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  • Executive Cert ification Program in

    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

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    “The best thing that's happened to me in the last few decades.”

    “ Yunis Ahmad Senior Director, Netenrich Technologies

  • Introduction


    AI/ML is now mainstream. Every tech professional irrespective of their role in the organization today needs to be AI/ML ready to compete in the new world order.

    IIIT Hyderabad, a research-based institution is leading the AI/ML research and education initiatives in India. It is known for being the

    This AI/ML Executive Certification Program is designed for working professionals and is delivered out of Bengaluru to enable aspiring tech professionals to benefit from the expertise of IIIT Hyderabad’s Machine Learning Lab. The executive program on AI/ML by IIIT Hyderabad has already completed 11 successful cohorts with 1800+ successful participants currently working with 600 top companies. Over 250 participants from Bengaluru have already benefited from the program. The next cohort is starting in January 2020.

    This 18 week program includes 3 workshops (total 9 days) of intensive contact sessions and enables interaction in person with India’s leading experts in AI /ML from IIIT Hyderabad. The program also provides one on one mentoring for enhanced practical learning and application in line with Industry needs. The hybrid format program o�ers 30 live online classes and 3 weekends of in-class learning. It is led by collaborative faculty from academia, industry and global bluechip institutions.

    "AI will add 2.3 million jobs by 2020" ~ Gartner

    Embrace the Change

    First IIIT in India

    #1 in AI Research in India

    Largest CS Research Group in India

    #2 in Robotics Research in Asia

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    “A Transformational Program”

    India’s Top Faculty

    Most-Preferred Learning Format

    Rewarding Outcomes

    Outstanding Ratings

    Exceptional Peer Group

    “A clear understanding of the concepts and how to connect it with real world scenarios.” Laxman Director, Qualcomm

    “This Program gave me a scope to get into ML team in my o�ce.” Sravya Yellapragada Development Engineer, Pramati Technologies

    “Pretty comprehensive & e�ective. Brings participants up to speed in just 14 weeks.” Dinesh Koka Founder, Onward Health

    “Great opportunity to learn from India's Best Professors.” Rambabu Bonkuri, Lead Developer, Paymatrix

    “Overall structure didn't overwhelm, considering some of us haven't been coding for a while.” Saritha Sr. Technical Manager, Netcracker

    “Peer Networking, Hackathons, Labs gave hands-on perspective. Exceeded my expectations.” Venu Chigullapalli MD, India Operations, BostonLogix

    “Concise Program, good exposure to research as well as industry trends and practices.” Meenakshi Singh Software Developer, Hitachi Consulting

    “It is about the collaboration & networking that this Program brings to the table.” Krishna Chilamkurthy Program Manager, Microsoft

    Participant Feedback

  • Faculty


    Learn from Leaders

    India’s Leading Machine Learning Lab

    Collaborative Faculty from Academia and Industry

    From Global Bluechip Institutions

    Dr. C.V. Jawahar Program Director and Lead Faculty

    Machine Learning Lab Head. Renowned Expert in Machine Learning and Optimization, Document Image Analysis, and Computer Vision Problems. Ph.D. from IIT Kharagpur.

    Dr. Anoop Namboodiri Lead Faculty

    Associate Professor at IIIT-H. Expert in Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Biometrics. Ph.D. from Michigan State University.

    Vineet Gandhi Lead Faculty

    Assistant Professor at IIIT-H. Expert in Computer vision and multimedia, human detection and tracking, depth reconstruction and applications. Ph.D. from INRIA, France.

    Asokan Pichai Lead Faculty

    Senior Vice President at TalentSprint. Industry Instructor, Instructional Designer, and Programming Guru. Consults with FOSSEE at IIT Bombay on Python Courses.

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    Transforming Career of 1800+ Professionals with the Power of AI/ML

    January 2018 Cohort @ Hyderabad

    June 2018 Cohort @ Hyderabad

    July 2018 Cohort @ Bengaluru

    September 2018 Cohort @ Hyderabad

    October 2018 Cohort @ Bengaluru

    January 2019 Cohort @ Hyderabad

    July 2019 Coohort @ Hyderabad

    April 2019 Cohort @ Hyderabad

    February 2019 Cohort @ Bengaluru

  • Outcomes



    What should you expect?

