s ethos, so consumers want to know about the history. This

technology would suit the young Whistles consumer who is an avid user of technology, but they are more interested in how to style the product and the

style influences behind the product.

In the Whistles Spring Street store the two large mirrors on the shop floor will be interactive screens. The screens will play similar content to the interactive tags; catwalk videos, influences and how to style the pieces. The screens in the

fitting room will not be interactive, as with only four fitting rooms we don’t want customer’s to have a long wait to try a garment on.


technology te


y te


This is a unique technology developed by Burberry.

The Burberry store in Soho is 131 Spring Street,

a few doors up from the Whistles store.

The consumer will be impressed that the level of technology matches such

a high end store.



Because is a luxury fashion magazine that seeks to bridge the print and digital worlds seamlessly. The audience is tech-savvy, but it is

addressed for anyone that has a real interest in fashion.

Hover your device over any page and content and ads come to life. There are interviews, fashion videos and more in store Most clips are no longer than 30 seconds, often giving a perspective to the product

that you wouldn’t be able to do with a still photograph.

This technology will be used on Whistles swing tags of individual garments. When scanned, the device will show lookbooks images and

catwalk videos to inspire the customer’s style decisions.

This app was created by Tank to be used for Becuase magazine. Can be downloaded on Apple or Android devices so will reach the majority of


Fashion scan app

We’re living in a mobile generation and we want a streamlined, cross-channel retail experience. 2015 will be the year retailers really begin to see the opportunity in this

and start to change their approach.

““Rupal Karia


technology te


y te






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Friday 5th December– all here-Started making presentation -Discussed location/products/competitors-Created Whistles lifestyle

Monday 8th December – all here-Changed team leader from Soph to Em-Reviewed location-Analysed competitors-Finished powerpoint-Created consumer -Looked at store competitors-Thought about materials to use in store (exposed brick, marble, concrete, steel rails)

Tuesday 9th December- all here-Decided what category everyone would be researching -Narrowed down home products range-Created social media #whistleslifestle campaign that would encourage customer to take pictures and spread the word.

Friday 12th December- Sophie absent-First google sketch up lesson -Decide to have straight rail going down the side of store. Realised having rails and boes entwined would be too complicated.

Monday 5th January- all here-Model making trial

Tuesday 6th January- all here-Created store plan dimensions-Decided layout of store including positioning of changing rooms, till point and feature marble wall

Thursday 7th Januarary- Faith, Shay and Amy absent-Discussed visual merchandising ideas for store tables with a mix of products

Monday 12th January- Faith and Shay absent-Started sketch-up model-Started cutting out model walls and decided on black matte straws for rails, reflective mirror card-Shoes under rails for outfit info, signature Whistles boxes for accessories displays, no mannequins in store-Advertising campaign would be young couple shopping -Interactive Fashion Scan labels-“Katy and Harry have lived on Spring Street for three years” Koople inspired adverts

Team Leader Minutes


Wednesday 14th January-all here -Trip to London to look round competitors

Friday 23rd January- all here-Em putting powerpoint together for presentation-Poor communication between Amy and Faith who are both doing graphics-Em and Soph did sketch up-Amy and Shay did model

Monday 26th January-all here-Wrote scripts for presentation

Friday 30th January- Sophie absent-Shay, Faith and Amy model making-Em created branded Whistles homeware product range for pack

Monday 2nd February- all here-Em and Soph worked on Sketh Up mode-Shay making model alone-Faith and Amy doing own packs

Tuesday 3rd February- Soph absent due to snow -Faith had bad communication and turned up two hours late-Shay left to do most of the model again with Amy-Em completed Sketch Up

Wednesday 4th February- all here-Em put group pack together-Everyone else finishing own packs -Amy created lots of new visuals-Soph and Amy start new powerpoint

Thursday 5th February- all here-Soph and Amy doing Sketch up screen shots-Em finishing group pack-Shay and Faith doing individual packs-Em and Soph complete new powerpoint

We also have a wassap group message where we communicate most days to discuss ideas and new concepts.