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    GUEST SPEAKERS16 April 2015

    The Guest Speakers List is prepared, with the permission of the speakers, for the use of Probus Clubs only.

    The speakers list is continually updated and available, via E-mail, on request from Patricia Owens.

    Thanks to those Probians whose feedback has enabled updated changes to be made to the list.

    Please send any new information to:Patricia OwensTel. 9332 8569

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Proudly Sponsored by

    Free Call 1800 066 272 email: [email protected]

    Please Note: This list is solely for the use of Western AustralianProbus Clubs affiliated with the Probus Association of W.A.Please destroy old copies appropriately


    mailto:[email protected]

  • Guest Speaker Officers Role.

    Arranging interesting speakers programs is one of the most important and challenging assignments in a Probus Club. To hold the interest of members, programs must be well balanced with informative and thought-provoking subjects presented by accomplished speakers. Some highly qualified people are uninteresting speakers; so it is a good idea, if possible, to check on a person's "track record" before extending an invitation to speak at your club. Club members should be regularly invited to suggest potential speakers.

    In addition; Look ahead six months and plan a varied program of potential Speakers taking into

    account the interests of your Club members. Discuss future speakers at Management Meetings and arrange for publication of speaker

    details in the Clubs Newsletter Approach potential speakers at least three months before the meeting at which the person

    is invited to speak. If necessary, explain the objectives of Probus. Ask Speaker for the title of the talk and biographical notes (for the information of the Newsletter editor and the members chosen to introduce the speaker, Follow up with a letter confirming the arrangements, setting out details of location, time (suggest arrival in time to have tea coffee with members), length of address (around 45 minutes plus question time), transport arrangement, and your contact telephone number.

    Follow up with reminder telephone call about five days before the meeting, checking on any special arrangements, equipment required (blackboard, screen, video) and confirm any transport arrangements. Provide a mobile phone number for emergency contact.

    Greet speaker on arrival; offer refreshments, introduce to President, committee and member who will be introducing the said speaker.

    Arrange for a member, preferably one with some understanding of or interest in the subject to thank the speaker and present a small gift*as a memento of the visit. It is very important that the persons introducing and thanking be brief with their remarks and dont become an extra guest speakers!

    Try to have a short list of emergency speakers who can fill in with an interesting talk at short notice. It is most probable that there are excellent speakers in your own club who, if asked, will have a program prepared; but make sure you have more than one reserve speaker.

    Many clubs have a Member talk at each meeting; for 10 minutes before the morning tea break about their professional or business career: or some special interest. Such talks are almost always very interesting and help to promote friendship within the club.

    Small gift many clubs give a bottle or two of reasonable quality branded wine. [$15 to $30 total cost.]


  • Abbott, Brett Dental Services Co-ordinator of The Royal Flying Doctor Service Mob 0408 020 326 9430 8151Active Foundation Inc. supporting people with intellectual disabilityDeanne Jones 9387 0539

    Adams, Steven Gives a talk entitled My Inspiring Life Story 08 646 162 86Has a book for sale at $27 (all these numbers must be used)

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Airey, Phil BA Grad Dip Pub Admin Dip Ed Community Education Officer from theSeniors Housing Centre that offers a gateway for information and referrals to seniors on available housing

    options. E-mail [email protected] 1300 734 838

    Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. For areas covering north of the Swan River contact Rebecca M by phone on 9474 5510 or mobile 0400 351 002 or email [email protected] and for areas south of the Swan contact Sri V on mobile 0432 715 605 email [email protected] and for general information on the web at

    Allen, Ailsa was the first co-ordinator for Organ and Tissue Donations. She was much involved with setting up this service in Perth. Ailsa also has a book available and is prepared to travel to country areas.

    Contact details email [email protected] or landline 9387 1727

    Alzheimers Association of WA Trish Miller, Education services, 9388 2800

    Amanda Young Foundation Barry & Lorraine Young discusses Meningococcal/Meningitis. 9398 7275

    Amanita Products for Women with Cancer 9322 1990

    Animals Asia WA Support Group, Brenda Douglas Talks about tortured bears in China 9577 1371

    An Indian Ocean Adventure Contact Nigel Ridgway on Mobile 04199 21131 9204 4393Or email [email protected]

    Anton, Trevor talks on genetically modified Foods or Transcendental Meditation: techniques for greater productivity, lower blood pressure & better relations 9593 6456

    Antonas, Stanley talks on Real Estate & Business agents, Crown Law, Courts, Trust accounts and audits 9444 0679

    Arthritis & Osteoporosis WA whose objective is to reduce the incidence and disabling effects of arthritis, osteoporosis and related conditions in people of WA. For more information on the web or to organise a speaker contact Margaret Smith direct on 9388 4420 or 9388 2199

    Association of Relatives and Friends of Mentally Ill

    Brenda Cheeseman (ARAFMI) 9364 1394

    Asthma Foundation is offering free 60 minute talks to help raise awareness of Asthma in the community. The session covers the basics of asthma and will benefit people who have asthma, those who care for them or those wishing to learn more about this condition. In 2012 in Australia 394 people died from asthma. Contact Annette Raison, Training consultant Asthma Foundation WA [email protected] Australian Hearing ServicesKaren Parfitt, Audiologist. (Karrinyup office) 9204 4888 Australian Red Cross can arrange talks on their 20 different services 9325 5111

    3[email protected]:[email protected]://[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]

  • Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) who own 23 properties across Australia providing sanctuaries for more than 1200 native species. AWC is helping to arrest the decline of native wildlife and habitats. AWC are providing a new model for conservation and host visitor programmes at their sanctuaries for public education. AWC is recommended by Tony Liddell of Murdoch Combined Probus Club and Debbie Portughes speaks on their work and is best contacted on email [email protected] or landline 9380 9633

    Ayre, Douglas Speaks on Oral History E-mail: [email protected] Mob 0430 405 633

    Advocare Inc. E-mail [email protected] 9479 7566

    Ayris, Cyril is one of Perths most distinguished journalists, talks about his experiences over his 36 year career. Your members will get lots of laugh from his many humorous experiences. Cyril is interested in the touring in the WA country and would be willing to try arranging a visit to country Probus Clubs Recommended by Berkeley Allen of Fremantle Mens E-mail [email protected] 97512207 or 97513190 or Mob 0411144193

    Aziz, Jenna Coordinator for Elderly Abuse Understanding Elderly Abuse 9479 7566 E-mail: [email protected]

    Bandyup Womens Prison Mike Henderson: Dep. Governor gives a very interesting talk about the day to day running of Bandyup womens prison Graeme Smith Probus Club Sorrento