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About Us

Guerilla Marketing is a full-service digital agency that offers data-driven marketing solutions to clients in the hospitality, travel and tourism industry. We are based in Randburg, South Africa, and our reach extends not only to all provinces in South Africa but to the rest of the African markets as well.

We have built our work on a solid understanding of the unique demands and versatile nature of the industry. This responsive approach enables us to provide relevant and customized solutions that match, as well as exceed, our clients expectations. Additionally, our operations are piggybacked on the proven track record of our holding company, Adclick Africa, which has run successful performance driven campaigns for brands such as MTN, Standard Bank, Telkom, Eskom, Durex amongst many others.

Our dedicated team of skilled and experienced professionals specializes in helping clients maximize revenue through direct bookings on their digital properties. This tends to lower their distribution costs and consequently boosts their profit margins significantly.

What makes our service unique is that we are data driven in both decision making and in our desired results.

Whatever we do is framed by our clients’ business goals.

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Social Media ServicesWe help brands generate leads, acquire new customers and retain them using our proprietary technology and processes. Our retargeting methodology enables them to turn their customer data into revenue.

Responsive Website Design 

We create beautiful websites that respond to the user's behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. The main focus of our design is on lead generation and increased bookings.


We run campaigns on Google's adwords programme to increase bookings and get instant conversions. We help brands reach both their targeted customers and marketing targets.


Search engines are used a lot by travelling guests when they are planning their vacation. It is imperative that a brand’s website is discovered in these crucial moments. Our SEO services boosts the ranking of a site in order to attract traffic and generate leads.

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Email MarketingWe nurture leads, retain existing clients and prospect bases effectively with our creative email marketing services.

Local ListingsWe optimise local search directory listings for our clients so that prospects can find them quickly and easily. We list their exact location and business address on a map and this in turn enables potential clients to get precise directions to where they are.

Online Review Management 

We live in a world where everyone's a critic, where business businesses live or die by a star rating or an online review. This makes tracking and controlling their reputation a priority. We help our clients create an online review management strategy as well as track and monitor them.


We provide affordable app development services to brands that are looking for an affordable app. We help them provide their customers with an on demand services and the touch of a screen.

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Our Value Proposition

We understand that hotel guests and travellers use different digital channels and multiple devices to research, plan and make a booking. These digital channels include:

• Website• Organic search• Paid search• Social media• Meta search• Email marketing• Mobile• Listings on referral sites

We provide a holistic, omni-channel digital marketing strategy to create a compelling presence for our clients at every stage of their customers’ path to purchase.

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Our Value PromiseLead

generation & new client


Enhanced online


Improved customer loyalty & retention

Maximise existing

client data for


Boost revenue

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The Adclick Advantage

Benefits of partnering with us:

• We help lower distribution costs by 20%.

• We increase direct bookings.

• Our clients make use of their existing client data to create high impact marketing campaigns.

• We consolidate our clients’ operations and marketing into a comprehensive strategy that is driven by their most important KPIs.

• We see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ marketing teams.

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Path To Purchase & Triggers Affecting Each Stage



Content, Ads,

Search, Social


Websites, OTAs, Reviews

Reviews Cross-

Services, Concierge


Reviews, Social Media





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What drives customers?

• Loyalty• Entertainment• Luxury• Pricing

• Mobile + Omni-channel• Instant• Cross-services• Concierge apps

• Reviews• Sharing

economy• Referrals

• Personalisation• Customisation• Segmentation• Big Data• Content


(Travel consumers

are increasingly demanding a personalized


Social (They rely on their social network &

friends – leading to the rise of the

sharing economy)

Value for money

(They are looking for the best offer that maximizes the value for their


Convenience (They are looking

for the instant, convenient

experience straight from their mobile, moving seamlessly between channels)

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Important Industry Trends

Brands should have campaigns running through out the research, preparing and booking stages of the customers’ path to purchase.

*Fuel Travel Study 2016

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Important Industry Trends

Times you should target guests

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Important Industry Trends

Number of websites travelers look at during the planning stage *Fuel Travel Study 2016

This trend means that hotel websites should be user-friendly, be optimized for performance and conversions.

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Important Industry Trends

Online & phone bookers use search engines significantly more than any other tool to begin their planning process. However, search engines are only slightly influential than the property’s own website when it comes to influencing the booking decision. Review sites like are used 5.8% to begin research. (Source: Fuel Travel Study 2016)

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Important Industry Trends

What influences a booking decision?

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Important Industry Trends

Social media’s Influence

Social media platforms have grown in influence in the customer’s journey. Over 57% of people who participated in the Fuel Travel Study say that they looked at the hotel’s Facebook page prior to booking.

Reported social media influence in hotel choice has grown to 168%.

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Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take the next step to learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with our sales team on:

011 704 [email protected]