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Window Repair Fort Lauderdale Website : www.fortlauderdale- Call us at: (954) 606-6412

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Visit our site for more information on Glass Replacement Fort Lauderdale.Window Repair Fort Lauderdale for home is not tough as you thought. Also though there are numerous types of window forms, sizes and designs you will discover that the methods that you use on repairing them are all the same. Modern windows on the other hand could be challenging and complex.


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Window Repair

Fort Lauderdale

Website :

Call us at: (954) 606-6412

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Improve the security and safeties of your home with Javier Screens Corporation – The best Fort Lauderdale door repair services, window repair and replacement, patio screening services in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach & beyond.

For any sliding glass door, screens repair, window glass replacement, window installation, window maintenance, door repair, door replacement, door installation, door maintenance, & patio screening services in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Pompano Beach and region -  Javier Screens Corporation is your best choice.

Window Repair Fort Lauderdale


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Window Repair Fort Lauderdale


If you have a sliding glass door, screen door and window screens in your home or a screened-in porch, you are aware that accidents do happen and it is often a lot easier than you would think to put a hole of substantial size in the screen. And if you have pets, that ease just multiplied. Instead of replacing the entire thing, though, if you live in the South Florida area specifically in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and beyond, contact Javier Screens for any window screens repair & repalcement, door repair & replacement,  and patio screening services.

Fort Lauderdale Door Repair - A Premier Window Repair and Door Replacement Company in Boca Raton, Pompano

Beach, beyond

Our facility and work equipment is equipped with top of the line equipment which allows us to provide speedy and accurate work.

Our main goal is to give our customers peace of mind and satisfaction, the repairs done around their homes are taken with the seriousness and responsibility that each of them deserve.

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We offer wide range of window screens repair & replacement, door repair & replacement and patio screening services in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton & Pompano Beach : sliding glass door repair & replacement, sliding glass window repair & replacement, sliding door repair & replacement, sliding screen repair & replacement, hurricane shutter maintenance and repair, patio doors repair & replacement, patio re-screening, patio repairs, aluminum roof repair, acrylics services.

Window Repair Fort Lauderdale

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Windows (single hung, horizontal rollers etc) Sliding glass doors (rollers, locks…etc) Glass replacement (impact, non-impact) Sliding screen doors repairs (rollers, screens) Hurricane shutter (maintenance and repair) Windows screens Patio doors Patio re-screening Patio repairs Aluminum roof repair Acrylics… and more

Window Repair Fort Lauderdale


Our Services

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Window Repair Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale Window Repair Services:Why You Need Your Windows Repaired!

It’s not uncommon to see buildings and residential houses with defective windows. Some of us think that they’re just windows, what harm can they bring to us? Windows are created because they have their own special or necessary uses. If your problem is who to call and if you want your windows to get fixed with excellent results at cheaper rates, call us at Javier Screens. Our Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services will ensure that you’re going to get the best deal on this side of town.  There’s too much at stake when you have broken or damaged windows. They’re going to affect you health wise, financially wise, and comfort wise.


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Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services Will Whisk All These Problems With A Single Stroke Of High Quality Standard Workmanship; Quickly And Efficiently.

There are several types of Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services that we offer. Your windows may need to undergo one of these and the earlier you decide to have your windows repaired the more benefits you’re going to get.

What parts of the windows that need repairs?Parts repair. The windows may have broken glass or defective sections. Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services will carry out minor restoration jobs. Some of the window parts may not be available anywhere else, but we can assure you: we have them. They’re exactly what your windows need and we’ll give them to you cheap. There’ no need for you to order them somewhere else, delaying repairs. (1) Whole window repair. (2) Window frame repair.

Window Repair Fort Lauderdale


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What are the types of window repairs that we can do at Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services?Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Services can install all types of screen meshes. Change or install the window glass. Leak repairs. Window restoration services.


Window Repair Fort Lauderdale

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Window Repair Fort Lauderdale

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Hurricane Shutters Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale Window Repair Company: Cost Effective Measures!

Fort Lauderdale Window Repair by Javier Screens

Windows are essential parts of our house. They offer ventilation, visibility and add to its curb appeal. And while we really don’t pay much attention to them, we are very much inconvenienced when don’t work properly. If you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale Window Repair company to relieve you of your window woes, call us at Javier Screens.

Now a lot of people think they can save on money and do the repairs themselves instead of hiring a Fort Lauderdale Window Repair company. True there are many do-it-yourself instructions on the internet, however not all windows are made the same and sometimes these online advice might not be applicable. Skill and judgment, which come from experience, are needed in handling window repairs. And more often than not, more damage is caused by amateur repairs.


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Hurricane Shutters Fort LauderdaleAside from modern and glass windows, our Fort Lauderdale Window Repair crew also works with

a lot of obsolete windows.

The problem with working with these types of windows is determining what window parts can be saved and what needs to be replaced. And more often than not, these windows have glass that can give a nasty cut. A seasoned Fort Lauderdale Window Repair service must be called in to make the decisions and do the delicate work. An amateur who ventures to make repairs himself might not only damage the vintage windows but also hurt himself in the process. These will certainly cost more money.For cost-effective, quality Fort Lauderdale Window Repair services, contact us at Javier Screens. Aside for repairs we also do window screening and maintenance and repair of hurricane shutters. Whatever your window problem is we will do our best to solve it for you.


