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Angie's List Reviews Can Help You Find A Local Fort Lauderdale Plumber Douglas Orr Plumbing

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DESCRIPTION - Need Fort Lauderdale Plumbers? Start with Angie's List and find out how their reviews can help you find a Broward County plumbing expert.


  • 1. Angies List Reviews Can Help YouFind A Local Fort LauderdalePlumberDouglas Orr

2. Reviews by ActualConsumers: Reviewerscannot postanonymously. They are required toprovide contactinformation.Angies List: Looking forPlumbers in Fort 3. Dedicated to Consumers: Angies List is financiallysupported by its members, not the reviewedbusinesses.www.OrrPlumbingFortLauderdale.comAngies List: Looking forPlumbers in Fort Lauderdale 4. Fraud Not Tolerated:Businesses that post fakereviews face consequences,including the removal of thereviews, having theirprofiles flagged fordishonesty and removalfrom category searches.www.OrrPlumbingFortLauderdale.comAngies List: Looking forPlumbers in Fort Lauderdale 5. About 275 genuinereviews over the pastdecade 95% of those have beenpositiveDouglas Orr Plumbings experiencewith Angies 6. Received the SuperService Award for thepast 6 years in severalcategoriesDouglas Orr Plumbings experiencewith Angies 7. Great customer service Reliable, qualityperformance Punctuality Reputation for honestyThe reasons for Douglas Orrs high 8. Angies List Super ServiceAward WinnerDouglas Orr Plumbing has licensed plumbingrepair contractors in Fort Lauderdale thatprovide quality plumbing services in BrowardCounty.Call 1800DOUGORR or visit their website to geta free