guatemala. where is guatemala? guatemala capital of guatemala: guatemala city

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  • Guatemala
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  • Where is Guatemala?
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  • Guatemala
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  • Capital of Guatemala: Guatemala City
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  • Mayan Civilization A.D. 250 and A.D. 900 They built pyramids, palaces, temples, markets, and shrines They created the only fully developed written language of the pre-Columbian Americas They also created art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems
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  • Mayan Buildings Surprisingly massive Mayan structures were built without advanced technologies They didnt have animals necessary for wheel-based modes of transportation, metal tools and even pulleys How did they do it? People: It took a lot of people power Materials: limestone from local quarries
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  • Tikal: One of the largest and oldest Mayan citiy
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  • Q: How many days in Mayan year Q: How long does it take the Earth to make one complete revolution around the sun? Video of earth around the sun A: 360 days A: 365 14 solar days to make one
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  • What is an aqueduct? An aqueduct is a large pipe or channel for bringing water from one place to another.
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  • The Mayan language was a picture language. What is the name for such a language? Hieroglyphics Maya inscriptions were most often written in columns two glyphs wide, with each such column read left to right, top to bottom
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  • Mayan Script In English, all of our words are formed from combinations of only 26 signsthat list of letters we call an Alphabet. All Maya words are formed from various combinations of nearly 800 signs, and each sign represents a full syllableso that list of signs is called a Syllabary, not an Alphabet
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  • Mayan Astronomers The Mayans were incredible astronomers even though they did not have telescopes They were able to: predict solar and lunar eclipses trace the path of planets
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  • What is a lunar eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks the Suns light from the moon.
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  • What is a solar eclipse? A solar eclipse occurs when the moon blocks the suns light from some areas of the Earth.
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  • Economy Guatemalas economy is based on agriculture Agricultural exports include: coffee, bananas, and sugar. Most rural houses do not have any electricity or running water
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  • Are coffee and bananas native to Guatemala? No There was Coffee in Ethiopia before A.D. 1000; also in Arabia by the 15th century, and had reached Europe and then North America by the 17 th century Bananas are native to tropical Asia
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  • History of coffee
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  • What is the capital of Canada? a)Ottawa b)Toronto c)New York City
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  • Quebec is the largest province in Canada. What is the official language in Quebec? a)English b)French c)Spanish
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  • What food plant was first cultivated in Mexico around 7000 BC? a)Potatoes b)Corn c)Radishes
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  • Find Mexico
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  • Mexico
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  • When as the United States Declaration of Independence (written mainly by Thomas Jefferson) adopted? a)July 4, 1776 b)July 4, 1876 c)July 14, 1776