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YCN Whistles 2015 01/09 Jasper Lee & J’nae Fox

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  • YCN Whistles 2015

    01/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    02/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox


    The concept is derived from Whistles minimal aesthetic, focussing on embodying the traits of both the

    Whistles Man and the Whistles Woman.

    The bottle design is influenced by

    traditional apothecary bottles and when combined with the modern labels

    creates a versatile look.

  • man

    The Whistles Man is aware, selective and confident.

    Man combines fragrances that embody the qualities and attributes of the

    Whistles Man.

    Grapefruit as a clean and fresh citrus flavour, oakmoss for masculine and

    earthy tones and sandalwood that exudes confidence.

    YCN Whistles 2015

    03/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox

  • woman

    The Whistles Woman is intelligent, independent and discerning.

    Woman combines fragrances that embody the qualities and attributes of

    the Whistles Woman.

    Jasmine provides a feminine top note, fresh patchouli and white musk add ro

    create a rich and elegant fragrance.

    YCN Whistles 2015

    04/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    05/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox


    Using the signature monochromatic colours the scents and campaign

    celebrate the independence of both sexes whilst also portraying a

    connection between the two.

    The campaign shows the product and the interaction with the user, creating

    sensual and powerful visuals.

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    06/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    07/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox


    To accompany the campaign, an exclusive fragrance lookbook has been designed to go alongside the release of

    the products.

    The purpose of the lookbook is to present the products to new and

    existing customers with the aim to increase awareness and sales.

    The lookbook will be available online as well as printed copies available in store.

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    08/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox


    The fragrance will have its own page on the Whistles website.

    The online presence uses the signature colours of the campaign.

    Man and Woman both have dedicated pages providing more information on

    each product.

    The social media campaign through Instagram and Twitter allows the users

    to interact with Whistles - through either #whistlesman or #whistleswoman

    - with the insentive of their images appearing on the website.

  • YCN Whistles 2015

    09/09Jasper Lee & Jnae Fox


    The video will be displayed in store and on the website, providing an insight into the campaign and fragrance - with the aim to encapsulate potential buyers.

    Music : Ocean Death - Baths