genetically modified food

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Genetically modifed (GM) oods oods produced rom organisms that have had specifc changes introduced into their DNA using the methods o genetic engineerin

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  • Genetically modified (GM) foods foods produced from organisms that have had specific changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering

  • Typical Genetically Modified FoodsCornSoybeanSugar BeetsPotatoesTomatoes OilsGolden RiceSalmon

  • Methods of ProductionStep 1: DNA Extraction~ A sample of an organism containing the gene of interest is taken through a series of steps to remove the DNA.

    Step 2 : Gene Cloning ~ the single gene of interest is seperated from the rest of the genes extracted and make thousands of copies of it.

  • Methods of ProductionStep 3 : Gene Design~ done by cutting the gene apart with enzymes and replacing gene regions that have been seperated

    Step 4 : Transformation / Gene insertion.~ The new gene is inserted into some of the cells. Transformed plant cells are then regenerated into transgenic plants.

  • Methods of Production

    Step 5 : Backcross Breeding~ Transgenic plants are crossed with elite breeding lines using traditional plant breeding methods to combine the desired traits of elite parents and the transgene into a single line.

  • Impact of Genetically Modified Food On Food Supply And Health

  • Impact on Food SupplyIn the US alone, over 80% of food is Genetically modified.Others include:Vegetables and fruits Grains(rice, corn and wheat)Legumes(soybeans and soy products)Dairy products(eggs) Animal products(meat,chicken)Additives and ingredients(tomato sauce, ice cream,margarine and peanut)

  • Impact on Health

  • Impact on Health

  • 3.Nutritional Value Decreased