how major brands and publishers are thinking about the broad digital space, both mobile and internet

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Mike Parsons from Tribal DDB presents a snapshot of the big issues of marketing.What are Chief Marketing Officers thinking?How should my brand behave in a world of Facebook? Is 2009 the year mobile marketing comes of age? How can I have a meaningful ROI?Interesting cases and thinking for digital marketing.


1. PhonepayPlus Forum Keynote Wednesday, 04 March 2009 2. "How major brands and publishers are thinking about the broad digital space, both mobile and internet" 3. From Madison Avenue 4. To Silicon Valley 5. Consumer conversation Ventures and innovation Full service digital marketing Digital health experts Source Online Digital production 6. What are Chief Marketing Officers thinking? 7. Three hot topics How should my brand behave in a world of Facebook? Is 2009 the year mobile marketing comes of age? How can I have a meaningful ROI? 8. How should my brand behave in a world of Facebook? 9. The power of discontent Motrin runs TV ad Uses front baby carrier sling as context Mums took offense to the tongue and check tone Ad went live Friday Blogs and twitter go crazy on weekend WSJ runs story Monday Ad pulled Monday 10. Twitter commentary: "Picking on new mothers is vile, it's as vulnerable as we will ever be and they should know better. "I can't even count the ways I am offended right now. Taken aback! This is a serious screw up for such a major company. "Wow Motrin, you REALLY messed up with that ad. No more Motrin for my family. MobileMommy. 11. Service with a smile @comcastcares Meet Frank! Comcast offers transparent customer service Proactive reach out on issues and complaints 12. 13. Mass collaboration 14. The numbers 15. The old model is being flipped 2,000,000 x 5% = 100,000 Involvement/Multiplication Reach/Conversion = 100,000 = (30,000 x 2) + (10,000 x 3) +10,000 16. Our advice 17. Is 2009 the year mobile marketing comes of age? 18. 19. Big brands are getting in on the action iFood app by Kraft USA Over 7,000 recipes at your fingertips Smart Shopping List with Store Locator Your very own mobile Recipe Box Delicious inspiration anywhere, anytime Top 100 most popular paid apps Paid service $0.99 20. And the little ones too From the Grammy-nominated electronic artist Deadmau5 Mix and remix every song in the album Deadmau5's iPhone app ($3 on iTunes) lets you load any of 10 quantized Deadmau5 tracks into its dual-track playback engine, which works pretty much like professional DJ software while being easy enough for anyone to experiment with. 21. And there's money to be made Ethan Nicholas, developer of a tank artillery game called iShoot Quit his job the day his app rose to No. 1 in the App Store, earning him $37,000 in a single day. "I'm not going to be a millionaire in the next month, but I'd be shocked if it didn't happen at the end of the year "If it weren't for taxes I would be a millionaire right now. 22. It's hitting the bottom line Jim Hyde, T-Mobile UK's chief executive, said in a statement: "The successful launch of the Android-based G1 in October and the ongoing demand for mobile broadband services had a positive impact on the latter half of 2008." 23. We are waiting for broader distribution iPhone and Android platforms have limited reach Nokia's market share could solve the distribution and reach problem Well be watching the Ovi store 24. How can I have a meaningful ROI? 25. Pure digital business is in flux The ad supported model is weak The next business model has not arrived Classic industries such as music and newspapers are suffering from fragmentation and competition We're moving towards a API styled open architecture 26. No choice but to experiment Reach = sales Advertising Freemium Sponsorship paid services ??? Affiliation API services Aggregation 27. 28. Brands and publishers are also baffled We finally understand our site and paid metrics But how do we measure social media? What value does advocacy represent? 29. Make it simple We always start from the ultimate business goals. We then work out the intermediate measures based on how customers travel on their journeys with a brand. Because we work backwards from business goals, we dont get tied down by the wrong intermediate measures. 30. There are three types of KPIs we look at: Core business metrics, usually sales Behavioural measures based on what we want people to do on the site Belief scores that tell us how were impacting your brand 31. In short 32. Its crazy out there 33. 34. Be useful "When we look at consumers, we think that they're busy and they're looking for food-planning tools that can make their lives easier," Ed Kaczmarek, Director-Innovation, new services at Kraft, told Advertising Age. "We developed iFood Assistant as a downloadable app so they can use it anytime and anywhere." 35. Thank you