eportfolios and digital badges to motivate and engage service learning

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ePortfolios & Digital Badges for Professional Development

ePortfolios & Digital Badges to Motivate and Engage Service Learning

Kyle M. LantzAssistant Director, Social Concerns Seminars, Center for Social Concerns

"ePortfolios, Advising, & Digital Badges"Audience: Academic Advisors and Student Affairs?

I could share ND use cases and research on how we have been using ePortfolios to flip advising (via first year, major, study aboard, pre-health) to make the process more student owned/controlled and a way to leverage the integrative power of the ePortfolio to span across classes, inside/outside classes, and throughout semesters. Then I can show how we evolved this strategy to incorporate digital badges in the co-curricular space to incentive, recognize, and make visible evidence-based competencies from informal learning experiences.1

Overview:ePortfolios + Digital BadgesService Learning Pilot + Year 2Background + LogisticsExamplesAssessment + Lessons LearnedDiscussion


Driving Research QuestionsWhat was the impact of an ePortfolio Badge on a 1 credit pass/fail service learning capstone course?

Are ePortfolio Badges an effective extrinsic motivator? GOALS ORIENTATION THEORYDo ePortfolio Badges meet a growth need (self-actualization, creativity, learning) or deficiency need (ego/esteem: recognition, promotion, allow to learners demonstrate their talent/strengths)? MASLOW HIEARCHY OF NEEDS THEORYDid the ePortfolio Badge award criteria clearly articulate what was needed to demonstrate successful competency on the learning goals? Did the eP badge increase a sense of autonomy (feeling personally connected to the material, meaningful, and/or understanding its value)? SELF-DETERMINATION THEORY

Experiential Learning, Service Learning, Community Based LearningPreparation + LearningExperience + EncounterSocial Analysis + ReflectionCommunity PartnershipDebrief + Application


Apple At - Cha5

Appalachia Seminar250+ students18-20 community partners6 class sessions (1.5 hours)Course goalsAssignments (papers v eportfolio)


Not possible without eportfolio team (Alex, Alison, Paul)Great to collaborate8

Appalachia Feedback Qualtrics Survey Last Modified: 02/13/2015N=18 out of 28 (who earned the badge)




Appalachia Feedback Qualtrics Survey Last Modified: 05/11/2016N=18 out of 38 (who earned the badge)

Motivated 38%Did not motivate 28%27

I spent more time on it than I thought I would.

I enjoy looking back at it from time to time. I didnt realize its value until after completion.

I was able to share with a former professor that taught me a seminar about urban poverty, so it was nice to show him a comparison with rural poverty.

It was really easy to use and allowed me to display my creativity.

Collaborating with our ePortfolio team:

-encouraged my creativity pedagogically-brought new eyes to the course-allowed the course to evolve and change-support expanded my capacity logistically

If you are interested in connecting & collaborating:Kyle M. Lantz, [email protected]

I would be happy to connect and collaborate. Thank you and I look forward to seeing the digital handout contributions. 33

Extra Slides for Relevant Q&A


Excellent Exampleshttps://nd.digication.com/kayla_matthews_bnu_appalachia_fall_2014/Home//https://nd.digication.com/kayla_matthews_bnu_appalachia_fall_2014/Home//https://nd.digication.com/annika_fling_appalachia_2014_glenmary_farm/Home//https://nd.digication.com/anvi_ton_appalachia_2014_glenmary_farm1/Final_Synopsis_Loghttps://nd.digication.com/savanna_dinkel_appalachia_2014/Home

Appalachia Feedback Qualtrics Survey Last Modified: 02/13/2015N=18 out of 28 (who earned the badge)