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Freak The MightyBy: Xin Yuan Zhu, Nate CarlsonOrdinary WorldMax is just an ordinary kid and attends pre-school and has trouble with reading and writing. Kevin is crippled Call to AdventureWhen kevin moves next door to max. Kevin plays at the down under and then the Fair Gwen comes, and quickly brings kevin away because she thinks that kevin is actually his dad. Then he is invited to goto kevin's house for dinner.Refusal of the CallMax doesn't want to go to the dinner party, but his grandparents make him Meeting with the mentorAt the dinner party, Max meets kevin who will guide him and max will learn a lot from him throughout the storyCrossing the ThresholdWhen Max and Kevin go to the 4th of July party/celebrationTests,Allies,EnemiesTony d. chases max and Kevin so they are tested on how quickly, or cunning their escape plan is. Then jump into the river and successfully escape Tony d.The ApproachMax is kidnapped by his dad. Then brought to a run down building, tied up.The OrdealKiller Kane almost kills loretta. Max is yelling to his dad about how he knew that he was the one who murdered his mother. Then Max is almost killed. the RewardKiller Kane is sent back to prison with an extra 10 years. Max no longer has to worry about his dad coming back.The Road BackWhen Kevin has his birthday, Max comes and kevin gets a new computer. Then he is teaching 3d chess to grim.The Resurrection Kevin gets a seizure. he is hospitalized and Max visits. The next day, kevin dies and Max is told that his heart got too big for his birthday.Return with the ElixirMax is back and has become smarter, freak had taught him many lessons and his reading and writing improved. He now can write a book and read better thanks to Kevin.The End