image manipulation editing with photoshop

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  • 1. With examples
    By Kathy Post
    Image Manipulation & Editing with Photoshop

2. Changing Image Size
Resolution = 300ppi
Resolution = 72ppi
3. Flip
Flipped Vertically
4. Rotate
Rotated at an angle
5. Crop
6. Transform
7. Clone Stamp
Use the Clone Stamp to Create a clone of an object
8. Clone Stamp
Or use Clone Stamp to remove part of background or image
Clone Stamp used to remove shadow from tennis ball
9. Color Adjustment
BRIGHTNESS increased
10. Color Adjustment
HUE increased SATURATION decreased
11. Layer Styles
Added PATTERNEDlayer to the background
12. Layer Styles
Create SHADOW behind subject (girl) of the photo by adding layer style
13. Layer Styles
TEXT layer was added. The text layer was then given DROPSHADOW, EMBOSS and OUTERGLOW styles.
14. Filters
Changed background color and put BLUR filter where the colored layer meets the black and white layer
15. Filters
TWIRLfilter was applied to the photo