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Folding UmbrellasIn any business, there is one product in which the company has the maximum returns and that product is the key product. Out of all above mentioned products, Folding Umbrellas is our key product. Folding Umbrellas are manufactured by many companies in India, but the continuous R & D and immense involvement in satisfying client needs, made us recognised as the best and the most efficient Folding Umbrella Manufacturer in India.

There are various range we manufacture in Folding Umbrellas like Customised Promotional Folding Umbrella, Customised Digital Printed Folding Umbrella, Customised Screen Printed Folding Umbrella, Customised Two Fold Umbrella, Customised Business Promotion Folding Umbrella, Customised Political Campaigning Folding Umbrella, Customised Mens Folding Umbrella, Customised Gents Folding Umbrella, Customised Black Folding Umbrella, Customised Silver Coated Folding Umbrella, Customised Ladies Folding Umbrella, Customised Cheap Folding Umbrella, Customised Pharmaceutical Folding Umbrella.


Product InformationFolding Umbrellas are also termed as Two Fold Umbrellas, Promotional Folding Umbrellas, Three Fold Umbrellas, Monsoon Umbrellas, Customized Folding Umbrellas.

Folding Umbrellas are available in manual opening as well as auto opening style. These types of umbrellas are the most durable amongst any other type of umbrella.

Description: 1. Size 21/23/24.5 (size of the ribs-radius of umbrella) 2. Material --Polyester Taffeta OR Nylon Taffeta 3. Ribs --Metal ribs. 4. Cloth colour --Any of clients choice. 5. Handle description -- Plastic Handle OR Abs Handle.


Folding Umbrellas


Product Range

Promotional Umbrellas.

Two Fold Umbrella.

Three Fold Umbrella.

Straight Umbrellas.

Wooden Umbrellas.

Golf Umbrellas.

Garden Umbrellas.

Beach Umbrellas.

and more


TeamMr. Motilal .S. Lunia

Founder & CEO Mr. Ravi Lunia



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