    Scholarships for professionals joining in groups and women professionals to develop expertise in deep tech skills and enhance diversity

    Reinforce Reinforce learning by applying concepts

    Certificate Obtain an Advanced Certification from IIIT-Hyderabad ML Lab

    Alumni Get Alumni Status of IIIT-Hyderabad Executive Education

    Learn Learn from the world class faculty and professionals

    Build Build and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning Apps

    0% EMI Learn Now. Pay Later.

    Speech-Based IVRS

    Phone Unlocking with Anti-face Spoofing

    Autonomous Vehicle

    Industry Hackathons


  • Participants Profile

    Exceptional Peer Group

    Job Profile

    1800+ Tech



    Download Full Report www.talentsprint.com/aimlreport

    12% Leadership

    27% Managers

    27% Analysts

    34% Developers

    Participants with over 5 Years of


    70% 19% Women

    Participants From Startups and Small Companies

    30% Global



    Organizations Where Participants Currently Work Include

    CA Technologies Capgemini

    Bank of America Bayer



    United Health Group

    Verizon Virtusa Wipro Zensar Technologies More...Wells Fargo

    Oracle Paytm

    Nokia Novartis NTT Data

    OLA Cabs

    Schneider Electric Siemens UberTech MahindraTCS

    NCRNetAppMedtronic Microsemi MicrosoftLTI

    Honeywell Housejoy


    Hitachi Consulting


    CognizantCitrix CyientCGI DBS


    Genuitec LLC Guardian





    Elsevier EricssonECILDXC Technology Deloitte

    Intel IntuitHyundai Mobis JPMorgan Chase LGIBM

    Samsung SAPPegasystems Polycom Qualcomm

    AT&TAMDAccenture Adobe ADP Amazon

  • Curriculum • Schedule • Format


    What and how will you learn?

    Unit 0 Foundations

    Refresh your knowledge on coding and mathematics necessary for building expertise in AI/ML.

    • Introduction to Python Programming • Key Python Libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Colab) • Refresher for Math Concepts (Online) • Overview of AI and ML Concepts

    Masterclass Lectures

    Hands-on Labs

    Guided Mentorship

    Industry Workshops

    Team Hackathon

    Unit 1 Problem Formulation and Solving

    Learn to translate real-world problems in terms of AI/ML abstractions.

    • Overview of Python and its libraries for ML (Pandas, Matplotlib etc) • Demystifying ML • ML Avatars • Simple but elegant Algorithms •Ideas about practical issues such as Overfitting etc.

    Unit 2 Closer Look at AIML Algorithms

    Learn about and apply standard AI/ML algorithms to create AI/ML applications.

    • Formulating Real World Problems for AI/ML • Classification and Regression Problems • Intuitive and Simple Algorithms • Representation of the World and Real Data • Linear Algorithms, Optimization and Training • End-to-end Problem Solving • Non-linear Solutions and MLP • Gradient Descent and Backpropagation • Decision Trees, Random Forests and Ensembles

    Unit 3 Deep Learning and Practical Issues

    Implement practical solutions using Deep Learning Techniques and Toolchains.

    • Visualization, Data Prep, Unsupervised Learning • Principles and Practice of ML • Support Vector Machines and Kernels • Introduction to DL and Toolchain • Convolutional Neural Networks • Auto-Encoders • Recurrent Neural Networks • Overview of Advanced Topics in DL • Human In the Loop Solutions, Deployment

    Upcoming Cohort

    January 2020 Cohort 18 Weeks Program 60 Sessions → 120 Hours 30 LIVE Interactive Online Classes (2 X 2 Hours Every Saturday) In-class Learning at Bengaluru (3 Weekends X 3 Days each) 1 year online access and support

  • Experiential Learning In the practical sessions you will work on a carefully selected set of problems and case studies covering the following topics, tools and techniques.

    • Simple Classification Problems

    • k-NN Classifiers

    • Features: Extraction, Normalization, Transformation

    • Dimensionality Reduction

    • Simple PCA

    • Visualization: ISOMAP, tSNE

    • k-Means

    • Logistic Classifiers

    • Linear Regression

    • Gradient Descent

    • Perceptrons and Simple Neural Networks

    • Separability vs Non-separability

    • Polynomial Regression

    • Dealing with noise

    • Training, Validation, Testing

    • Overfitting

    • Support Vector Machines

    • pyTorch

    • Convolutions, Tensors

    • Multi-layer Percep

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