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Glass Replacement Fort LauderdaleGlass Replacements Fort Lauderdale: Skill, Creativity, and Know-how!

Accidents do happen and your sliding door glass may have been hit by some hard object and shattered. Javier Screens’ Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale can help you get the right kind and the best fit to restore your door, window, or the glass panel on the non-sliding section. The damaged glass could be part of your furniture or appliance too. Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale has been in the glass replacement business for quite some time now and our expertise in this field has helped us a lot in satisfying your most demanding tasks.

You can count on Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale to give you the perfect solution

No job is too difficult for us. Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale services will know right away what your problems are and their most adequate solutions by just looking at the situation. We at Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale know that there’s a whole lot more to glasses than just their thickness, size, color, and price and we’d like to share with you it with you.


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Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale possesses all the necessary services and stuffs to be at the

top of their business

Glass Replacement Fort Lauderdale

Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale also includes other stuff like sliding doors and screen repairs, windows, and door installation and maintenance. For your screen-in patio requirements, including your gazebos, swimming pools, and other outdoor structures, we have the best technicians to give you not only the most efficient insect proof home enclosures but the most beautiful as well. You get your protection and the house receives a wonderful transformation.

Your countertops, tables, and kitchen islands may require glass coverings; you can choose from among the most durable and break resistant glasses that we have in our stock. Tempered glass is tough and safe for these uses. In addition to tempered glass the following is also available: beveled glasses, plexi glass, custom glass, polycarbonate glass, and laminated safety glass.


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Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale has all kinds of glass for the necessary repairs so that there’s no need for you to hop from one glass supplier to another. You can get the complete supply from us and professional carpenters as well. They’re the best in the neighborhood.

Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale guarantees all materials and workmanship. And if you’re having second thoughts about your home improvement budget, Glass Replacements Fort Lauderdale services has always something that you can afford. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. Your family’s protection should be yours.

Glass Replacement Fort Lauderdale

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Sliding Glass Door Repair Fort Lauderdale

Are You Looking For A Premiere Door Repair Service Company?Fort Lauderdale Door Repair provides quality

service at a modest price.

All houses have doors. Doors serve as the welcoming committee of our homes. Made of different materials and constructed in different designs, the doors often symbolize the kind of family who loves in the house.Javier’s Fort Lauderdale Door Repair has a wide range of different home improvement services for you to avail of.

Adding perspective and beauty is just one aspect of doors; it is also designed to be an easy entrance for the owners and a difficult one against thieves. Having defective doors however, is not very common. Doors are built to last with the house but defects will always be parts of doors either minor or major.


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Sliding Glass Door Repair Fort Lauderdale

For steel Sliding Glass Door Repair Fort Lauderdale, it may begin to rust and become difficult to close. And for doors with glass, the glass may have several scratches or cracks in it. It is also very common for your sliding doors to get stuck and refuse to close or open completely. Or maybe it doesn’t lock properly and are easy to open.

One of minor defects is the squeaking hinges. It’s not the defect per se but a sign that the door needs immediate attention.  There are also times when the door’s materials begin to crack open. This is a sample of a major one.


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You should not leave your doors in bad condition, because if you do, you would be risking your safety and that of your family. Robbers can easily gain entrance to your home and steal your precious belongings. Pets can freely come in and wreck and dirty your home.

Defective door setting can also be a source of real danger to the family’s safety as it may collapse and fall on top of them or the glass might break and injure them. Do not be too complacent when it comes to your doors, because we use them on a daily basis. They are very important components to every home.If your door is in bad condition, it is highly recommended to get them fixed or replaced. Houses need doors that look good but are also well-built, so that it can serve its purpose. So if you have broken, old, ugly doors get them fixed now by calling Javier’s Fort Lauderdale Door Repair!

Sliding Glass Door Repair Fort Lauderdale


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Hire The Best Repair Window Company If You Want High Quality Service Delivery!

Window Screens Fort Lauderdale

Windows should be fixed immediately if they need to be. Windows can influence how your house looks, especially if they’re the floor to ceiling types. Even if they’re small, if they’re damaged they give your house that altered look. If price is the reason that window is still broken, talk to us at Javier Screens. Our Fort Lauderdale Window Repair service will

Our Fort Lauderdale Window Repair Aim Is To Keep Your House Beautiful And Presentable With

All The Windows Properly Repaired And Functioning.

When the windows have served for a time, their parts will crack or loosen from their frames. These will make your heater or air conditioner work over time. The frame will not be able to stop the warm air or cold air from escaping outside and the air outside from going inside. The maximum ability of a window to seal the room or house completely is compromised.


help you with your pricing problems.  We have the lowest price in town. We might even agree on a compromise to have that window repaired right now.

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Javier Screens Corp. offers Fort Lauderdale window screen, door replacement, patio screening and maintenance services of windows, doors , patio screens and others throughout the area of Fort Lauderdale.

Our main goal is to give our customers peace of mind and satisfaction, the repairs done around their homes are taken with the seriousness and responsibility that each of them deserve.We are called to be a money saving alternative, since, when servicing repair and preventive maintenance, we avoid, in most times, spending money on replacement windows, new doors and etc.

At Javier Screens Corp we measure the service quality by how well the service matches the customers delivered expectations.

Window Screens Fort Lauderdale

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Window RepairFort Lauderdale

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